Sydney Russell Alumni launch event | OBLve

Sydney Russell Alumni launch event | OBLve

Today is the launch of our Alumni. A massive
event in the life of the school, where we bring in the old and the new. What research
shows is that often the experiences that you have, the opportunities you have, are very much based
on who your parents and the area that you come from, our alumni are going to broaden
the experience for our students, it’s going to open their eyes, it’s going to broaden
their vision, it’ll show them what our students – what they do and what they can do. I feel it’s important to tell current students
what different career paths they’ve got, what different routes they can take – they don’t
have to take the traditional route or they may not be able to go to university for whatever
reason and there are different routes they can take into the careers they might want
to have in the future. Going to Sydney Russell, with the qualifications
I got, enabled me to look at the different options that are open to me and I had a number
of friends that I still have now so, over the years, I’ve kept in contact with them
– we all have similar career routes that we’ve taken so I’ve been able to still work together
with some friends. I think the message I’d like to send to the
students is don’t let anybody stand in your way, don’t feel like you’re not able to achieve
what your goals are – there is always an opportunity out there for you. Mingling with people who are later on successful
in life, I think, personally, gives me an insight because you never know if you can
meet someone who is doing a course or who is a professional at what you want to be in
the future and getting to know them and meet them could also bring opportunities and also
them giving you an insight to what they really do.

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