[SWEET BUSINESS] -TẬP 7- Tình Cũ Không Rủ Cũng Tới? |Phương Anh Đào, Trần Quốc Anh, Ngân Hòa…

[SWEET BUSINESS] -TẬP 7- Tình Cũ Không Rủ Cũng Tới? |Phương Anh Đào, Trần Quốc Anh, Ngân Hòa…

This is where you took THAT photo of Hoon, yes? Quite exciting and fresh at the same time Do you want to say something to him? Sure I do! Hoon, I love you Ep 7 business partners We’re very happy together, please support us Check it out, soo many comments Woah, all positive! Thought Hoon’s fans were gonna curse at Jenny but they seem to get along fine with Jenny’s So active early in the morning, is our sales revenue any better? Not yet Many comments are vouching for both of them as brand ambassadors Really? Phuong Ly, how about getting them to work together since Jenny was our former Excellent idea, boss! If so it would create such a huge influence Keep in touch with Jenny’s rep, they’ll be sure to accept the offer Yes INTERVIEW WITH JENNY NGAN: HAPPY TOGETHER So hungry after exercising. Bread’s my favorite I’m gonna earn lots of money to buy you bread til you get sick of it Is that so? Memories of being together were imprinted on my mind, no matter how hard it got Look at the camera And then she became an idol Just me and my loneliness Who are you? Babe, who’s that? Are you a fan? Stop pestering me! Jenny agreed to play the role Yeah? The celebrity couple in one CF, how exhilarating! Work on the schedule, we’re running out of time What’s the meaning of this? Why him? Did you know about this? My apologies, Director Are you even managing?Where is he? At the gym Bring him here Tous Les Jours? I’ll get back to you in a minute Superb! They’re asking Jenny and Hoon to act as the CF couple What’s that? None of the comments are negative, even favoring both of you. So I accepted Tous Les Jours’s offer Very nice But I’m not dating her. Why would you say yes? I swear there’s nothing between us, she’s making fun of me Is that true? You have to believe me! The public doesn’t buy that. She even confirms you are and there’s a photo of you two This will have an impact on the album. Just get it done then you can break up however you want. No harm done Check again and recheck You look handsome today A slight change in the concept Make me look pretty, okay? You got it Get ready We get to be in a CF thanks to you Shut up. I don’t want to hear any NG from him Set? Know what day it is? Are you gonna tell me? Our 1-year anniversary and I’ve got just the thing for you Really?! How romantic my love Yummy! Turn around What’s this? Good work Very good indeed What’s with the grumpy face? You’re so red It’s not like that Not like what? We know you like her but we’re working here Why, I said it ain’t like that Final take, focus on the cake Lovely Is it really a one-sided? Got something on your shirt Guess it really is.. Excuse me Look at me Don’t miss the next episode

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  1. diễn viên phụ còn cứng nhắc với lời thoại như là trong truyện chứ k giống đóng phim tự nhiên, bỏ chữ "ạ" trong mọi câu trả lời đi

  2. Trời ơi, đợi mong mỏi đến thứ 4 mà tập phim ngắn quá, xem k đã. Lại còn có nhiều cảnh của Hoon với Jenny Ngân nữa, k thích đâuuuu 😔😔.

  3. Chiếu ít quá, coi mà ức chế. Toàn đến đoạn hay lại hết….Tuần ra có 2 tập, đợi dài cả cổ.

  4. Nữ phụ diễn đơ như cây cơ á. Nội dung quá ổn nhưng lời thoại cứng nhắc hơn ngoài đời

  5. Mình chỉ có một ước ao là dàn diễn viên phụ làm ơn diễn có tâm được không huhu giống như đọc thoại vậy á 🙁 tụt hứng dễ sợ

  6. Đợi mấy ngày để đợi phim được mấy phút à 🙁 giá mà dài thêm tí cho đỡ thòm thèm :))

  7. Chị gái diễn viên phụ kiểu đọc bài sao á m.ng, có vẻ k hợp để diễn xuất … Ý kiến riêng hoy ạ

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