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It’s Freedom! I love it [Manager: Hoon! The marketing manager will be here this morning.
Make sure you don’t go out it’s easy to get caught. Let just stay in the house] What? Today? How can? [Episode 5: The ideal date] Wait a min, I’m coming! Sorry I overslept so… Why? Let’s have a talk I’m in a rush Hoon! Open the door Hoon!! Stop it! Wait a min It’s so close to my office What do you want Say it out I think I still have a feeling for you Let’s get back together You… Why don’t you answer? I said let’s get back together We both have good image now What we can gain Is much more than the loss So… Your feeling for me Just to be creating the image for you? It’s a win-win situation Just forget about the past OK? Unbelievable I don’t want to see you anymore Hi Hoon! So you are not at home? I need to take care of some business Just got home Oh! Please coming You have a nice apartment And neat Oh? The other members don’t they stay with you? They are shotting for the show Oh right! Then excuse me This is for you Store it in the fridge For your hungry time Mandu? Is everything at the publisher going well? Of course I’m always busy Ah! I call to tell you something If it’s my story If has to be on the first page This is the first draft I had just received Homemade cake? Uhm! The situation is your girlfriend hang out at your place Then the boyfriend will make the cake for the girl For 1 year anniversary The cake will be the latest item on our menu So? Don’t you like it? No I don’t know if I cant act like the warming boyfriend character Don’t worry Hoon The reason I came here today Is to check what scene you can act Just tell me if it too hard for you Shall we start now? First, put on the apron Let me help you So, we have eggs Dough machine Flour If it was you What would you do for the girl? I think the best will be help her tying hair Let’s try it But I have never tied for anyone I don’t think I can do it Then why you said so? Actually it’s not very hard Let’s try it Here! Can you do it? Done! I’ve told ya Too hard It’s OK Just need more practice The boy look at his girl and kiss on her cheek After the dough Cutting fruits Then you feed the girl Did you say feed the girl? Ok We are done with that part The boy look at his girl and kiss on her cheek Cheek kiss? I think it’s OK The concept is two lovebirds falling in love Shall we skip this? Ok consider it’s done Then Hoon take the cake out, as a gift for her Where is the cake? Ah! Any problem? I have already prepared, but I left it at home Mandu? It’s similar Similar? This is embarrassing This is supposed to be your gift But now Ah it’s OK Isn’t it for a snack anyway? What? Mandu Bibigo is my favorite food Hoon will take the cake ripping the cake to see the core Then follow the script line For our first anniversary I give you the only cake in the world That’s filled with all the love for you Shall you have it with me Suddenly receive the cake from the boyfriend And flowers This scene has to be in the script The concept of boyfriend’s gift For 1 year anniversary It’s sound good to me But you hang out like this? What if someone sees us? I think it’s OK It’s close to my apartment Hey It’s Hoon But… Who is the girl next to him is? I think those two notice us You are… Hoon! Let’s run Thank you It’s all right I’m the one who says thank you Thank you for the ride It’s nothing Till shooting day We will see each other right? Next week So… I’m going home now Hoon Would you like to see the movie? I… Usually watch movie at my company’s cinema Oh! I mean… Watching the movie alone I usually watch the movie alone That’s so… So Do you have plan for tomorrow? Tomorrow? I also wanna watch movie at the cinema Can I have your phone number? [Follow us for the next episode] I don’t want to see you anymore

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