[SWEET BUSINESS] -TẬP 4- Tôi Không Muốn Thấy Chị Bị Thương | Phương Anh Đào, Trần Quốc Anh

[SWEET BUSINESS] -TẬP 4- Tôi Không Muốn Thấy Chị Bị Thương | Phương Anh Đào, Trần Quốc Anh

Manager! Yes, what is this? May I borrow Hoon for one day? What? Ep4: A cure for the soul Take my gift! Appreciate it! Slow down before you fall! You’re back Yes sir That’s a lot of presents. How was the photoshoot? It’s okay For someone who doesn’t like being photoed, you sure are photogenic Stop teasing me When will I ever get the chance to earn money for us? Hoon is our pillar of strength after all Get some rest soon, we have work tomorrow Idiot, you didn’t have to Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same Are you really out there? The one who is honest with me. Not even myself is that person The one who accepts who I really am when I’m a mess. Are you out there? Nice Can I ever truly relax at home? Take this You have a cut on your arm Feel kinda guilty about that Well, kind handsome It’s all over the place! With Hoon’s CF, revenue’s risen by 25% You’re in charge of the project? I am When it’s done, Bibigo is yours Yes thank you 25%? Not good enough Yes, this is Phuong Ly from CJ marketing team I’ve seen the advertisement I appreciate you building such a good image for the kids during this comeback Because of the positive feedback, we believe combining the band’s songs with our brand would be even better You mean setting the new one in the album with your advertisement? Correct I understand Well? Did he agree? Holly Molly! Really? If we pull this off, it’s gonna be top of the top Persuade them in the meeting and it’ll be good to go Merging with their MV is gonna be superb! The trick is to think of a really good concept It would be all for nothing if we couldn’t That ad for Tous Les Jours is on fire So? Phuong Ly suggests we do another one in the form of a CF song Again? You don’t like that right? True, you did one No I’ll let them know No. I’ll do it Is he here? Yes, first floor Good morning Have a seat Didn’t expect the company to be so close to Sweet boys’ house Oh? What a coincidence 5-minute walk Let’s not stress too much and get down to business The main song is about love, yes? So we keep the original idea and push the sweet boyfriend into the love story. What do you think? A video featuring both music and advertisement. So, different from every other concept Different how? We set up a kind of date Camera is the girlfriend’s perspective Interesting. Like VR? Yes If successful, it’ll be a blast. If not.. Ah, I’m sure it’ll be lively, a great feat for Hoon’s fan and satisfaction for our customers Alright, then it must be damn good. See to it that it works. Make sure to support her as well Meeting adjourned. I’ve got another to attend Thank you, Director Manager! Yes, what is it? I’ve something to say Go ahead May I borrow Hoon for a day? What? Since it’s VR related, I want to see you face-to-face and to rehearse before presentation Rehearsal? I want the script to flow more naturally this time so we may bring Hoon’s acting into the CF more effectively along with the song But his schedule is tight, reality show tomorrow even Then..? I don’t have any shoots tomorrow They cancel the show so I’ll be home anyway Is that so? Then perhaps a tiny bit of time? But you too working together without me… I’m in My role is everything after all Have to be done

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  2. Tia AB là hình gồm điểm A và tất cả các điểm nằm cùng phía với B đối với A.

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