Swamp Watch: Giuliani has become an unmitigated, unethical disaster

Swamp Watch: Giuliani has become an unmitigated, unethical disaster

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. When Tom Fitton w/Judicial Watch speaks I will listen… This sounds the the dem-wolves in sheep-Fox's clothing has invited me to grandma's house for porridge.

  2. I can't stand hearing American political commentary spoken with a British accent. Why is this guy even here? Send him back to gossiping about royal family scandals.

  3. Well Fox look at the comments below…you are now fake news also…for me that’s strike 3 …your out! Reporting on the NYT ..guess you will tank like the rest!

  4. So Rudy fights corruption and mobsters his whole life then throws it all away to make a few bucks… Not buying it. They are smearing him to taint any evidence he acquired in Ukraine.

  5. why doesn't anyone in mainstream media have to produce evidence when accusing a person of wrongdoing? is it the old , We say it so you know its true……

  6. I knew Rudy was a bad choice, but a buddy favor for Trump. Lets be glad he didn't hire the Jersey Mobster,,, what is his name?

  7. Wow! Truth being reported by Fox News?! See…was that so hard?! Rudy is very toxic but Donald Trump seems to have that effect on those around him.

  8. This Is an illegal coup of our President. What i see is an ILLEGAL impeachment ; There were NO cr imes ; they just know he's going to win. At any cost they must win this to keep out of trouble. I would think that alone is TREASON ! HOLD them in jail like you do us regular people. The entire dem congress . The rest of them too; chucky,comey,brennan, ALL of them are flight risks; Arrest and HOLD !!!

  9. Whiny Bluto, the fatso boy-wonder, hasn't got a clue. Just as well, given that ’Murka's unread, illiterate and merrily fascist, 5th-grade, 82.7%-majority of flaming yobs wouldn't know quality if it bit 'em in the a**.
    Sick, sad, and so very stupid, the frite-nite drool goes off like a sputtering grenade sailing into a daycare center. There's nobody home with this meshugga putz.
    It's a flat tire, a blown fuse, DOA, FUBAR, whatever it was ya'll found on your
    pool bottom last spring that you thought was Kellyanne with all that wiry hair
    and pink eyes, what ya’ mother said would happen to ya’ if ya’ kept doin' that
    stupid sh*t ya' still doin', what lives behind the furnace down cellar that smells
    horrid and hisses, a Mexican bus ride through Hell’s outback with a drooling,
    coked-up doctor from Dubuque, every bad dream you’ve ever had, whatever that leering thing was riding on the wing that leapt for your face at the window on your last night flight into Liberal, Kansas, that five-pound chocolate sampler laced with cyanide that arrived at your wedding to that mechanic buffoon your mother despised—Hub, and—bless ya' pretty li’l heart—what the doctor saw on your X-Ray when she whispered, "Oh, sh*t!"
    Amerika, ya'll bought the farm, when ya' bought this lick o’ drool.
    Oh, say can’t you see, huh?
    How ’bout Taps, flamers?

  10. Rudy is as crooked as his partner in crime, Trump. Who said he only hired the best and the brightest??? LMAO! Trumpflakes whine on.

  11. Steve, I usually like and even trust your commentary,…but geeze man,…IF your basing your entire hit job on Rudy off the NYT story,……I gotta say you've crossed the line buddy. Show some real evidence before open yourself up to a libel lawsuit,….or be prepared to open up your wallet down the line.

  12. On the surface it may seem like Giuliani may be "questionable" but there is much more to it behind the scenes. I am going to wait for the truth/proof to come out and, hopefully, it won't be too late.

  13. How many underage girls did Epstein procure for Donald Trump in the 1990's?… see what i did there? asking a question in an accusatory tone is not evidence. you wanna discredit Biden show us some documents, affidavits or criminal investigation results… until then, you just sound like a moron!

  14. Generally speaking lawyers that happen to be criminals themselves represent clients that are also criminals… Do you really think with all this criminal activity going on around Trump he's not aware of any of it. If that's the case,then Trump is too stupid to be president… Sorry Baldy you're trying to sale sand to a man living in a desert. Nobody's buying it dawg.

  15. I'm not very familiar with this guy, but he should appologize for quoting NYT without digging into the facts. Fox News is owned by liberals and is a liberal corporation. They seem to cater to the Moderates which is why the left freaks out and claims that they are selling out. But the right should just know that Fox News is what it is.

  16. Flynn, Cohen, Manafort, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani?

    Two things all these people have in common..

    1. All Trump associates or as trump calles them ALWAYSTRUMPERS

    2. All in jail ?

  17. What does this guy do during the day? SLEEP? Because he sure doesn't have a clue what's going on or he would know exactly what Guilliani and Solomon have been uncovering. Steve, you need to stop listening to CNN and reading the NYT and playing the troll for them. FOX better "dump this chump" real fast! A lot of us are getting sick of the leftists that are popping up as hosts on FOX! Like Donna Brazile, Shep Smith and this clown. Then again, what do we expect from James Murdoch and his Clinton serving wife?


  19. What dirty laundry have they got on you Stevie boy, that you are peddling a fake newspaper as the NYT as if it was real? Where's your evidence, to back up their claims? Cause we don't believe anonymous sources, period!

  20. When I hear this kind of commentary, and many other specious ones like it on Fox, I feel sorry for America. Chris Wallace must be embarrassed to be in this company.

  21. I'm from Missouri, Hilton. Show me. (Anyway, Hilton used to work for David Cameron. It would be a mistake to believe him. He's a creature from a different swamp.)

  22. Mr. Hilton, what would you do if CNN had a deep state entrenched within Fox News and you couldn't really tell who was friend or foe and you wanted to get to the bottom of what was true in the Ukraine? Would you go to the FBI and have them investigate or would you go to a life-long friend and have him investigate? I think the American public knows that answer Mr. Hilton so quit being a mouthpiece for the American deep-state actors.

  23. When you got a screwball Prez giving orders to a screwball has been mayor you are going to get major screwball results to the power of 37.

  24. Thanks You! Someone who is not trying to entertain Trump and where is his taxes. Follow the money and ya see the trail of proof and Trump prolly paid the Republicans $$$ to keep things on the hush and keep supporting me even when it can cost your entire political career. He says please ENTERTAIN ME!!! But seriously this President is an embarrassment to our country with this kind of behavior and his Tweets is SAD and does not represent my values. What about you? Do you behave like Trump and seem shady and a bully too???

  25. Is there anyone in Trump administration who is not a CROOK, Criminals by iternational Standard? They all Lie, Cheat and Decieve and many of them get financial support either from terorists like MEK/MKO or their masters Saudis and Emiratis among others. Trump's promise of his 2016 campagin to pick the right people to take care of Swamp was to dig deeper and pile it up. Trump's Criminal Enterprise at its best !

  26. Who is this reporter I’ve never seen before spreading lies. Fox shut the heck up! Fake fox. Fake fox. Leave our Rudy alone. Let the other bad networks do the dirty work. Not you ? fox. Sly, sly ? fox.

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