Swamp Watch: Cash for Gas

Swamp Watch: Cash for Gas

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. It's always follow the money. Yet the story stops at Burisma and Biden. I want to know how much of the billions sent to Ukraine ended up back in the pockets of US Politicians. By the way they are scrambling, deflecting, and lying I can assume several democrats received some money. When you look at the democrat playbook rule one has always been to blame the accuser for the same accusation you are being accused of.

  2. I lived in old /east Naples Fla. in the late 70's,early 80's and liked them thar swamps way better back then before all the Asian Python snakes took it over………

  3. Steve , I've had to replay your report 4 times so far to try and make any sense of "what point you are trying to make" ?? …

  4. All the Democrats has there hand in something corrupt everyone of them should be in prison or executed they don't care about American citizens they only care about what will put money in there pockets they should not be allowed to make any money for anything only there salary and that's to much lock them up or get them out of America


  6. I’m a tiny little woman built like Kim k from Appalachia. I want to help our nation. The only swamp so far drained is trumps. Roger stone guilty. Fox News spreads lies and propaganda to shield Hannity. Fact check them. We need to start holding them accountable

  7. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Please donate $5 each to me and I will give you more roller-coaster entertainment in the troll section. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  8. Who betrayed Saddam? Were they the Generals? I will reconstruct the planning of the regime change in any country and who were the collaborators, 1. Military, 2. Oligarchs, 3. Politicians.

  9. I can't stop laughing, the toothless swamp and their proxies can't say anything, I will really drain them including NATO and Bilderberg.

  10. I must ask Mr. Rothschild, am I allowed to pinch the untouchable mafia, the 1% and .01%? The billionaires are a cinch, what more of the millionaires club. Can I touch the tax haven banks and Cyprus bank?

  11. In a functioning system, we don't need corrupt and creative CEOs, they act like fifth columnists. Wherever they work, they will drain any company's resources and similar to US budget. They made Cortez seats in the Finance Committee, a bartender who didn't have a finance working experience.

  12. Mr. Rothschild, I will make your sons one of my trainees, hi hi hi hi… he likes homeopathy and alchemy, I think Prince Charles want to be my student too? I don't like sitting meditation, sleeping meditation is the ultimate goal, deep meditation = deep sleep. The morons are conning you.

  13. The morons and their stupid CIA handlers thought that sleepless therapy will make them gods because they can control their body system and thoughts. So what happened with them? Did they become gods using drugs and ayahuasca?

  14. During teleportation and levitation, it happened so fast that your normal brainwave would never recall it happened. This is the mystery of gamma brainwave, a Special Relativity that time moves slow or fast.

  15. You thought you were sleeping, so time moves slow in your thought but the actions of your own body is in the time-frame of the speed of light or even tachyon.

  16. I will make Rothschild son and Prince Charles to be in-charge in vetting those physicists and blah-blah-blah neuron scientist. It's good to have passionate students, they will learn fast than those brain-dead Socialist professors.

  17. Forget about the pedophile Freud and the French rationalists, they're mentally ill people with no solutions in their brains, besides, they're all DEAD. No idolatry of dead people, the living people have the answers.

  18. What is a schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, is it a split personality, one is real and the other one is illusion? It's very easy to cure this. I can even explain without confusing people. SO YOU MENTALLY ILL PATIENTS will heal so fast without consuming antidepressant pills.

  19. Over the weekend, the new propaganda perpetuated by the Murdock Mob is it’s all hearsay, second hand information regarding testimony of the Presidents disloyal behavior to American principles and values.  No, no, no. This President Trump has a history and disturbed behavior of creating pseudo-reality based upon disinformation, lies, cheating, racism, predatory behavior, and con-man demagoguery.   Again, let’s get crystal clear and real.  The Mental Health Professionals have diagnosed this President with pathological narcissism and as a sociopath! Regardless of how the Republicans, supporters, and others spin, condone, avoid, deny, rationalize it, minimize truth, fact, and reality, this moral and mentally ill President committed extortion, and bribery by initiating a quid, pro, quo with a leader of a foreign government to sabotage a political opponent here in the USA.  The Republicans, supporters, and others must today demand the resignation of this man and find another candidate for the 2020 election.  However, I want to acknowledge President Trump for his pardon of the three military men.

  20. Please research these Youtube videos:
    Beck, Democrat hydra
    William Barr Federalist Society
    Kip Simpson – variety of videos about democrat arrests

  21. Mr. Hilton, thanks! Great show! … just facts, awesome journalism! … showing 7/8 of the MSM (corrupt and just plain stupid) the Founding Fathers intent for the 4th branch! ❤️??❤️

  22. Casting a wide net in the swamp is fine but in the end, Hunter is a private citizen and Joe is just a candidate. Now Jared…

  23. Interesting reporting, keep it up but don’t hide the swamp in the Trump circle; that corruption must be told and he must be punished.

  24. The Dems are terrified to have Ukraine put under a microscope because it would show how much of our money was filtered through Ukraine and back into the personal banks accounts of ALL top career Democrats!!!

  25. Every since and before Trump got elected I noticed everyone attacking Trump,from media executives,to people in the Intel agencies,the military industrial complex,Congress and even the outside attorneys are not only tied to Hillary,but I would go as far as to say are working in her behest. The Clinton's cabal has had over 40 plus years to set up an infestation in our government institutions.

  26. Hey! What about the BILLIONS that the USA guaranteed for an IMF loan to an Oligarch BANK???? ANd then the money, our money, was LOST??? Did anybody check the pockets before the laundry?

  27. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of arguing with a lot of people , people who are misinformed unfortunately they haven’t got a clue about what’s going on in the government mainly it’s word-of-mouth and word-of-mouth just isn’t going to get it somebody’s got to come up with a way to get all this information out to the public . I know I don’t have a clue how to the problem is when people watch it on TV the main media they think that’s the word of God and everyone knows how the media is been twisting things.. and I don’t understand how the main media can report what they’re putting on TV don’t these people have a freaking conscience I know it’s their job they got bills to pay to but they are journalist they were told how to report the news and report the news is what they should do , not lying not to twist the news around they have an obligation to the people because when this all comes out guess what’s going to happen to the news , it will be the end of the main media news

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