Sustainable Agriculture Fellows Video

Sustainable Agriculture Fellows Video

My name is Marlon bates. [I’m] a horticulture specialist with University of Missouri extension I applied for the [sayre] sustainable ag fellowship largely because I read the reviews from Previous Fellows It certainly looked like an awesome opportunity Of all the professional development opportunities that come across my desk The [sayre] sustainable ag fellowship looked like it was going to have a lot of promise in terms of educating me about Sustainable agriculture, not just in my region or even within my own discipline, but many disciplines within agriculture across the country What I’ve gotten out of this [airs] sustainable ag hello ship is a lot more than I ever expected Certainly I’ve gained a better understanding of what sustainable agriculture is And that’s come you know of course because [of] the tours that we take and the farms that we visit when we’re on those tours But also from the conversation that we have as we’re kind of going over our tour stops So we’ll get back on the bus from a tour stop and and really drill down to what were those things at that operation that Made this place sustainable Or what were some of the things that they could be doing it would make them a little bit more sustainable And I think that’s really where I’ve gained a better appreciation a broader perspective [of] What sustainable ag is? Another thing that I’ve really gotten out of the sustainable ag fellowship is the opportunity to see Firsthand A lot of different operations it was a horticulture specialist I don’t really spend much time in a cornfield or bean field or at a dairy or other cattle operation But this fellowship really allowed me to be in those places And it didn’t just allow me to see what [was] going on there It allowed me the opportunity to engage with that producer, and you know quite frankly some of my fellows That were in my group you know [they’re] that’s their specialty so a dairy specialist at the dairy I can watch that dairy specialist Interact and engage that producer and and and that was that was another thing that I really took away from this opportunity was just Watching that and gaining that that other perspective from you know disciplines outside of horticulture, so that’s another thing I really like I took a lot out of Not just being able to see this stuff or talk to the farmers that are at the farms were visiting but also just watching my Colleagues colleagues from across the country who I didn’t know before But now I’m good friends with and watch how they engage a producer when they’re talking about their operation or talking about sustainability and the final thing I think I took away from The sustainable ag fellowship was just the the experience. You know I can’t remember How many times since I started the fellowship that I’ve been standing in a producer’s field and I’m directly recalling something From a visit that we had in Maryland or the farm that we visited in Colorado And I’m able to use that information to help that producer my client and without this fellowship I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do that and you

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