Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Fight Over President Donald Trump Finances | Deadline | MSNBC

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Fight Over President Donald Trump Finances | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Did The Russian Oligarch Co-sign His Deutsche Bank Loans When No American Bank Would Give Him A Loan After "4 Bankruptcies" TYT Jul 24, 2017" :Bombshell:Trump Has Been Laundering Russian Mob Money For Decades, Allegedly" "2, 012, 011 Views" "NY Times Oct 28, 2018" "Trump's Corruption:The Definitive List" "TYT Jul 30, 2019" "Trump Tower Busted With Criminals" Russia Lavrov Gets White House Visit But Not Our Ally Zellinski Of Ukraine Fighting A War For their Sovereignty Against Russia. Why?

  2. How the Republicans can accuse the Democratic Party of not having a fair Impeachment program.
    Their obstruction to not allow witnesses to be questioned is unbelievable yet complain that the system is rigged.

  3. What happens when you get a criminal President in the Whitehouse, who then brings a case before the Supreme Court, that involves covering up that President's criminal (Fraud, tax evasion and money laundering) activity??? What happens if that President deliberately hand picked and put at least one of the Judges (Kavanaugh) on that Supreme Court who is potentially CORRUPT?????

  4. This should not even be a considerable. The President's EVERYTHING should be transparent PERIOD to the Nation. This is not the days of old.

  5. why don't they just take the video recordings of trump saying he would gladly give over this tax returns and just be like there you go judge, Trump says its ok.

  6. I'm so tired of Republicans saying. The American People want this is that. NO No we don't. Shut up Republicans. Look at the poles.

  7. Pete Williams is wrong here. President Trumps financials are directly related to his duties as President. It’s where all the quid pro quo from foreign governments get funnelled in.

    How many think Republicans rigging 2020, won't have fair elections in 2020?
    1. –Trump claims innocence despite publicly asking foreign nations for help.
    2. –Republicans gaslighting high crimes and felonies, covering-up for Trump.
    3. –Trump crime spree is ongoing.
    4. –Republicans vote unanimously against impeachment in House Judiciary despite public crimes and voluminous highly incriminating evidence; obvious unfitness for office; clear and present danger to upcoming elections and national security; contempt for our Constitution; and unprecedented, total wall-to-wall obstruction of Congress.
    5. –Legislation for strengthening our electoral systems being held hostage by Republicans in Senate.
    6. –Russian continues and is ramping up its attacks against American electoral systems.
    7. –Republicans work seamlessly with Russia to divide and weaken America as they continue spreading Putin's poisonous propaganda for purely partisan purpose.
    8. –Trump's pathetic failure to rebuke Russia for it's ongoing attacks against the U.S.
    9. –Rampant Republican voter suppression and gerrymandering.
    10. –Trump and Republicans attacks and threats against, intimidating American intelligence agencies and FBI seeking to protect and keep all of us secure.
    11. –Trump administration willfully negligent in protecting our electoral systems.
    12. –Massive Russian election interference influenced 2016 election.
    13. –Republican voter fraud in 2016.
    14. –The likelihood that Trump will ask more nations for election interference if not impeached.
    15. –Critical lacking of an independent, impartial Attorney General and Department of Justice.
    16. –Trump administration's failure to demonstrate good faith interacting with Judiciary and Legislative branches.
    17. –Republican Senate rigging upcoming expected Senate impeachment trial; GOP jurors consulting with defendant Trump on how best to turn into kangaroo court.
    18. Trump fixer Giuliani's thugs, owners of 'Fraud, Inc.' linked to Russia by prosecutors.

  9. If they rule in favor of Trump, Then we'll know our supreme court is now corrupted by Trump. This is all a ploy to stretch things out and avoid by Trump.

  10. Trumps lawyers are wrong. Congress has the duty to oversight of the executive branch, to do oversight you must investigate to obtain information …..

  11. Calling it now, as someone who despises Trump, he will defeat these impeachment charges and will then use it to coast to a victory next year. I really hope I’m wrong.

  12. As long as John Roberts is Chief Justice, the Supreme court will be NOTHING more than rightwing corporatist kangaroo court.

  13. Chief Justice Roberts finally getting his head out his rear…only to save himself from having to preside in the Senate over a Republican kangaroo impeachment court. Fool may have waited too long, could have to perform as chief court jester, with the Clown-in-Chief pulling the strings through his minions in the Senate.

  14. So the criminals are saying that Congress can make the laws but can't investigate violations of the law…huh?!?!?
    Only people appointed by the criminal Trump who demands loyalty from his appointees (but doesn't give it) should investigate his crimes…huh?!?!?
    I seem to remember something about separation of powers and checks and balances. What happened to that???

  15. Trump will probably get away with it because he stacked the deck (Supreme Court with two of his flunky's)  so the vote is already 2 to 0 in favor of Trump.

  16. The people are not interested where then businessman Trump got his billions from but very much interested where the corrupt deepstate got theirs.

  17. We are already a dictatorship and the entire GOP is on the Kremlins payroll. Isn;t iit obvious?? I was hoping it wasn't so but this decision (by the highest court in the land) proves it/ We are a DICTATORSHIP !!! The entire GOP is on the fix, even SCOTUS. We shouldn't be surprised that the US has been operating as a dictatorship under Putin and Trump since 2016

  18. the supreme court needs a good laugh and trump is their victim. bet my bottom dollar this turns out to be yet another goose chase by mr. bone spurs.

  19. The taxes allegedly shows money laundering. It most definitely affects the US if the President is under the thumb of foreign governments because he is compromised.

  20. According to his lawyers.  A guy like Pablo Escobar, if he was elected president in the United States, no one can't do anything against him.  Does this mean that Colombia is more corrupt or less corrupt than the United States?  In the United States to be president, is it a blank check against of justice and honor of the country?

  21. Trump has done a Historically good job, and the Democratic Party is scared. This is a horrible scam and Trump will win in 2020 because we the American people know the truth

  22. 0:22. Abductive reasoning suggests unknown prior acts may reflect current conduct in the mystery of how the treasury lost 6 trillion in relief to grateful fans. Quid Pro Quo over taxes. That is the why? seems like it would be more complicated, yeah no it was always about tax plunder.

  23. Republican Party Supreme Court will do all they can to protect Trump from being exposed as the criminal they well know he is. And if not? Trump will defy Supreme Court. And no one will do anything about it.

  24. Abusing power to such extent, Trump probably will refuse to leave office and be stepped down and announce that he is the GOD picked should be the president forever, if that happen, what can we do ?

  25. Under such emergency situation, a president just completely neglect the constitution , and his promise under oath and do whatever he want to do , the secretary should be called to testify in congress that if the country was in an immediate danger , by that time, what is the standing of the military force ? on the side of constitution ????


  27. OK in rhetoric you may see the 7 deadly reasoning Ninja powers: DIABCCI or deduction, induction, abduction, backward induction, critical thinking, counterfactual and of course even our cat has intuition. I hope that knowing how to think better may improve your writing and performance professionally.


  29. "Even if the president shot someone on 5th Ave, he couldn't be investigated." According to the monarchy, royalty are above the law and are immune from all types of criminal investigation, or have powerful means to cover-up a job, eg. Epstein's case. An unruly president, who claims being above the law would have a field day, because, by what the lawyer says:l "Even if the president shot someone on 5th Ave, he couldn't be investigated."

  30. I think Congress should be more diverse. so many white Americans have had the chance to make laws and looking back at our history it hasn't helped more than it has harmed.

  31. Trump is fighting all these sapnas and is against everything that has anything to do with court because he is a crook there's no other word to describe him and he's got a lot of. Crooks working for him and covering for him

  32. Trump and Mitch are taking the courts back to the rule of law. 50 federal judge seats so far. The Democrat base is barely aware.

  33. The Democrats have a real surprise coming in 2020. A definite repeat of what just happened in UK yesterday. They have just given the election to the republicans in 2020

  34. As long as Trump base is unshakable, GOP senators and representatives will remain cowards and corrupt. Trump supporters listen to Hannity.

  35. The Supreme Court has no business interfering in a law that is in the Constitution. Accepting to review three cases where Trump is obstructing Congress by refusing to release his taxes and other financial data is a bad idea and I consider it judicial misconduct.

    The fact that Trump has installed two Supreme Court judges smacks of partisanship and favoritism of the most corrupt, law-breaking POTUS in all of American history.

    Justice is supposed to be non-partisan and based solely on what is clearly outlined in the Constitution of the United States.

  36. Trump takes up valuable time from the Supreme Court just to hide his Taxes… what an honest ?! Gorsuch and Kavanaugh can now serve Trump’s true purpose keeping his taxes hidden.

  37. The man continues to get away with crimes. He will never be held accountable. I’m ashamed of 2020 America. What a state we are in.

  38. it has become more obvious over the last few years
    that this kind of "democracy" is broken, by money and influence
    it now behooves us to start approaching direct democracy…
    the technology exists,
    and it is obvious given the amount of time that people spend on their devices,
    that we all have the time to engage in that form of governance

  39. My logic in business is undeniable, and it has made me so rich. So rich in fact, I have bankrupted myself 3 times. Somehow managed to run a casino into the ground, which they are literally a printing press for money; And I will refuse, until death do I part, with the knowledge of my net negative asset portfolio. And remember running a deficit balance sheet is smart business management /s.

  40. The supreme Court should have refused to hear the appeals and let the lower court findings stand. The Trump arguments have no legal basis and are nonsense.

  41. The worst part is that people have known djt was a con man since at least the 80's. Republicans want to act like the past didn't happen. Like they didn't know and tell others when djt was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. Now, with all this shade around the guy, they pretend he is shining bright.

  42. And one of the 'top dogs' for Deutsch bank that authorized Donnie's loans committed suicide in his Florida home just in the last couple weeks. Hmmmm……

  43. Our employee – the Pres, has intentionally hidden from the public his Scholastic, medical, bank and tax records.
    I would like to find out if this clown is who he says he is and been bragging about – or if he'll be exposed as a Con-man.
    any other person in any other job would be vetted BEFORE being hired – Trumps is nothing but a sh*t-talker.

    …I want to see how a man, who famously lost $1.1 billion 20 yrs ago, and is currently over +$1.8 billion in debt, who thieves from his workers and steals from his investors, filed for bankruptcy half a dozen times, has more lawsuits against him than any other individual in US history, steals from charities, has such crappy credit that no US banking institution will deal with him, but yet lives a life of excess at everyone else's expense
    ~ where is all of his financial funding coming from ???

    If its from a foreign nation – the American people have a right to know if their President is compromised.

  44. Remember when the republicans were throwing an absolute temper tantrum about Obama not showing his birth certificate? Oh how the tables have turned ☺️??‍♂️

  45. Cover up and obfuscate. Hide the facts. There is no Truth in him. He is a criminal and a traitor. I hope I live long enough to see justice served.

  46. If a President of the United States who shot (killed/murdered) anyone on the streets of New York and because of his immunity while in office couldn't be prosecuted then in the reverse if a person knowing that the President was going to shoot him should he be prosecuted for shooting the President in self defense? – should not it be a case for that immunity to work both ways?

  47. He will be removed from the office
    He will be the first president to be kicked out of the office
    What you want from ukrine

    I want nothing so why are trying to contact him
    You want to play clever game , you want ukrine to announce investigations so you smear biden
    It is fine to smear your rival but do not miss up US foreign policy

  48. Wow, Dems ? there goes your made up BS "Obstruction of Congress" Impeachment article. The Supreme Court just acknowledged the President has the right to take any subpoena disputes between the Legislative & Executive branches, to the Judiciary branch to be settled ??
    Awesome timing, thanks SCOTUS?

  49. [email protected] DIANE CLINTON was born in 1933 in AMERICA, what the rights, licenses of the every work and others can be known for HILLARY CLINTON and DONALD TRUMP?
    If JOHN (BILL) CLINTON and VICTORIA CLINTON were born in 1901 what was happend for the everyone of AMERICAN PEOPLE maybe only in the NORTH AMERICA?? …if they were stayed in an other continent…If JOHN KENNEDY and his three brothers were born about 1933 what was happend for theirs works of the digital industries technologies and theirs FATHER DEAR KENNEDY was born now like one hundred years? Maybe some of the people can forget years…but are staying the grandchildren…

  50. The court wants to protect its place in history. Taking the cases that don't involve the Presidency suggests that they are looking for a case that can strike down the notion of a President above any law and that puts people or businesses associated with him above the law. It leaves open the issues about presidential immunity. Anyone who has watched Barr, McConnell and Trump turn the Senate into nothing more than a protection racket, and see how many people associated with him are in prison or under investigation knows they may be on the other end of his wrath tomorrow even if they do what he wants today

  51. Sooooo, … Are you saying …The majority Republican Supreme Court Justices is stalling and stonewalling for President Donald J. Trump … YET AGAIN?!?!

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