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The most enjoyable component of doing any
research I guess, is the fact that what we are doing is right at the cutting edge of
knowledge. We are doing new things every day. In my area we are trying to develop bioelectronics
therapeutic. We are just starting to realize that every cell communicates electrically
and if we can reinstate that electrical talk to a healthy state, you can negate problems
associated with disease. Nottingham has strongly supported my career
at this stage, from financial support, through to individual mentoring schemes where they
advise you on how to develop your career. My favorite part of the fellowship is the
ability and freedom that it gives me to delve into these grand challenges. The ability it
gives me to build teams because what I do is really cross disciplinary which enables
me to facilitate a network with world renowned bioelectronics experts, expertise from engineering,
pharmacy, biology, chemistry. Nottingham has strengths in every one of those areas. Very rarely do I have to go external it’s
all here, and this is enabling me to tackle those grand challenges of developing bioelectronics
therapeutics of the future.

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