Summer Research Fellows

Summer Research Fellows

– The College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean’s Summer Fellowship Program provides a unique opportunity for
students to work one-on-one with faculty members during
the summer on a project that the students design. If in the traditional classroom setting, you have the professor at the front and the students in the seats, the
proverbial sage on the stage. What we’re wanting to do with our Dean’s Summer Fellowship
program is pivot that so that the professor and the student are working elbow-to-elbow
next to each other on a particular project. – So my summer research project focuses on understanding the past of the University of Dayton ROTC program. We just celebrated our 100
year anniversary last year of military training on the
University of Dayton’s campus and I’m focusing on
making a timeline display for O’Reilly Hall so
students, faculty, and cadets can understand that past and
really bring it to the present so we can fully understand
where we came from and why we’re here becoming cadets. – This summer I’m
working with Dr. Williams and our primary goal in
the lab is to understand animal development over
the course of evolution. My research focuses on fruit
flies and we are working to understand the set of genes
that control the pattern of pigmentation in the fruit flies. – So basically my project
is a brief visual narrative of the history of arts and
culture in the city of Dayton. Specifically through
representing buildings that serve as gathering spaces for those things and what I’m doing is
large-scale illustrations with mixed media that
will also be duplicated as postcards that will detail
the history of the buildings and their significance in the community. – For my senior Criminal
Justic Studies capstone I’m focusing on how individuals support for Catholic social teaching
impacts their perception of the criminal justice system. Through interviews and
surveys, we hope to find how our Catholic mission and
values shape our views. – So the Dean’s Summer
Fellowship program is open to all students in the
College of Arts and Sciences. That said, it is a very
competitive program. The college typically awards upwards of 50 students this fellowship. And the fellowship allows them to stay on campus during the summer
and to work on that project instead of going home to work a job there or to take a traditional classes. – The summer fellowship is
invaluable for students, it affords an opportunity
for the student to work with a faculty mentor, without
all the competing interests that occur during the academic year, student has an opportunity
to develop more effective written and oral communication skills. For example during the
summer, the focus is on the written research process such as: developing research questions,
designing the methodology, and the initial data gathering. – So there is a strong culture
of undergraduate research at the University of
Dayton and that’s well in the department of biology. And students work on
projects during the fall and spring semesters, but it’s
a challenge for them to balance classwork and their other jobs and organization involvements. The fine time to get into the laboratory. So the summer provides a
unique opportunity for students to work up to full-time
and to immerse themselves in the culture of research. – For this mentorship that we’re doing in this type of experiential learning we’ve both have an interest in community, particularly how graphic
design as a discipline can engage with the community to, not only promote place
and promote preservation, but get people inspired. – It’s always very exciting to see someone discover their discipline, to learn how to do what it
is they want to do in life, and so to work with the
student during the summer, doing this kind of research, it’s very exciting, it brings me back to my
early days as a historian. When I first discovered
what wonderful things that you can find in an
archives about the past, and bringing that to my work, I kind of get to relive
that by working with Sam. That gives you a lot of
energy and a lot of enthusiasm then for your own work. – Another exciting feature about the Summer Fellowship
Program is that the students who participate in it really form a strong bond with each other. There’s a real cohort that develops and that’s done in part
through informal get-togethers that the students and
faculty members have. It’s also facilitated when
we arrange different outings as a cohort, introducing
students to each other and to the Dayton region. – We’re able to get together and learn more about
the community of Dayton and also learn more about each other. Some of the events that
we’ve partaken include watching fireworks together
on the 4th of July, this helps us to understand
each other better, and it also helps us to learn more about what we’re doing in the lab. – It’s clear that those who participate in the Dean’s Summer Fellowship Program have a leg up when they’re
applying to graduate school and when they are applying
for jobs in the work world. It’s clear that the skills
that they develop as Dean’s Summer Fellows are transferrable to a number of different settings. – In the fall, Shelby will
enhance her academic experience by presenting to local
land national audience. In November she will present
her research findings at the American Society of Criminology Conference where she will discuss the
broader implications of her research findings for the
university and the community. – This program is made
possible through the generous support of donors and friends to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence. So the student participants,
the faculty and I, are grateful for the
support that we’ve received. For more information,
please visit the website. (music continues)

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