Studying business or enterprise with Pearson

Studying business or enterprise with Pearson

ADNAN ILAHI: Students come into Business Studies
thinking it will be a certain way, and what we’ve found from this new specification from
Edexcel is they really learn about different elements of a business, and decision making
within a business. ARCHANA KRISHNAVENI: I think the course gives
you a lot of financial skills and maths and also gives you lots of social skills. RAHMAN YESUFU: The most interesting thing
I’ve learned is managing money and also learning about taxes because it’s opening your awareness
to the real world. CRISTINA BICHER: It has helped me a lot being
more independent, giving me a lot of skills like taking care of money, how to challenge
myself, and different collaborative skills. ADNAN: With Edexcel GCSE we find learning
about different businesses and learning about how they operate has really built up the confidence
students have and it really gives them the resilience to move forward as well. DITI SHAH: I would definitely recommend GCSE
Business to anyone. It’s such a versatile subject that can allow you to do anything
and it can lead you to any pathway or direction regardless of whatever you want to do. DANIAL KHAN: It’s helped me a lot. I don’t
think I’d be where I am right now if I hadn’t chosen GCSE Business. JENNIFER MAK: I think it’s prepared me well,
because I’ve learnt a lot of confidence from it. Speaking to big crowds, made me more comfortable
just talking to people, really prepared me for life. WILL KING: I think I’ve definitely gained
skills to succeed in the future from this course. Even though I felt that I was a strong
presenter anyway, having another two years of constantly doing that quite a lot, has
only expanded that. It’s also made me feel a bit more well-rounded in myself. REECE LEGGETT: We’ve seen so many stories
of students who have gone on to work in high-profile companies, from solicitors, accountants, further
education study. We’ve also had students who have gone on to degree apprenticeships. But I think it really does prepare them for
everything they’re going to face in a practical way. So actually it’s not about just sitting
one test and that’s all you’ve got, it’s about actually: well no, you’ve got to do
this interview, you’ve got to do this business plan, you’ve got to do this pitch. And I
think that in modern business, whenever you do interviews, whenever you go through that
process, there’s going to be a role-play, there’s probably going to be an interview
presentation. And I think the course really does allow for that and develops those skills
ready, even in a short period of time. [END]

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