Studying Business in the Ivy League | Advice from an Admissions Expert

Studying Business in the Ivy League | Advice from an Admissions Expert

Hi, this is Mark Montgomery coming at you
with more great college advice and today we’re going to talk about studying
business in the Ivy League. So when students come to me and say I want to
study business in the Ivy League, the first thing I tell them is we’ve got to get
straight on a couple things: First, which is more important to you, getting
into the Ivy League or studying business? Because the reality is that there are
eight Ivy League institutions, all of them very different, and only two out of
the eight offer business as an undergraduate major. Now the others you
can study economics, you could study psychology, you can study biology, you can
study pretty much anything else within the usual suspects of majors, but
no business. Harvard Graduate School of Business? Yes, that’s for
graduate students. The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth? Graduate students.
The School of Management at Yale? Graduate students. If you want to study
undergraduate business– only two places you can do that. The first is the
University of Pennsylvania, or Penn. That’s the Wharton School of Business
and it offers both graduate degrees and undergraduate degrees. My partner and
fellow counselor here at Great College Advice Andrea Aronson is a graduate of
the Wharton School of Business, but she was a MBA student, not an undergraduate
student. She was a classmate of mine at Dartmouth. So you can study business at
the graduate level or undergraduate level, but at the undergraduate level
within the Ivy League–two places. Penn number one. What’s the second? Cornell. Cornell offers a degree in business. It’s actually at the Dyson School of Applied
Economics and Management. Or you can study, if you have a special interest in
the hotel industry or the hospitality industry, you can study at the School of
Hotel administration. Now Cornell is making some changes. Cornell is actually
going to create–they announced just recently they’re going to create a
college of business and bring these two schools together,
along with the Graduate School of Business, and create a College of
Business. So that’s a new thing at Cornell. Until now it’s been in, well we
won’t get into that because the future is really the College of Business. So, your two choices in the Ivy League are Cornell and Penn. So what’s your priority?
Getting into the Ivy League and studying in the Ivy League? Or is it to study
business? If it’s to study business, well of course you can apply to Penn, you can
apply to Cornell, and then you can find other great business schools in the
United States where you can apply and perhaps pursue your interest in studying
business at the undergraduate level. If on the other hand you think to yourself:
well I don’t really, I really prefer to go to one of these institutions. I don’t
really care that much about what I major in, I’m not that dedicated to
the study of business, well then you can really open up your mind to a lot of other
possibilities about studying business or about the path to to being in business
after you graduate from whatever college you go to. Because the reality in
America, and the reality actually the planet over, is that everybody is in
business. I don’t care if you’re a farmer, you’re in business. I don’t care if
you’re a doctor– oh my gosh in the United States
medical industry, it’s a huge business. This is not something people do because–
out of the goodness of their heart, everybody’s getting paid and it’s run by
big corporations. Even colleges, I’ve talked about this before, colleges are businesses. So you know what, no matter what you do with your life you’re going
to be in business. So the question is rather, what do you want to study as an undergraduate? And then what steps will you take to prepare yourself for the
reality that you will be in the world of work–in the world of business–upon
graduation. So all of us, even those of us crazy people who like me– I studied
religion, I’m in business. Andrea my colleague, she studied Russian
as an undergraduate and she went to Wharton. You know, we’re in business.
Everybody’s in business. So you need to think about what is most important to
you. Is business education, getting that bachelor’s of business administration, the most important thing? Then you’ve got choices, but only two within the Ivy
League. Otherwise if you are thinking no, I want to study pretty much anything I
don’t really care, or I have particular interests, then have confidence to go
study those things and then to also figure out ways in which you can be
really ready and have the skills you need to be in business. And if you need
some help thinking about it, puzzling this through, give me a call. This is the
kind of thing I help my students with on a daily basis. So thanks for listening
and subscribe to our channel and hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Hello. I can't send you an email, because I don't have american phone number (Europe). I would like to ask you here if it doesn't bother you much. I would like to apply for Harvard next year, but I still can't decide between these two majors. I am deciding between Economics and Computer Science. People often say that Economics is not as valuable as Computer Science, but what if you studied Economics from Harvard? How do other people consider you after that? Does the name of Harvard have such a big effect, that people don't care so much if you studied Econ or CS there? I started my first business as a child and enjoy it a lot and I want to get a deeper knowledge about that. However, I also am in a program for Microsoft where I work a lot with technology and all that stuff. I am still more interested in business side of technology though. Everyone including my teachers and parents tell me that it's better to study CS than Econ. I am definitely planning to get an MBA after college. Also, companies like Google write oftentimes that they are looking for CS major but some of the top product managers even have degree from history. It's not even related to business or technology that much. So, do you think that especially just at Harvard (not any other Ivy League), is it worth to pursue Econ or CS major for someone who likes technology, but is planning to end up in management side of the technology?

  2. Great video. I'm thinking of getting an MBA in one of US colleges. I've over 10 years working experience and had obtained my bachelor degree in a Chinese university in 2005. Just wonder how shall I prepare for it? Thanks.

  3. Sir I am an Indian, currently living in my mother nation.T he question I wanna ask is how can I get admission in top business school in US, post graduate as I will be joining collage this semester here in India.The money is also an issue,so sir please help me in figuring my next steps.

  4. Hey there!
    I going to a community college soon in New York city.It’s called Borough of Manhattan community college.My question is if I transfer to Cornell’s undergraduate business school,is there anyway that i will get full tuition waiver/scholarship?
    I can’t afford the tuition of an Ivy League
    Thanj you!

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