Studying at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands – what’s it like?

Studying at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands – what’s it like?

Studying in the Netherlands is a blessing! This country is so multicultural; you can get to know so many different cultures here. My boyfriend wanted me to learn Dutch, but the language is quite difficult! It’s a few years on now and I can say When I started searching for a university, I looked at English-language degrees with high ratings and a high guarantee of employment. The size and location of the Netherlands is perfect. I can visit friends in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, the Hague and Utrecht all in the same day! My study agency in Kazakhstan told me that Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands offered a very good range of Bachelors courses in business. The deciding factor was the feeling I got at Arnhem Business School: here you study with people from all over the world! I chose Arnhem Business School because my course is affordable and taught entirely in English. Why choose something else when you can go for the best? I had never travelled alone — I’d never even done my own laundry . My parents wanted me to get the best education. I believe in problem-based learning. That’s something ABS is good at. Every day we discuss new cases in our classes. The lecturers are also open and highly educated, and speak good English. What you learn, you often immediately put into practice. In the first year, for example, we had to run our own business. I also improved my English outside of school. I started talking to everyone in my student flat. It’s fantastic that Arnhem Business School is so internationally orientated. Because of that, I come into contact with students from over 60 different countries. My parents’ house is 11,000 kilometres away, but my friends here make me feel like the Netherlands is my home away from home. Work placements are a regular part of Arnhem Business School. Thanks to the school I’m now doing a work placement in the music industry. During my course, I also get the opportunity to study for half a year abroad, at one of ABS’s 120 partner universities. I went to England. I still can’t believe I studied for half a year at a partner university in Japan. It was an unbelievable experience! ABS trains you to be a global citizen who can work in any business setting. When I graduate, I’d like to find a job in business. My education is a guarantee of a nice, successful future. In five years, I want to be living and working in one of the world’s financial centres, like London, New York or Hong Kong. Arnhem Business School is helping me achieve that goal.

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