Student Feature: Randall Moores

Student Feature: Randall Moores

My name is Randall Moores. I grew up in
Willoughby Hills, Ohio. I went to John Carroll University where I met my wife
Connie. We have three children – Max – who’s six Ella who’s 4 and Maggie who is four weeks. I commissioned into the Army after graduation as a logistics officer. While
on active duty I had the opportunity to deploy twice overseas to Iraq. Farmland has been in my family on my dad’s side since the 1860s. My dad grew up here in this house that we’re sitting in today. In 2014 the house came up for sale and my wife and I saw that
and we took the opportunity for me to leave active duty in the Army, purchase
this house, and move back to Ohio and put down some roots. So, we’re restarting the family farm. We raise pastured poultry, chicken and turkey, grass fed lamb, pastured pork.
Always had an interest in agriculture. As I said I was on active duty for seven and a half years so I earned the post 9/11 GI Bill and I wanted to go back to school use
that benefit to learn about agriculture. I’ve always wanted to go to
Ohio State, but now with a family living in Ashtabula it wasn’t really feasible to attend in person so the MPHM program made sense to me
from that perspective. When Randall told me he was going back to school I was excited. I think it’s great that he’s using his GI Bill because it’s something he’s sacrificed to earn.
Really once I started the class work it wasn’t very much different from a
regular classroom. The way we interacted either through posting online in boards
or watching lectures real time because some of the classes that we take are
actual lecture classes and we just we just plug in like we’re another student
in the room at the same time. The ultimate goal with having a
Master’s in Plant Health Management is ideally to better manage my farm here.
With Randall and school and both of us working and having three kids, it’s been
pretty busy. I think Randall’s pretty good at the big
picture thinking looking ahead to the future and how much of a benefit this
will be for us, but in the short term it’s definitely a sacrifice. We work as
much as we can fit into 24 hours in the day. It’s Ohio, you know? So, to say that I
have a degree from Ohio State has always meant a lot to me.

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