Student Employment at SPU

Student Employment at SPU

– I’m Alyse Bradway, the
student employment coordinator in student financial services
at Seattle Pacific University. Having a job in college is
awesome for several reasons. One, you gain real world
experience, learn new skills, and build you resume. Two, you can explore
possible career options. Three, you can start paying
your way through school while you’re in school,
and four, you can make connections that could
lead to a permanent job. In fact, one in five work study positions leads to a full time job after graduation. Seattle Pacific students
have an advantage too, because we provide so
many tools to help you get connected with jobs. And remember, student
jobs are like any other, you interview, get
hired, and get the check. It does not pay directly toward your bill. You can check out our online
job board called Handshake at There you’ll find tips
for applying to jobs, employer events, and hundreds
of internships and job postings for on and off campus positions. Also, we host regular
job fairs where big name employers from around the
Seattle area come to campus looking to hire SPU students like you. Plus, if you get a job off
campus, SPU offers daily bus passes to students,
and the public transit here is ranked among
the top in the country. If you have any more questions
about student employment, or if you just wanna say hi, you can call, email, or visit student
financial services. Check us out at See you soon.

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