STS Speaks at Corporate Fellowship Graduation Ceremony

STS Speaks at Corporate Fellowship Graduation Ceremony

Brian Sutton, Chief Marketing and
Sales Officer at Summit Technical Solutions here Colorado Springs. STS is a
woman-owned, veteran-owned small business and our employees are located
across the United States, in several states not only here in Colorado, but
also Alabama, Virginia, North Dakota, just to name a few. All of our work is within the Department of Defense. We have supported DoD for the past 17 years
specifically in areas of IT and Cyber systems engineering, and operations
maintenance and sustainment support. Lindsey asked Summit Technical Solutions to speak today regarding our host company perspective on why we
participate and what value has brought to our organization. I want everybody
to know here that that’s that’s pretty darn easy for us. Boy have we
benefited. First and foremost supporting hiring our heroes is our
responsibility as good corporate citizens. Giving back has always been
a cornerstone to our company and being a veteran owned company we’ve supported
the veteran initiatives for many years. This program, this program that you’re
involved in has has given us an opportunity support individuals leaving
the military and a lot of them get to experience working with industry first hand, as if
all of you know. STS has supported the fellowship program in Colorado Springs since 2017. While we did not match with a fellow back in 2017, we wanted to
be involved so we supported the mock interviews and the hiring our heroes
events. We had a first fellow last year 2018. So far tp date we have sponsor six fellows in total, and today we’ve been able to hire 1 fellow full-time, and we hope to
continue supporting this program. Currently for this cycle, Joe, Jobrieth Menard, is our current fellow graduating today. During the fellows tenure at STS,
all gain exposure to each of STS business units we have several business
units and all of the Associated responsibilities that those business
units to include business development social media, Human Resources
operations, accounting, and our program management office. As we provide
each fellow with a look at what it’s like to work outside of the military
each fellow has completed projects that support STS, which makes it a
true win-win we work them pretty hard, you can ask Joe about that. Every fellow in every project has been a great support to STS. STS fellow’s have
supported real projects that directly affect our programs our workforce and
our products so here are just a few examples; the Human Resources process,
systems improvements, employee record audits, general STS programs and project
management support, business development as I mentioned, our training, quality
project and program improvements, knowledge management reference documents
and related processes and the development of them, communication
plan development and marketing products. Toward Joe, who’s in your class, one of
his project was working, projects was working with our social media manager to update
our hiring webpages and more specifically our hiring our veterans web
page. So if you go for our web page today you’ll see how much respect and how much
we appreciate veterans. Joe did a great job and I’m so thrilled with our new
updated image and brand. He helped us update the webpage. Thank you very much Joe. In closing, on
behalf of our Founder, President and CEO Kelly Terrien, and all of us at Summit Technical Solutions I want to say thank you to each of you. Thank you for your service and for your participation in the hiring of hero
fellowship program. I join all of STS in wishing each of
you all the best in the next phase of your careers. Thank you very much. [applause]

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