Storming Area 51: What really goes on at the Air Force’s top-secret base? | IN 60 SECONDS

Storming Area 51: What really goes on at the Air Force’s top-secret base? | IN 60 SECONDS

More than three million people have
signed up to storm Area 51 in September to “see them aliens”. There’s probably not
any men in black working with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert,
what’s actually going on at Area 51 is even cooler. The Air Force originally
bought Area 51 to test the famous U-2 reconnaissance plane, often the source of
UFO sightings during the Cold War. It was later used to develop America’s first
operational stealth aircraft, the F-117 Nighthawk. The secretive southwest
training ranges have grown significantly over the years, and today they’re working
on bleeding-edge aircraft tech for the US military, like the new B-21 stealth
bomber and the X-37B space plane. These ranges also helped to develop the RQ-170
stealth drone — used to find bin Laden —and the RQ-180, it’s successor, of which no
pictures exist. Area 51 and its cousins are also crucial to testing a whole host
of revolutionary, unmanned combat drones to work with our current fighters — the
F-35 in F-22. So when the motherships do show up and Bill Pullman leads us into
battle, humanity’s best chance of victory lies in the aircraft being tested at
Area 51 today. What’s the coolest thing the Air Force is working on today? Let us know in our poll. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to
cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and subscribe for more research and
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  1. 3 million people will be shitting themselves once they get in range of the many acoustic weapons at Area 51. I can't wait.

  2. Looks like the SCP is instigating interference…and has compromised the American Enterprise Institute
    . I wonder what incident report this will be filed under and what is contained in this isolated and heavily guarded stretch of land. No doubt it must be SCP-294 (aka Vending Machine)! You cant hide the secrets from us! We know the trut……….

  3. I witnessed a UFO in Las Vegas, it hovered just above the light poles in my neighborhood back in the late 80s

  4. The U.S. military might have transferred the aliens to a another location as we have created a hype like this

  5. If the aliens show up we're fucked either way, because their tech would be so advanced that a fighter jet won't mean a thing.

  6. LOL the whole "storm Area 51" is a JOKE, made up as a ad for a rap group called "Area 51" and it became a MEME, and just a silly JOKE. ffs

  7. What if there nothing in Area 51 and the real base is under ground some where bc think about it if the president didn't what any one to know about their secrets then why would they put a base where you can see it and can find it and can go to it

  8. Area 51 has the power rangers command center and are trying to repair it after 20+ years and dont want anyone to find out about it

  9. Wow. We are looking at 3 million dead people. The military will shoot them before they could even see the gate. Hell I’m sure looking at the gate is a federal offense.

  10. At least we're getting Area 51-themed Bud Light:

  11. -I don’t want to go to Area 51
    -I know it’s a bad/dangerous idea
    -I know people are going to get hurt
    but I’m curious so I want them to go

  12. The Tinfoil Twist

    A million people show at the front gate and began to face off with thousands of guards. At first the guards hold their own, however the the crowd is much too large. The Air Force has to
    finally admit that they indeed have 'aliens' locked up in an containment facility. Teased by this new revelation, the crowd demands to see them, but the Air Force insists that the aliens
    are far too dangerous – warning everyone that if the containment facility were breached, the aliens would summon an armada of spacecraft to destroy humanity. Undeterred, the crowd rushes
    the containment facility 'freeing' the aliens captives. Then, the situation goes weird. Everyone including the guards are slaughtered and a plague of devastation is released upon all that was

    once civilized.
    It's all a Cover, a facade, a lie. The aliens are genetically altered humans brought into this world, taught to despise humans. The armada is the result of 'project bluebeam' along with
    military TR3B's and the destruction of humanity is accomplished with energy weapons such as the 'Norway spiral'. The last chapter of the 'Report from Iron Mountain' is now the worlds
    reality. Those who wish dominance over mankind eliminate billions and demand absolute obedience of those few that are left.

  13. remember the only thing these people fear is working or holding a job , if the guards flash a job Application at them they will run like they are shot out of a cannon !

  14. I remember that day. Ah the great area 51 raid. It was great meeting keanu Reeves, dwayne Johnson, and Kevin hart

  15. Eveyone should get remote control car with go pro on the car one million car so it be easy to get to area 51 the cannot run after remote control car

  16. The best costumes to wear for Storming Area 51 =
    5) Bullet Proof Vest
    4) Black Dark Suit
    3) Camouflage
    2) Army / Soldier
    1) Security guard

  17. My mom is saying it's an unexplained metal that landed in our earth but metal coming from space is even weirder

  18. If it’s just some aircraft why so much security? Because yeah, it’s really easy to pick up and entire jet and take it away

  19. Area 51 is a RXH Base For training Nuclear weapons guns and more my cousin went to work there and was not supposed to tell for dangerous acts stop saying there is aliens I believe in other life but not at Area 51 so please stop.

  20. ET? ? ? ?Anyone wanna check ✔ out Area 51 over on my Channel.. I'll promised it'll be worth the hype.. I'll taken you places you never know existed..?????

  21. Ever heard of its darkest, most dangerous secret being contained at Area 51?

    Forrest Gump playing ping-pong for eternity at Sub level 69

  22. "The airforce originally bought area51 "… do you know what you are talking about? The CIA commandeered groom lake to test the U2 and it was eventually given over to the airforce as an extension of Edwards AFB…. Btw, the CIA also funded Facebook….. this entire thing is nothing more than a way for the base to expand it's borders to include Ticabo peak. You heard it here first.

  23. You really think the government could have devolved those stealth bombers without the help of extraterrestrial aircraft

  24. I want to see someone to go but Area 51 is dangerous…
    – there could be thousands of land mines in there…
    – they won't hesitate to shoot at civilian/ Intruders, if it tries to infiltrate the private area
    – snipers around in area 51…
    – If The US Military start sending armed aircraft in there… even millions of people all of them have no chance

    just my thoughts ??

  25. Anybody who tries to trespass into Area 51 is a fucking idiot. Period. They are literally authorized to use DEADLY FORCE. There's no way that anybody will even breach the first of many security parameters. Don't do it, people. "Storming" a high security military installation is no game. It will get you killed.

  26. If there are aliens on earth then the're going to be a thousand feet under in some sort of super secret lab. The reason why area 51 is so top secret is because they don't want other countries aware of any high teck military tools we have. And if there is anything extraterrestrial within the compound then why does it matter? It's not like it would know English or even talk the way we do. Not to mention, stuff is kept out of public eye for a reason…

  27. aliens=satan's demons in disguise , satan wants to work with the strongest country , and the gov is working with satan, so yall need to bring weapons with you, and bring bullet proof trucks, the feds are trying to kill the cities, and control the towns, we need to own our countries and rise against the government , the men in black arent fake.

  28. What a load of bollocks , how much were you paid to say that ???. oh an you missed the most important one the onvi ?

  29. Ok I just watched SSSniperwolfs video of her going to Area 51, and she saw 2 stealth planes going SUPER fast, so like, I’m fascinated

  30. list that you need people to storm area 51:
    1st saitama/one punch man
    2nd Everyone in the avengers and jl
    3rdeveryone in the power rangers
    4th and goku
    5th and naruto

  31. but how do you know all these facts are true?? this is just what the government is telling us so you never know

  32. This video is just telling us what the government want us to think.…… the aliens are waiting for us…….

  33. I plan on time traveling to 2244 to see San Francisco from that time period just to check on a certain starship from a certain sci-fi franchise that a lot of people of

  34. Exactly why do people have to make stuff up like all you are doing is wasting your time on something that is not even what’s said to be all it is , is a traing area for the army smh ??‍♀️

  35. Hmm.. its all coming together now
    Aliens with flying sorcerers
    The area 51 having an aircraft
    They both fly and look alien like…

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