Stop Running Your Business And Start Leading It | Amazing Business Leadership

Stop Running Your Business And Start Leading It | Amazing Business Leadership

Our next speaker has been online since 2005 and has taught tens of thousands of people how to become entrepreneurs and like someone else here that you’re familiar with He’s responsible for hundreds. If not thousands of Amazon millionaires again. All sitting amongst us today on a personal note He’s someone that I’ve gotten the known for About five or six years now and has really inspired me to be a better person a better business person Better family member just to be a better person in life all together he’s one of the best people I know and he leads a company with both his mind and with his heart and He’s done amazing things in his lives for people personally and professionally and he’s one of my very best friends I’m glad to bring on the stage now. Let’s stand up and give a huge round of applause for Jason katzenback So I’m gonna bring you back in time a little bit So do you remember that? Amazing feeling that excitement of when you first were starting your business You know that hope that it ignites in you of the freedom that you’re gonna have when you have your own physical products business up and running You know no longer having to get up in the morning This was huge for me not having to get up in the morning You know to go to a job that I was just bored at, you know, spending time with in an area I didn’t want to be instead of you know spend time with people that I wanted to be with and doing the activities that I’d rather be doing and remembering the Sunday evening gloom You know when you know, you have to go back to work Monday morning And you almost go into a depression on Sunday thinking about it You know no longer having to suffer that no longer, you know feeling like you’re a victim this business is going to set you free It’s going to make things so much better in your life. You’re gonna be able to contribute to your family You’re not stuck in prison. You’re now a business owner that’s going to be able to make a change Knowing that as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world No longer missing out on things with your family Being able to take advantage of opportunities that otherwise a job you wouldn’t be able to do You’ll be empowered because when you started this business the whole idea is I can take care of the people that are most Important to me because you’re soon gonna have wealth and you can take care of your family You’re gonna be able to make an impact on this world And live a life that the majority of the population only dream of this is going to be incredible You’re going to be able to do the things that most excite you because finally you’re gonna be happy Who here can relate to that you had excitement when you first started your business there is a hope But then something happened didn’t it not for all of you but for some of you All of a sudden Anxiety started clicking in it’s like oh my god. How do I even pick a product? What if I pick the wrong product? What if I have a bad supplier? How come I just don’t have time to be able to get any of this done or maybe someone in your household is negative Maybe they’re they’re sparking fear in your mind. You got to get a job. That doesn’t work Those kind of things are scams, or maybe it’s actually working a little bit for you You’re getting the business started, but you can’t get any traction You got a product that but it’s not getting sales and you keep trying things and you’re either getting no results Or just a little bit of results Listen anxiety starts kicking in Start making up excuses. Oh, maybe this isn’t meant for me. Maybe this business model doesn’t work anymore Maybe Amazon is oversaturated Some of you see some awesome success you get your product up I know some people I put a product up in within a couple of months They’re doing $15,000 a month with no marketing. Now that doesn’t happen as much anymore, but it used to happen a lot with Amazon But their office then something happens. You’re projections are going up isn’t boom something drops You know Perhaps you tried hiring somebody and then you found six or 12 months later is like all I have is a payroll expense I’m making no more money in my company than I was before and I just have way more exam anxiety Because I’m managing others you go from this Hope like oh my god. I’m gonna be free and happy to feel like you’re just barely treading on water or maybe You feel like you’re 10 feet under upside-down in black water and you have no idea where the hell to go You know, you’ve got all this crazy noise going on in your head You know that there’s things you should be doing but what in the world do I do? I have no clue Acres of diamonds how many of you have read it? That’s it, highly recommend you check it out. Very simple story. It’s a beautiful story But in essence what it’s about is why are we always looking for grass greener on the other side? Why do we never think that diamonds are in our own yard that we always have to go somewhere else be someone else do something? different You know the opportunities there could be them right in front of you But instead we want to look somewhere else perhaps there’s diamonds sitting right behind your door When challenges arrived in our lives. It’s so easy to want to place blame You know, the reason I’m not successful is because of that that I don’t have that train, you know This models outdated or I’m not living in the right place We start saying things like I’m not as smart as such-and-such If I live somewhere else, this would be so much easier. I’m just too busy. No one’s as busy as me Notice how all of these focus on how their current situation is debilitating them from success If only I was somewhere different. If only I was someone different if only But what’s wrong with your business it’s not some external Factor, it’s been talked about a lot this weekend The source of your successor failed does not rely on being someone else somewhere else what I believe in my heart is That you need to take a count for what you want. You’re why you’ve heard your vision. You’re why your reason for doing this? then look at exactly where you are now compared to where you want to be and Then stop running your life and start leading it You’ve got some caught up in having to run your day-to-day of life in your business. The nobody is actually leading it You see the difference between running a business and leading a business is the vision? and Oftentimes of your vision statements all that kind of stuff. Well, it sucks, but it’s true What is the vision for the company and who’s ensuring that every single person every activity in that company is aligned with that vision That’s the leader There’s so much stuff to do in the day we know that there’s always something to do But that doesn’t mean those are the best things to do And because we’re not clear on what we should be doing we’re scrambling around doing a whole bunch of different things hoping for those hacks They’re gonna be that magic answer that my business is gonna revolutionize Because I use a super URL and some rebate keep those are hacks But I believe with all of my heart that when you start leading your business and you have a passion behind a vision and that vision isn’t to be rich that vision is because of what you want to achieve and We’re gonna get more into that you’ll have so much passion that you look at those hurdles is nothing but just everyday easy obstacles Yeah, you got a deal with them, but you’re happy to jump right over them because your vision is way way bigger You’ll have clarity on your day-to-day week-to-week and month-to-month priorities. That’ll give you a release from that anxiety that has you doing this At 3:00 in the morning who here can relate to doing that every now and again thinking about business a Friggin Sox Instead you’ll have the confidence to know this is rich Henderson, by the way Instead you’ll have the constant confidence knowing that you’re in control because you will know what you need to be working on it all times you see I have a vision a Vision for a world where people are breaking free of the fear that’s holding them back from making an impact on this world So they can achieve a lifestyle that they just friggin love living Energized because they’re in sync with a life that they enjoy living because it’s making a difference This isn’t gonna say you’re not gonna have anxiety and stress about things But you’re going to see that they mean more You know achieving this is only possible when you take ownership of your life The fact remains that everyone is in here to run a business your business. It’s your responsibility Now to prove my point I want to take a quick look at three reasons three of the top reasons businesses fail Now what was really interesting about? This is some of the survey said 90% of businesses fail in the first year Another one said that 80% made it up to almost five years and at the five-year mark It was down to like eighty percent or something like that, but it was or fifty percent regardless of that Obviously different business models and everything will have different lifespans But regardless of that the top three reasons that rose to the top as to why businesses fail Reason number one and you’ve heard it so many times this weekend starting a business for the wrong reason This comes down to something. You’re going to hear me say over and over again You’ve heard other people say it over and over again But if you’re not clear on your why then it’s going to be almost impossible to follow through When your why is just because though I think this would be fun to have a little bit extra money Well, if you’re gonna have to do a lot more extra work, obviously, you’re like little that balance. Mm-hmm I’m not sure. I want to hurdle this I’m not sure it’s worth going back through the training again to make sure I damn well data everything Not just sitting there saying yeah, I think I did everything. It’s your freaking responsibility That’s what you signed up for to run a business do it. Don’t make up excuses focus on why you’re doing things and then do them I Love this quote When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve them That’s what’s focusing on a vision is all about your why it will give you superhuman powers to emphasize this point See this building if I offered you 50 bucks to go running in that burning room I’m sure there’s a few psychos here. That would do it So I’m not asking for a raise a hand however right now Your child’s in there Who’s gonna run in that room? I hope to god every one of you That’s your why Number two so number one was not being clear nor why number two is lack of planning They gave examples of not setting goals not understanding the product you’re selling Who the customers are or why they want to buy your product now? You heard Robert talk about he didn’t care about the product. But what he cared about is what the product was What is who his customers were and why his customers wanted the wall? Didn’t mean that he had to be passionate about the product. He just knew the right things to focus on These are all things that the leader has to know There’s no one else’s responsibility, but you to know this stuff. What is the product who are my customers and Why do they want to buy it? If you don’t know those answers, you got to figure them out because it’s gonna help a whole lot and get in sales now The third reason was poor management. This lacked financial management managing to plans and bad hiring Now as interesting as all this information was where I really geeked out Which is why I picked that picture. Well, I really geek out is it actually there is just one blame to all of this The business owner. I love that. There’s no deflecting. There’s no excuses Business owners businesses that fail the top three reasons are because of the business owner You don’t see anywhere in those reasons and it’s something external to the business like you can’t say well it’s not my fault Yeah. Yeah it is Leading is not being the boss. It’s about understanding the why planning it out and then forging a path by executing and Managing the details as effectively as possible. Your job isn’t to be a burden on your employees. They’re not meant to pull you If your job is best spent right now being in the front of the line doing the majority of the work So you’re inspiring them then you do that Now you don’t keep doing that because guaranteed there’s gonna be more important stuff you do But until they’re at a point that they’re doing it alone You have to do it It’s about leading your business and not just calling yourself the boss because you you own it and then just simply running it Now I want you to respect my authority Because I feel that before I continue I want to prove to you why I feel that I have authority to talk on this I’m gonna go back to work. This first started planting seeds of Leading versus running where it started taking hold in my life So I used to live in this little town called Wawa, Ontario Canada 3700 people That’s the factory the little red thing on the calendar is where it is. That’s where I met the love of my life Charlene back in 1997 I started working at this company in 95 back in 1997 I was working here as a production laborer You know, it paid really well for a young guy with a young wife at the time and a new baby So I I said I realized yep I’m going to move back up there that was actually the town I was born in I left and then I moved back Now this particular day was a noun day and what that means in the factory shuts down for maintenance and my job is to clean The paint booth and I’m in that picture That’s me I Worked in the finishing and and Because I’m down day My job is clean the paint booth what the paint booth was is like this 10 by 12 10 by 10 kind of metal box and These big bundles of wood four by eight sheets that were for that high like just huge they’d come in and then they’d go into This paint booth the sides would come down and then it would just get quoted with this green edge seal By the time down days come there’s like a foot like it was up to here on you It was just dripping on the wall. Like you’re getting in your ears. You know, you’re all sweaty. You got a hard hat on It’s like this socks You know, it just sucked it was dark it was just I hated it and this is really where I recall sitting in this booth and just this wave of Despair came across there’s only 24 23 years old and I remember I just had to sit down and I was like Is this what I’m gonna frickin do the rest of my life? I? Couldn’t understand it like this was an answer to prayer to so many people my god as I’m finally gonna be able to have a pension like For Frick sakes and 23 years old. I don’t want to work thirty years and a job I hate just so I can be wealthy when I’m old that didn’t make any sense to me. So I was conflicted It was like what like am I being selfish am I being proud? But then I realized there’s like no say, well you have options Why don’t you try to become a manager they get to work straight days all this dude kind of stuff all this like this This realization came upon me. It’s like if I’m gonna want to change this is why I’m at right now These are the issues. I know that I’m facing So why don’t I change my situation? Be the change and not blame everybody else It’s like this bolt of electricity hit me man, I was like I’m doing it I’m gonna be free man. So that night I remember going out Ken Harrison Terry nine and a few other guys Sitting at the bar and I’m like guess what guys in five years. I’m gonna be your boss That’s pretty much what happened? There was no way this immature 23 year old punk ass kid was gonna be their boss I Just way too young and immature and I was it was good time Jay, you know There wasn’t I wasn’t had a good job, you know, my job was paying the bills But it was when I wanted to change I realized and this was good feedback. This is market research They’re telling me how people saw me. So right away. I knew well then I got a change Well, guess what I said five years within three years, I was alder boss That was because I decided to take a change I Decided to lead it and because of that not only did I get a promotion I got moved down to a bigger city a bigger area in Michigan What I did was I realized that out of everything going on in this world I could blame every other person around I could blame it’s their division. It’s this maintenance guys the managers they suck All this company sucks instead. I looked at what do I have control over? And so I owned what I had control over I Became the best finishing line operator. I then became the plant utility. I worked my ass off I made sure to people and I could have been bullheaded. I could have said screw that man I am GE the funny guy screw you if you don’t like it. Well, that wouldn’t got me a job That good. It would have been an excuse could have been like no they don’t like Who I am Well, if I wanted that then I had to change who I was not being fake It’s adapting to what you need to do to get your goals. I Am the master of my own success, there’s nobody else you can’t blame anybody else you are the master of your own success You know the cool thing with being a leader is it’s very rewarding I sit there sometimes knowing how many people’s lives I’ve changed It’s so incredible, but what sucks about being a leader sometimes? Is you know about things that would give the fear of God into every employees heart There’s times when you have to make decisions that you can’t burden the rest of the company with You have to lead it and you have to own it. You know, I learnt this in an early age So in 2003, we’re gonna go back again. One more little history lesson. I was now in Michigan I was now a manager at this new facility is in a little town called grayling, Michigan. I Had my five-year plan. I was gonna go to us and keep going up the corporate ladder I was only in my early 30s here and I was going to go to Federal Way Washington to be part of the headquarters Well, it just so happened that the CEO then decided to announce that no more bonuses for you I meant to do more like the Soup Nazi that I failed on that my apologies Who here knows the Soup Nazi Alright cool so After all of that work working on this KPI setting those goals working for something all of a sudden it was like What the hell man, that sucks To make matters worse the CEO. It was announced two months later Got a seven and a half million dollar stock option bonus cuz the company was doing so well Good for you He took my bonus and got it back multiple times worth good for you But it was at that moment again. It wasn’t another paint booth moment for me. I had to take it into my own hands I was done lining someone else’s pocket It was such an incredible feeling I was getting so sick of commuting to work I Was getting to be free I wasn’t gonna have to answer to anybody anymore. I was gonna be able to work from home have money Travel live wherever I want. It was going to be absolutely friggin. Incredible. I Like to think that a lot of you again had that feeling when you wanted to quit your job It’s like I hate my frigging job. This is the answer You’ve given me for I’ve heard you guys tell me that I’ve heard you that or just start You know, it’s saying you have no idea how much you changed my life just by giving me hope so While all the excitement was pretty short-lived we’re a year later after I decided to start my own business My then wife I upgraded I don’t know if that’s the right thing to say or not. But I did I Should you love you? My ex-wife at the time was like literally Jerry Maguire show me the money because I had although I didn’t be so awesome we got this going and this going it’s like Couldn’t blame her. All I had was $30,000 in debt Nothing else to show for it But I believed in myself like there’s no reason somebody else should be wealthy and successful doing this and not me. I’m no different There’s no excuse. I’m not believing that So at that time I decided I’ve got to step back look at what I’m doing and try to figure this out because I either had to own this and figure this out or I was Gonna to own going back and find like staying with my current job and going up the corporate ladder What I found was I was blindly just doing stuff It’s a trap you get into when you’re running your business. It’s like you’ve got your customers support. You’ve gotta do all these things But no one’s planning. No one’s leading Nobody’s giving the direction. You’re just sitting there scrambling I couldn’t tell you what my finance is where I had no idea I kept saying I’ll put that off till later. I Was never prioritize Prioritizing the most important tasks and I’d often Shared this example and this is where it’s come from remember sitting there three hours on a little image for a blog post The blog post got ten visitors after like a month Three hours I spent on that frigging image. What a waste of time that Was not anything the leader of the business should have been doing there’s that level where like that 80/20 You know where 20% of that image is gonna get the results. It’s good. I Needed to stop just doing stuff I had to step back and refocus no excuses I either own this or I go back get a job or stay with the company because I have a family to feed 16 months later After making that commitment really focusing in on what I needed to do I was there December 2005 my PayPal account over the last seven days got over $250,000 in it everything was coming together I launched this new product the original product at that time was called portal feeders back in 2005 any portal feeder memories here Anybody one person nobody? Oh I see a hand go up over there. That’s cool But I was starting to see results It’s like I went from earning a few thousand dollars I said now having a quarter of a million dollars in my bank over seven days. And this was a recurring membership So I knew I was gonna do like have a million dollar a year. I Was so excited and energized. I realized with all this money coming in with all the work I’m gonna have to do my plan was to have six months worth of salary I got way more than that now, I’m gonna quit my job. So I quit my job What now Something to celebrate man you feel so incredible. It’s like I did it I frickin did it man Whoa, you know like you’re so excited like you’re literally like it. It’s so scary but so empowering Well that was until the next day Because PayPal saw that over seven days prior to that. I barely had any money to now having over $250,000 in it that set off all these red flags they decided and We’re freezing your account So I’m on the phone with them. I get off the phone with them some of you might remember this. Oh My god, oh my god. Oh my god They froze my account they said they were gonna refund everybody all the money And I was essentially gonna be bankrupt because they didn’t know who I was and this looks really suspicious. I Know if you ever heard that story it was horrifying The pure terror I was facing like it was just like oh my god. I just quit my job yesterday Like I’m like, I have no money. All I was trying to do is with this set the office I tried to pull ten thousand dollars out of the two hundred fifty Just to give us a little bit of celebratory money That set off a red flag. They didn’t like that. They’re like you’re taking money out too soon It’s the most money I’ve ever transferred out of there. I think was the most I could transfer out of there anyway It’s all good After a few days of talking with them them verifying with my customers. They saw that it was all good and So instead they put it on a 90 day payment plan kind of like a new seller on Amazon, you know especially if you’re not using Fulfillment by Amazon you try to do fulfillment by merchants They’ll oftentimes put a little bit of hold on some of the money To make sure that you’re actually selling a product and not just shipping an empty box you know looking back especially back then the internet was a little bit more of a wild west and so I could have literally just like Sold nothing taking the money withdrew it and then PayPal was responsible for all that so I couldn’t blame them I’m making with this story is that leading a business is not just about going with the good times It means owning it through the bad times. I mean I could have went like this screw this I’m freaking done I don’t want to do this anymore. That was so horrifyingly scary. I’m freaking done Well, if I did that I wouldn’t be on this stage right now and I wouldn’t have helped thousands of people change their lives If you’re gonna have a successful business it means focusing and leading on it when things go wrong you look for solutions Not excuses not excuses to just make yourself feel better Now after I got through PayPal that issue my business was doing pretty well But it started hitting the ceiling and I saw the writing was on the wall that this business model was changing Now that’s my badass wife right there since I had no clue what to do Charlene encouraged me to start networking Well, in case you didn’t notice she has a gun a shotgun two boots it’s worthwhile to listen to her I Have a little bit of a black eye right now that she covered up because she got a little crazy on the dance floor last night In other words, I spoke out of time turned. I’m sorry and She’s a really bad ass, I thought it was funny when we were out there The guy was like thinking we weren’t in a hit any we’re just like boom boom. There’s a lot of fun. Anyway, I digress So she told me to join the matter how many of you heard me talk about the Mavericks? Yeah, cool. They’re there. They’re very cool group run by my early mentor in life from a business perspective the Onyx silver It’s really cool. Cuz when I went on the site to do this screen chapter, I’m like are they retargeting me? Because it was my testimonial that was right on the page at that time, but It’s really because of that group that I met that man So it was how many years ago now? Three months after I joined I met not in a mastermind and here was this young guy. Um, he was 24 years old Selling like over a hundred thousand dollars a month this huge fifty percent profit margin by selling his own products on Amazon And I’m like what? and so after working with him for a few months in this group just listening to him and the passion he had for it and His clear business sense of it. I was like, yeah Amazon’s the future and this guy Matt. He’s in my future It was pretty awesome within a few months of us working together We first launched the training program did over a million dollars if you’re rich version and then it just started skyrocketing All these people’s lives are changing all of these businesses that are coming out of it It was just absolutely incredible with both the training side and each of our own physical products businesses doing very well Four months later after Matt taught me I was doing over two hundred thousand dollars a month with my product with a fifty percent profit margin If you’re curious about it, first of all, this is how this all started amazing style machine rocks, man That was my first product it was actually a drop, but I couldn’t find any other pictures But that was one of his raspberry ketone drops Thank You, dr. oz because when I launched my product he started promoting raspberry ketones on Oprah and everything and it was just like woohoo Remember like going from having like 30 sales a day and then also in a couple months later like having getting over $15,000 in sales in one day on one product and it’s like oh my gosh, I’m gonna be a billionaire. I’m thinking yeah, well Now I want to emphasize something that’s really important here being able to adapt is an essential trait for a business If I would have been bullheaded and said nope, I’m sticking with this business model I’m not looking I’m not looking at the writing of the wall. I love this business model. I’m gonna make it work again I wouldn’t be standing here right now Adapting does not only relate to the business model too, though It very much relates to your products Too many times people stick with a product far too long because at one time it had glory day It was your fifteen thousand dollar a day product. It was going to come back See the smart thing to understand is that every product has a life cycle you saw that earlier today products are gonna peak and then they’re gonna go down some of them might peak for a little bit longer, but there’s a cycle as a leader It’s your job to identify that and then come up with better solutions to stay relevant to your customer It’s not picking one product and riding that to the sunset because that doesn’t exist So after two years of working together the results Matt and I were getting phenomenal generated millions of dollars from both of our businesses It was just nothing short of incredible But then something started to happen. It’s very embarrassing But if I’m going to be honest all of you and I can help a lot of you I have to share it The success started going to my head big time now Genetically, I have a huge head People are always surprised how big I am in person because I think on video they’re like, we just got a little we shoulders No, my head’s big. I got pretty big shoulders. I think Just to prove my point That’s Charlene’s adorable. That’s her All those boxes of the same size look at the space difference on how all those get like You could fit two of that little guy with glasses two over from me willie Barner that was his name you can still name all those kids and My Mork from ork shirt, that’s classic. So what’s more interesting is the only person that competes with me? I’m six She’s 50 So like getting a bigger head it’s like I’m knocking down walls and stuff so it’s So with all this sudden success and I started feeling like my job was done I led my business to success So now I could just sit back relax put in a lot less effort and have people do everything I mean you heard over and over again. It’s about hiring question for y’all, I Don’t know if many of you will be at this point Have you ever thought you’re at a point in your business where you could hire a bunch of people? and that you were going to be able to be freed up to do the things that you want to be able to do and Go live your lifestyle any of you have done that Cool well, it looks like someone did maybe a few of you Now out of those people was it to only find those six to twelve months you did it all wrong You know were super stressed out because your team wasn’t getting any better results You had this huge burden of payroll and you were stressed off the charts That’s what happened to me. Oh and I see your hand over there. Thank you for the honest I’m proud. I know I’m embarrassed. Very embarrassed that you know, I just thought I had the Midas touch. I Transcended to this other level. I saw great success with both my physical products business were in real estate Now we’re doing amazing is just going incredible. It’s only gonna work a few hours a day I was gonna travel I was you know, you know, I just I could do anything What I found out the hard way, is that leadership? Is action not position if it’s your company, it’s your vision You have to lead it. I Remember hiring people just assuming we’re gonna hire kick-ass people pay them really really well give them a little bit of direction set them free That’s why when you saw Matt share about the 1 million dollar advertising mistake that’s Exactly why that happened is me and Matt didn’t know what we were doing at that time and we had to learn a hard lesson It was our vision. We should have stuck with it. We listened to someone that wasn’t qualified The reality is of hiring someone in thinking that they’ll just do everything for you magically that does not work One no the results of that mindset having to lay off loads of people we loved in both of my companies Not just one of them Sitting there with massive anxiety feeling like you’re a loser do I deserve any of this success? Am I just fake? So now with all this said I can say with 100% certainty and Matt will admit this too we needed to learn those mistakes And I beg all of you to listen to save yourself some pain a lot of you didn’t put your hands up So, please please please I’m hoping this is gonna count Leading your business to achieve a goal cannot be part time It takes consistent focus and dedication Your company needs vision it needs direction and it needs leadership When you start hiring make damn sure you’re clear on not only what success looks like But what failure looks like too so you can plan for that doesn’t mean you’re planning for failure planning for success By taking to account if this how are you gonna fix it to achieve success? Oftentimes you hear people that don’t plan for failure Well, of course not I’m planning for success but failure is gonna happen at times So you’re more prepared about what’s going to go wrong? Then you’re held a lot better off in the end when it does happen because you know how to deal with it Don’t just plan for the good things because failure happens and it’s gonna propel you to success Hiring is critical me Douglas Fela company. You’ve heard it over and over just scale a company. It’s impossible without it But hiring for the wrong reasons is just stupid Now before you ever think of hiring anyone I’m gonna focus on this just for a couple of minutes because these are such big lessons. There’s three questions you want to ask Number one. What is the job position? title description and court responsibilities and do not shortcut this by going to and just say hmm. I think I want to hire this person and then type that out. Did you like that little fancy? I don’t know why I did that That’s how I type at work Did I make you mad there dear I’m sorry That means you as a leader identifying what the job is and figuring out exactly what the position the title and the core responsibilities are and A great strategy for doing this. You’ve heard me talk about this before It’s first looking at what’s taking up your time? Preventing you from focusing on tasks that you should be doing. Now with this diagram here. I’m going to explain it very well but where that green circle is that’s where as a business owner you want to get to and What that means is you’re focusing your time on things that are 1 year 2 year 3 year visions You’re not running the company you’re at the point Now where you’re earning like $10,000 an hour on the things you’re focusing on in retrospect how well your company is doing? The base of this diagram is where in reality everyone has to start. These are the non-critical these are the critical Tasks that you have to do But they’re easily trained out And you can hire people for relatively lower a lot of time outsource them for like $10 an hour Now don’t fool. This is saying they’re an important house. They are critical to house, but they’re easily trained These are things like data collection responding to customer support people Questions in your seller central checking review is checking feedback all of those kind of things Then the next level this is where the more specialized skills come in these are past the day-to-day because they might take a couple days to get done to three days and these are things like SEO video production content creation programming graphic design that kind of stuff Then the next level this is more specialized starting to get into some managerial roles here. These are things like marketing planning Paid advertising management paid advertising management is not a $10 an hour task that is a task that you want to keep doing and tell you either you can either pay for it or keep doing it because if you pay someone $10 an hour to it, it’s like That’s just not smart. Just don’t do that Then the one-year task this is where you’re now like the CEO of the company You’re you’re here focused on long term strategy vision networking marketplace expansion new products that kind of thing And then finally you’re at the true business investor level which you saw Robert Kiyosaki talk about it And so that’s kind of like where you’re really like now, it’s you you’re barely involved in that business You’re leading other business and you’re more or less just making dividends from it So the reality again is you’re always going to start in this area. You have no choice but to start there You have to do everything initially, but you can’t stay there forever The challenge is how do you go from down there to up there? Well, let’s say your goal Is that in one year from now? You want to be able to quit your job? Because you want to you hate your job and you want to be able to live with your family on a lake someone You know that you have to have a business generating a million dollars a year in revenue But you can only work ten hours a week because you have a full-time job so 1 million dollars divided by 52 is 19 thousand two hundred and thirty dollars per week divided by ten hours that means Everything you’re focusing on to grow your business when you only have $10 ten hours a week Needs to be worth one thousand nine hundred and twenty three dollars He’s working on an image something you’d pay someone 1923 dollars for probably not Now don’t panic because when you’re starting out again, you have to do that stuff. Your job is to get things set up Processes all those kind of things set up Emphasis on set up a Very powerful way to do. This is a strategy I learned from Todd Herman who is my coach for a couple of years and it’s journaling now It’s not journaling every day you journal every 90 days for at least two weeks This will give you such a big ROI What you do is you just point down point form down during that day I worked on this I worked on this and you got to be honest if you’re gonna lie to yourself It’s not gonna work Then you go back using a red or pink highlighter or whatever something that makes it stand out and you Highlight everything that you just wasted time on If you were fifteen minutes actually talking to someone on skype like people so many of my friends want to call so many people want to Skype like I can’t If I’m focused on eight hours of working, I can’t spend an hour and a half on the phone. Just talking about stuff. I can’t You got to eliminate that stuff and then what you want to do is take the yellow highlighter and the yellow highlighter These are things that you could hire out for ten dollars now now you’re not hiring out right now all you’re doing is Identifying how much time of your week is being set spent on a task so you can hire out for ten dollars an hour And when you start making this list you’re creating a job description With core roles and responsibilities with the amount of time that’ll take each week You’ll know that if I have a customer support rep that’ll be handling reviews Customer feedback, you know and checking these emails That’s then this is that example. I believe we saw it was five and a half hours and only three days So I could free up five and a half hours of my time over the last three days Now the next thing is you want to also make yourself feel good and not be sitting there like I’m such a loser Why am I wasting so much time? It’s like it happens. You’ve got to train yourself. It’s also acknowledge the good stuff You’re doing the stuff that you need to be keeping doing right now that didn’t come out right but you get Remember back to the section, but why businesses fail lack of plan was huge man? If you’re stuck running the company, you’re never gonna have time to be able to start planning the company Strategizing for the company. You can’t just be running the company you can’t spend all your time on tasks that you can pay someone $10 an hour for You can’t do that and expect to make a million dollar business, but you can’t hire people just To go run off and do other stuff When you’re initially hiring someone for your company the idea is to free up more time So you can focus on hitting your vision in your goal. It’s not so you can travel the world You’ll get to that point be happy just traveling the world and having an internet connection so you can work every day Hiring someone doesn’t have to start with a full-time person either. I don’t recommend hire one person Give them one hour work a day start small because you’re gonna have to dedicate time training them So the first question was make sure you have your own custom title description roles and responsibilities The second thing is what’s the training plan and who’s doing the training and in this training plan? You want to make sure you indicate 30 60 and 90 day goals for what success looks like at the end of 30 days I expect them to be at this level make that very clear with them so they know what to go for do not hire someone and just say oh I You know, I’ll hire you for four hours, but I don’t know if I’ll have any work for you for the next week We’re gonna get bored People like to think they like money that way but if you’re expected to be on call during that time – it sucks They don’t feel fulfilled So start small now on the other side of that question three You don’t want to get your hair ripped out with a corner on the cob on it on a drill It’s planned for what could go wrong Plan for what could go wrong over those 30 60 90 days Believe me if in the first 30 days this person for some reason doesn’t show up to work one day and they tell That their mother died um Every outsourcer employee I had back in the day had a relative die where they would just miss work. It was bullshit You just got to lay down the law If they don’t respect you enough Like they’re gonna pull at heartstrings and all that kind of stuff But at the end of the day think you got to make it clear If I can’t trust you to not run my business like I know someone dies that’s horrible But I mean you usually think oh, I gotta let work know You know and it just takes an email. I’m not trying to be an ass I’m just being real like you’re not a charity. You’re a business. So understand in 30 days 60 days and 90 days What are the things that could go wrong? Because you’re gonna hire more than one person. You’re not gonna find that great person right off the bat and say yes, I got it It’s gonna take you a few hires When it comes down to hiring I could have a whole presentation on this we’ve learned so much over the years spent millions of dollars And as I showed you a few minutes ago, it’s though one of the number one reasons businesses fail so the lessons I hope I’m getting across you is first of all that You have to own your success. That means you have to take the lead. You have to figure out where you are right now Where it is you want to be and how you are gonna get there You have to own your success That means you take the lead and it’s easy to get pulled back into running your business running your life Leadership takes constant focus you have to keep asking yourself. Am I doing the best thing I should be doing for the company right now? At the end of every day, look at what you’re gonna do the next day Are these the things that’ll get me the biggest return on? Investment for hitting my goal if they’re not why the hell are you doing them? Now that doesn’t mean you’re not going to do customer support because right now yeah If you don’t answer that customer support ticket Amazon’s gonna shut your account down because you’re not handling support so you got it Well, you know, okay, let’s track my time. I know that right now with this business I need two hours a week of customer support time my next quarter goal I’m gonna have a plan together to start hiring someone once I have the money to generate So you start slowly pulling yourself out of the job owning success Means fully owning what you’re working on and ensuring again ROI return on investment Your time is the most precious of the companies The final point is that once you’ve taken account of what you should be doing and compare it to what you are doing That is an excellent opportunity to start creating a job position Because if you want to grow your company, you’re gonna have to hire You need to hire but you want to do it right and you want to do it So it frees you up to do more impactful things Now speaking of lessons. I got one more to share and it’s gonna be a tough one for me In 2015 during me and Matt’s great success We decided that I was gonna close down my company in Canada And I was gonna move to Austin where we could hire We thought better people and for some reason we thought we needed to hire 50 people so my daughter stayed back in Canada to finish high school and we were going to turn this into a huge huge company that Same year. My worst fear came true and my daughter Gayle got diagnosed with an extremely rare childhood cancer Fear is so incredibly powerful for pulling you back into running your life When Gayle was diagnosed the terror, I felt was overwhelming and because of that I let the doctors lead I felt way safer way easier and it was freaking scary Yeah, Jason, of course, you let the doctors choose their medical professionals When you hire a program or do you just let them run your company? It’s stupid Doctors have the authority you give them they’re here to provide a service It’s your life You need to lead it No life’s funny how it teaches us lessons and I know we’re all like this Well, some of us some of us are lucky. We learn life lessons through business and You know other people it has to hit home It has to be something personal for it really take hold The sad thing for me it wasn’t when gail was initially Diagnosed with cancer nor was it when after a year, everything didn’t work. I was told she had six months to live Who’s on her deathbed Who’s as I sat beside her My hand over her hug and tears streaming down my face that I just reflected You know, I started thinking, you know When Gayle was given six months to live we refused to give up We looked for doctors We were gonna have someone save her life. There’s no figure way. My daughter is only living for six months So instead we took the lead and we found someone else The problem was once I found someone else I just took the baton from the doctor and handed it to that doctor Again I was afraid and it felt safer. Did you save my daughter? It really was justice We had no clue. We kept having red belt and red flags going off like Something doesn’t feel right, but I think there’s hopeful we’ve got all this science that we’re really trying to do it But in retrospect I should have been more involved Should have pulled in other professionals not just took one person’s take on It should have led a team of dedicated professionals with the goal of saving my daughter’s life But instead I closed my eyes and allowed fear to determine what the best solution was You know, it’s so easy to do this in business and in life when something stressing you out You know, it’s so tempting to just the house you take it don’t have to do that anymore, but that’s not leaving You’re a key stakeholder in your company in your life It’s your vision You have to be involved or it’s gonna go the wrong way You know, so now I’ve told you lessons taught your lessons that cost me literally millions of dollars almost bankrupted us Multiple times and I hope that it’s inspired and motivated a few of you to learn some lessons But now I’m sharing with you what cost me the highest price ever Other with doubt in my life that I allowed fear to lead versus me Then instead of leading a life that was most aligned to me. I allowed others to lead because of fear If I keep making excuses Why I’m allowing other peoples to lead my life Where is it going to end? If you want to achieve great things in your life, then you have to lead it You have to own it You have to commit to it if you’re here because you want to do a hobby business on Amazon good for you But if you here want to change your life Then damn well own it. You’re in control My life is never about the mount of money money’s nice but money you hear it before it’s a tool My why Are Charlene Gayle and Jillian? in My why are changing people’s lives? I love helping to change people’s lives It’s for my family and making this a better place for them and helping all of you Make this a better world for all of us I heard this years ago and it’s stuck with me. So well, what are they going to put on your tombstone when you die, I Want them to put something powerful What are people gonna say about you when you’re gone? That’s the life. I want to leave I want it to be I was an amazing amazing man Losing gale was the hardest thing I ever had to go through and I hope that Everyone in this room doesn’t have to go through an experience like that To understand you’re doing it wrong and I want to make damn sure Trying not to swear. I want to make dang sure about my Texas twine Do you understand? I’m not beating myself up here It’s not about sitting in there and dwelling on mistakes the same damn it It’s about what was the lesson in this mistake? And how can I be better for it? And how can I share it with others so they don’t have to go through this too It’s important to make sure you’re true to yourself in all of this because you know whether the lessons are in life in business you Can buy a book on any subject. Remember a guy Brian Davis told me listen work. I’m telling them about this new diet He says just read another book. Like what do you mean? He said if you don’t like that diet just find a book that the book that tells your diet You’re like and it’s like it’s so true. You could justify everything anything and all things Because for some reason as a book, we think it’s real When starting on this business is so easy to focus on the hundred thousand dollars a month the five hundred thousand dollars a month Five hundred month thousand dollars a year The problem is not being clear near why you want to achieve that It’s not saying that oh, no don’t focus on money Of course you have to you have to have a revenue goal you have to have a goal is to where I’m going to get With my company so that I can achieve my why and if you don’t know about and if your business is like struggling right now Take a hard long look in the mirror and I mean do this Look in the mirror get past seen like the imperfections on your face. Don’t look at that stuff Look at yourself in the eye and just say why are you doing this? What do you want? Because I’m gonna argue something I heard someone say in this event they said because it’s not about you Well, yeah the pride it’s not about you But the business is about you It’s all about you. It’s your business. It’s about achieving what you want from your business If your goal is just to be a multi-millionaire you’re gonna be sitting there like, what did I do? Life’s not easy it takes effort and If you want to make a difference in this world in this short life of ours, that means that you need to own it You need to own your success and that means you need to take the lead Do you want to know the difference between the super successful and the rest of them? It’s not their upbringing. It’s not their education It’s not their intelligence It’s that they were clear on what they wanted to achieve and they took the lead to make it happen Over and over again you hear success stories of ASM. I just knew I was gonna succeed I knew what I wanted and this was how I was gonna get it Your business in your life are gonna overlap don’t lie to yourself and say no, they’re two different things. You can’t be an evil Businessperson greedy for money and that not overlap into your family life If you’re not honest with yourself about what you want most in life Then how can you lead it because you’re gonna be confused. You’re gonna have no idea what you’re leading for Now you’ve just spent three days listening to some awesome speakers didn’t you How many of you met some awesome people Not one of those things is going to make a single difference in your business unless you decide to lead it and take action I Believe that with every ounce of my soul every one of you in this room can gain control of your business can feel Energized because you’re in sync with a life that you enjoy living But it all starts with deciding whether you want to continue running your life and running your business or leading it The world doesn’t need more runners It needs more leaders Leaders that will make an impact on this world that are going to feed the poor Protect the weak and love the unlovable. I Baked each of you to take this to heart. I know I am NOT the only person in this room that’s lost a child But I’m the only person on this stage on this stage talking to you right now. So please listen to me Don’t let it be something like that. That’s gonna make you change. You have the power to decide to do that now and lead You are capable of so much more than you think you deserve a life that makes you makes an impact on this world and you can Don’t run a life full of regrets and doubts Instead lead your life lead your business and let’s make a difference in this world Will you join me Pisa and I’m Jayson Calton back

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