Stocard – NOAH19 London

Stocard – NOAH19 London

Yeah, thanks so much for their for the nice introduction woman being back here at NOAA Not only because it’s a fantastic event you’re pulling together every year with the whole team, but also because I have some exciting things to announce but Before we get there, let’s just make sure we’re all on the same page without stow card so most of you probably know that stow card is the European leading mobile wallet used by millions of people and one reason or the main reason why people love using the stoker app is because it goes beyond paying and takes shopping, which is usually Clunky experience and transfers into beautiful digital experience So millions of stow card users are using the app to store all their loyalty cards like the Tesco card British Airways card boots card IKEA card and so on in their phone They can then go to any store just show the snow cut up and collect all the rewards and all the loyalty points Without having to carry any plastic hurt and on top of that there are a lot of beautiful features people benefit from Such as personalized offers or being able to see their points balance their frequent flyer status and real time all their recent transactions they can use the app to pay and we will add more financial services in the future and We unfortunately don’t have time to dive into every single detail in every feature But just to give you one example of the beautiful experience the card creates is if you think about couponing so if you think about couponing you probably think about Getting a leaflet sent home Thousands of coupons for various products you cut them out you take the ones you’re interested in Put them into your physical wallet the next time you’re shopping You take out the coupons hand it over to the cashier The cashier scans it one by one and if you’re lucky the coupons you hand it over Match the products you bought and you get a discount. If not, they go straight to the trash In still card, you see all the coupons that are available for your favorite retailers. You can browse them Activate the ones you’re interested in anytime Anywhere and the next time you go shopping you Still card and you save twice first because you collect all your loyalty points and benefits and Second because all the coupons you’ve activated our plight in in the background automatically and Probably in other words When you use still card, there’s no other app or card. No other wallet That would help you to save more than the stoker app And it’s these experiences we create that users love and I’m very proud to announce today That they are more now more than 45 million people using the stoker app as their wallet for their everyday shopping and This user base. It’s extremely engaged and Still growing at a rapid pace So they are now more than 1.5 billion Transactions powered by stoker annually, and Every single month we are adding more than 1 million users But that’s not all since we’re in the UK today, I think it’s particularly exciting She also announced that users in the United Kingdom are now able to use still card To pay on Android and iOS will follow soon and it’s a beautiful experience Integrated into your checkout experience with still card It is accepted everywhere Where MasterCard is accepted because we’re working with MasterCard also outside of the UK and if you pay something abroad you benefit from no stacks fees and top-notch exchange rates and It doesn’t matter what bank you with no matter what bank you with you take just your bank card add it to still card and you can go and start to pay with your mobile phone and That’s not the end of the story because I mean I think we all agreed that the physical wallet we have is moving to our mobile phones and If the wallet happens to be on the mobile phone all the use cases that has high frequency like paying Couponing loyalty shopping in general they will happen inside the mobile wallet So this means let’s consider for example if you want to take out consumer loan You have this app that you use all the time. Would you rather go to your banking app when you’re at the store? Think oh, that’s the product I want to buy it But I don’t want to afford it and then figure out and you’re banking out how to take out a loan Or would you just stay in the app you use for shopping? Anyways all the time and just click one button To get a loan especially when still card as a retail platform is connected to all the merchants already and can offer a 0% interest rate and I could go on with a lot of different financial services like this, but I think the general idea is clear so as the wallet is moving to the mobile phone all the high frequency use cases will happen in the wallet and still cloud will be the first point of contact for anything around money and thirst control the excess to the value chain to financial services in the background and Yeah, I think Maybe in a nutshell we believe that the future of banking is not banks and You just have to take a look to China or to Asia at players like Ali pay or WeChat pay to see how this future can look like and What we’re doing is we’re building this future for the Western world Shaping the future of our people shop pay and access financial services. Thank you You

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