Still Star-Crossed 1×05 Promo “Nature Hath Framed Strange Fellows in Her Time” (HD)

Still Star-Crossed 1×05 Promo “Nature Hath Framed Strange Fellows in Her Time” (HD)

Pendant que Verone s’affaiblit, le doge se renseigne constamment. Comment va-t-on survivre? PIÉGÉ Je suis innocent des accusations qui me sont reprochées. Assassin! EN CAVALE Nous avons quitté ma maison , risqué nos vies en pleine nuit. ET NULLE PART Ce que je veux c’est découvrir qui vous à piégé OU SE CACHER Still Star-Crossed, tout nouvel épisode Samedi prochain à 22h / 21 h heure centrale.

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  1. "What I want is to figure out who framed you!" Oh Rosaline, this makes me so happy. There's only four more episodes left, I hope they can clear Benvolio's name.

  2. When they called each other by their first names…….I'm ready for Ronvolio to continue rising. So happy we got to see Rosaline's former home and family.

  3. This episode was sooooo good Finally there on first name basis #Benaline is coming together. I officially hate Count Paris cant believe he's doing that to Livia. The next episode looks so good i hope Benvolio can be free soon 💕💕💕

  4. ABC yo Ima really need y'all to reconsider, put that show back on Mondays at 9, give it a full season, renew it for a second season and check the viewership from everything including on demand, and Hulu then I'm going to need better promotion of the show done as well and also I'm need you guys to check how this show trends every week because it's been trending on Twitter at #1 since the first episode. This show is perfect y'all need to get it together and bring it back.

  5. If you haven't signed it already, here's a petiton to save the show! Another youtuber started the petition. Let's show our support!

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