Stevens Business: Today every business is a tech business

Stevens Business: Today every business is a tech business

If you don’t consider your business a
technology business, you’re not likely to be in business for very long. From AI and
machine learning, to algorithm design and data visualization, today’s business
world is in a state of constant disruption. New tools and techniques
require leaders to use new technologies in solving complex problems and
encouraging innovation. In healthcare, finance, transportation, retail,
entertainment, manufacturing and real estate, technology is moving the ground
under the feet of managers and decision makers. Leaders in those industries who
can’t code, who don’t know how data supports decisions and who shun AI will
be left in the dark. At Stevens, our mission is teaching and
research at the point to where leadership, analytics and finance overlap. Because
it’s at those points where we find the strongest drivers of innovation and the
greatest benefits to business and society. It’s taking a holistic approach
to cybersecurity and how to defend enterprise from sophisticated attacks.
It’s considering the opportunities ICOs create for entrepreneurs, as well as the
regulatory and technology concerns of blockchain in business. It’s mining
impossibly vast datasets to determine asset pricing across international
markets. It’s looking for ways technology can augment, not automate,
human labor while considering the economic impact of intelligent machines
at work. It’s assessing small business vulnerability to fake reviews and
helping companies protect their brands in a landscape filled with paid
reviewers. It’s examining the context of how competitors influence one another
through customer engagement on social media. At Stevens, it’s all this and much
more. Come see for yourself what makes the School of Business at
Stephens such a unique, exciting place.

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