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  1. Pay us back! You asked us to provide your freedom and security now pay us back!! My vote in 2020 will assure you PAY US BACK!! ps: frigin Nancy Pelosi is NOT responsible for my security.

  2. > America First

    > In the Middle East

    Literally, what?

    Do Fox pundits think Americans are really this dumb?

    Oh, wait a second….

  3. When the evil and wicked rule the people will moan and cry for mercy. We know the truth about this country (USA). Look and see how they treat one another with hate. The country is always in want and will do anything to get what they want. Last year and the year before this country killed over 40,000 unborn babies for power and control. The true God will open the gates of hell and America will be in there for ever

  4. Democrat policies got us in to wars republicans end wars ! Get a grip you whiner democrats your insecurities are a plague in this nation


  6. He says America "warns" and Iran "threatens", shows the propagandistic nature, they're both doing the same thing but "threatens" sounds more villainish.

  7. Steve Hilton: Consistent veritably accurate "On Data Point Reporting". This is Water Cooler vitality giving life to the American People and especially American Patriots, who are the incontrovertible Moral Foundation and Backbone of this Great Nation of Humanistic Values. Thanks once Again Steve for "Unearthed Truth without any jaded Opinion" Hoooah..!!!

  8. Yeah right…attack Iranian Cultural Sites.   That sounds so presidential???  The first FAKE president of the USA!

  9. Who was the shifty eye guy standing behind Trump and to the right of Pence during Trump’s speech today on Iran attacks?

  10. The democrats are wrong Avery times they open there mouth, it have been for three years now, they don't know what to do with this greatest American president, they're losing their minds and gone stupid.

  11. America has no place in the middle east. Trump has already abandoned the fight against ISIS in Syria and now in Iran. The phoney excuses are now exposed. Trump has allowed ISIS to escape every time in Mosul, Raqqa, northern Syria and now in Iraq again…..

  12. Chris Murphy should have to go suck off salami after THE DONALD cooked it for him! once that demonCrat is there, a second strike to warm it up for him.

  13. Alot of people don't keep up with what's really going on and just believe whatever the popular thing to believe is which is CNN, so unfortunately to many the Democrats aren't making a fool of them self's because they're to be completely trusted to them…

  14. So far Iran fired missiles, but not an American hurt. 50 people dead at a funeral and they shot down a plane full of innocent people!

  15. Pro fascism lol look at the back ground and what he says when he starts talking. This is communist fascist propaganda.

  16. It's amusing how Congress gave up so many powers to POTUS for the Bushes and Obama, and only now are they worried about the wars and POTUS having more power ,. .. .

  17. The title is hilarious. America first… in the Middle East.
    Didn’t know America was in the Middle East. You’d think we’d have to take care of our own people half way around the world to be America first, but I guess destabilizing and fighting other countries for Israel are more American than that.

  18. Yayyyyy…war…awesome yay….who's guarding USA borders? Nobody…war mongering military complex baby killing scumbags

  19. When the world is rid of the people who grew up in segregation it will be so much more peaceful. How are people who lived in the days of whites only restaurants still politicians. Something is extremely wrong here.

  20. If everybody would read the King James bible it state that THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST UNTIL THE RETURN OF JESUS!!

  21. Trump is right it was a horrible decision to go into Iraq! I’m a republican and I firmly believe that George Bush was a horrible president and caused thousands of deaths by going into Iraq!!!!

  22. Where is American technology? They couldn't intercept super-advanced missiles from Iran.not even in Saudi. Who was telling nonsense to people and saying Iran has no technology and we have the greatest army in the world?! Who was it again? lol

  23. Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Seven countries in five years, finishing up with Iran per General Wesley Clark. This war has been in the works for a long time. No more illegal wars for Israel.

  24. PLEASE STOP GIVING THE DUMMIES A FACE AND A VOICE ON YOUR PROGRAM. You can report what they said without inflicting such pain on your loyal subscribers. You are just advertising for them when you feature them and let them have their say ! ! !

  25. i cant help it i just have to say nancy pelosi is a disgusting piece of human trash …. what she has done will go down in history as the worst speaker of the house ever .. and someone who has totally trashed the constitution and and moral values the swamp may have been acredited … if nothing is done about her when trump wins the next election then he isnt even trying to drain the swamp her and schiff are the leaders of the swamp

  26. If they want the US to leave take it all back Tools, Trucks, guns, everything plug all of the wells we drilled bring back the Pumps bring it all back if not blow it up simple as that.

  27. Are Iranian Regime Agents Masquerading as Journalists in the US?
    Apadana Chronicle
    7 months ago
    By the Apadana Chronicle Editorial Board
    Meet Negar Mortazavi, though as far as the Iranian diaspora is concerned, she hardly needs an introduction. Mortazavi is currently a “consultant editor” for the British online newspaper, The Independent. She has been working deliriously on social and mainstream media these days to discredit a State Department-funded antipropaganda platform that exposes individuals like her and the disinformation they broadcast. Other than a few unpopular legislators (such as Ilhan Omar), the campaign that Mortazavi initiated and feverishly promulgated has received little attention from Washington. Nonetheless, she carries on with her mission of creating an “echo chamber” that resonates with the Iranian regime’s stratagem to undermine the Trump Administration’s Iran policy. In so doing, she fulfills a peripheral mission, which is disparaging Iranian dissidents.

    Negar Mortazavi
    Mortazavi came to the US in 2002. It is alleged that sometime between 2009 and 2010, she approached the Iranian authorities to discuss the possibility of returning to Iran without being prosecuted in exchange for supporting the regime as a host in the Voice of America’s Persian services. She left VOA after three years, citing her discord with the network. “There’s nothing wrong with the government having its own foreign language PR,” she told Time magazine, but “you can’t mix media and government PR, or propaganda, or whatever you call it.”

    After leaving VOA, she joined the National Iranian American Council’s media team. NIAC is the Washington-based lobby for the Iranian regime. It was during her tenure at NIAC that she learned the art of creating hysterical echo chambers and outrage mobs. She boasted in a 2015 Huffington Post article that “we created social media campaign” to support the Iran Deal, otherwise known as the JCPOA. This Facebook campaign was coordinated with members of the regime’s so-called “reformists” including Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour, Ebrahim Yazdi, Hamze Ghalebi, Mohammad Taghi Karroubi, and Akbar Ganji. Mortazavi remains strongly connected to NIAC (if not a full-fledged member) and participates, along with other NIAC affiliates, in sporadic mob outrage campaigns.

    A 2014 Facebook post by NIAC welcoming Mortazavi
    Individuals like Mortazavi are abundant in the US. Having infiltrated Western media, their expertise is in constructing inflated outrage campaigns that ultimately benefit the Iranian regime and have little to do with democracy. These concocted hysterias rarely catch the attention of those in higher echelons of power in the US government. An example is the “outrage” that was triggered and publicized by the likes of Mortazavi after the reassignment of Sahar Nowrouzzadeh in the State Department. A former intern at NIAC, Nowrouzzadeh was a staff member in the Office of Iranian Affairs of Barack Obama’s State Department. She served as the Director for Iran and helped shape the controversial Iran nuclear deal. The fraudulent frenzy drew little attention and Nowrouzzadeh eventually left the State Department.

    It is conceivable that people like Mortazavi and others affiliated with NIAC are segments of a broader agenda that the Iranian regime is pursuing. In 2017, the Iranian intelligence minister, Mahmoud Alavi, discussed in detail the activities of the so-called pro-Iranian “lobby group” in Washington, which covertly pushes a pro-regime agenda. Alavi claimed “lobby group for the Islamic Republic of Iran” in Washington is working to bolster the regime’s international status and help legitimize its nuclear endeavors.

    Mahmoud Alavi, the Iranian regime’s intelligence minister
    Also in 2017, Ali Fallahian, a former intelligence minister under Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, admitted in an interview that many Iranian intelligence agents operate under the guise of journalists in foreign countries (video). Falahian is currently wanted under a warrant by the Interpol in connection with the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Former intelligence minister, Ali Fallahian, admits agents masquerade as journalists in foreign countries
    Concocted hysterics, characteristic of radical left, is seemingly the preferred modus operandi for the Iranian regime to accomplish its mission, at least in the US. Radical talking heads – turned journalists turned “analysts” – like Mortazavi amplify the regime’s rhetoric to the extreme and furnish podium to higher-ranking mouth pieces like Javad Zarif to spread their stream of disinformation. These acrimonious yet empty propaganda campaigns not only contribute little to fostering democracy in Iran, they undermine the democracy in the US. And that is a primal fear that reverberates within the Iranian-American community.

    Categories: Iran Politics

  28. Taking out that guy was an unnecessary escalation and a declaration of war. He was not some guy hiding in a cave he was a government official. Are we gonna start taking out Russian generals next because they supportour adversaries? Its a dangerous reckless and foolish move from an incompetent draft dodger who is about to lead troops into another endless costly war. Hes a bully thug for threatening Iraq with sanctions. Trying to get reelected by all means.

  29. No. We stand strong with our allies. Strength through standing together to prevent war. American citizen approve oof avoiding war. We do not put ip with terrorists.


  31. The middle east doesn't want democracy. They love their barbaric, middle-aged style of living. We need to just leave and leave them to their own devices. Plain and simple. We have no business over there. We aren't wanted there. If someone wants us to help, they better have some money to pay is to do so.

  32. Not wanting to get involved in another war for 'gods chosen' people in the Middle East is NOT being an isolationist, it is called non-interventionism. Who benefits from a war with Iran?


  34. Didn't the US build these army bases in Iraq (under Reagan) as protection also for Isreal (the only democracy in the middle east) and Saudi Arabia who, like Isreal, has no love for Iran because both Iran and Saudi's battle for leadership over the region of middle east?

  35. Democrats "divide and conger" plans aren't working for their socialism plan. Furthermore, all these thumbs-down are American traitors

  36. Biggest planets and terrorists in the world it's our government Donald Trump is dumbest Orange- Black Sparrow you can imagine

  37. I worked for Halibuton Co. as a ships Captain. It was/is the best choice, no one could done it better. Fuel and food, ALWAYS on time and in the right place.

  38. Sorry Mr Trump you aren't a woner of the universe, you are only part of universe like other people. When you understand?

  39. So much for making a democracy. They don't to get to do anything we don't tell them. Lift the veil channel did a good vid on this, T rumps Israeli psyop… – in 2018 talking about the psyop played on citizens to get a was in i ran

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