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  1. Trump is a pig and the suckpump's like you and this panel. He is destroying our democracy, grow some hair, he is a Liar, he is a cheat, he is a nothing! He has no clue of China, just watch.

  2. OFFICIAL: Trump supporters are in a cult. They do not respond to truth or reality. The stupidity of the American electorate has reached critical mass to the point where even a lying sexual predator can fool them.

  3. How about the buisness owners and farmers in america who suffered because of china thing. I guess it does not fit your narritive

  4. Sorry steve but you history is not correct. Conservative economy policy killed the american middle class. You tax cut and all that. Trump is nothing but a white supremacy nationalist who blames the conservatives failure on immigrants and minority people. And this is after the first black president. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  5. Can someone, anyone, list one thing Trump has done to benefit the everyday lives of average Americans? One thing?

  6. No one in the history of American politics has ever been more:

    – Spiteful

    – Immature

    – Classless

    – Insecure

    – Impotent

    – Narcissistic

    – Pathological

    – Dishonest

    – Malignant

    – Grotesque

    – Disgraceful

    – Virulent

    – Embarrassing

    – Manipulative

    – Inhuman

    – Condescending

    – or Unfit Than


  7. The only way for evil 👿 to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Thanks 🇺🇸President Trump for taking out evil in the world 🌎

  8. The democrats are crazy all they think about is impeaching a president that has done nothing wrong except to win an election.The democratic party has now morphed into the most vindictive corrupted officials in American history they are doing everything to undermine trump authority simply because they know they dont stand a chance of winning the next election, trying to impeach the president is really just sign of desperation.

  9. Trumps most significant accomplishment has been to degrade the US's already-fragile world standing. Think what you will of our rapidly-decreasing justifications for the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq we can at least say we treat the natives with some respect.

    Trump has accomplished nothing that hasn't been orchestrated by his handlers.

    He can deliver a speech, though, I'll hand him that. All that's needed is to listen to him hold forth on his imagined abilities and accomplishments to see that he can definitely charm a dim witted crowd.

  10. BWAHAHAHAHA, who's this ignorant bought and paid for bald-headed ignorant fuxtard? Oh, just another filthy lying treasonous Reich-wing anti-American republicockholster!

  11. I keep hearing " a vast number of Americans don't support President Trump; where are they, and who? Absolutely everything he has done has " MADE America Better" as promised; and I can not find one person who can name one bad thng he has done.

  12. “Revolution” yeah the man you voted to for to drain DC of all the wall street, back dealing, corporate interests, is literally more concerned with protecting wall street billionaires and corporations, through shady, manipulative, and frequently illegal dealings, than he has ever cared about most of the sheep that voted for him. There is no Trump revolution. People somehow believe this Disney villains who regularly attacks the elderly, the disabled, children, veterans and the poor, who cheated on all 3 of his wives, is somehow your savior and the leader of a “revolution.” Trump won huge with evangelicals, which just goes to show you just how “righteous” Christians really are. What you call a revolution looks like more of the same to me: the rich getting richer, everyone else getting dumber. Sure call college an “indoctrination center” pretty easy way to ensure it keeps happening.

  13. The Alt Left=“Never Trump!” The Alt Right= “Never Trump!” The People= “Not bad, Don! Let’s see some more!”

  14. So twofaced Trump lied to the American people at his big pep rally about Soleimani. He lied when he said he had military intelligence that proved Soleimani was about to attack 4 embassies. The military deny having any such intelligence or of passing it on to Trump. He killed Soleimani because he wanted to. He killed a man because he wanted to look tough to his political base. And nobody could or would stop him because he's Commander in Chief. Hmmmm. Sounds like court martial stuff to me. What do you think?

  15. Please … PLEASE … someone give Americas infidel in the White House an instruction manual on how to be President…Impeached for Life 👍

  16. Funny how he's more sympathetic to the idea of "protestor" in Iran, but he advocates taking them out on a stretcher if they show up at his rallies. Such a class act.

  17. Historic accomplishments: 199 criminal charges against 37 people, 7 guilty pleas, 6 prison sentences (so far)! Congrats most corrupt administration in history!!! # lock him up

  18. What a pile of horse shite. So many things to pick apart. Syria? Right. How bout the way we hung the Kurds hight and dry which got the attention of even his most ardent supporters (See L. Graham response). And then there's Kim Jong-Un. . . Historic gains? As if. Meanwhile their Nuke program is alive and well like never before. But the part which has me buckled over is the" I love that he approaches issues like a problem-solving business man." You mean that business man whose businesses collapsed under the burden of all the debt that he took on to purchase them, so much so that he came perilously close to going bankrupt. That one?

  19. Let us get real! How does the leftist actually believe they can undercut or erase all that our POTUS2016-2024 has been able to accomplish. POTUS has accomplished greatness while the left has consistently been beating him down. We the People of the USA can rationalize what is truth and what is fiction. Everyone of the leftist politicians and media hate-mongers are now eating away at their own flesh.

  20. Thank God this man works for the Trump propaganda channel and is no longer in the UK. I think even Boris Johnson would find his political views toxic. How could a man who is the product of two Hungarian refugees venerate a man who is a pathological liar?

  21. The so-called Trump revolution is actually no more than a cult. It will pass into history as exactly that,
    and will be remembered as the time our country's democracy faced it's greatest peril. Collaborators in
    this debacle will not fare well. Those who lie about everything should never be trusted to lead.

  22. Thanks for a positive outlook on all Trump has done even under constant attacks from the Democrats/Left Wing Media Loons. Great show Steve!

  23. What is wrong with the crazy left .. You kidding me . They are walking dead .. The evil left . God show them they are evil ones in this country.

  24. "US 2019 budget deficit exceeds $1 Trillion" "National debt over $23 Trillion"
    "I will balance the budget fairly quickly" "Our $17T national debt and $1T yearly budget deficits are a national security risk of the highest order" – Donald Trump, 2014

  25. Obviously, Trump feels it's perfectly okay

    to lie to the American people,

    even when he's sure he's in the right.

    And Fox News is perfectly willing to go along.

  26. The fact that the Democrats can't understand his strategy only proves they should never get the white house. Everything Trump has done has been done splendidly. God bless president Trump. Failure for Democrats means America is winning!

  27. Bravo, Steve, and Thank you. The worlds people in the streets, have confirmed Trump has "America"= Freedom. But fussy, posh, Stiff necked Republicans will never see that. May they enjoy their waning years in the Company of "Better Red then Dead", ponytailed folks.


  29. All of Trumps cronies are beginning to flip on him. Get your popcorn, if Chump doesn't flee the country he's going down in flames. If he flees the country there's still an $80 million bounty on his head. He's shitting himself more and more each day.

  30. Please list names and quotes of the luv n praise for the Iranian general . I would luv to read those traitors words.

  31. trump lied and tried to start a new war in middle east.. its democrat who saved us.. trump and all other zionist working on it..

  32. Those people against Trump policy and order, they crying continuously because they loosing a lot money and faces . MSNBC they can’t accept the facts that they’re having difficulty beat the the president.

  33. Here is something that is true .Deception has many faces non greater than the face of vertue .Do not let this Trump fellow down because he is not letting the people down.The all so vertus left wat a joke.

  34. How splendid it would be if Trump vote turns out an all out win leaving the Dems white washed make history America go for it you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Thanks Steve for blowing the trumpet for Trump.

  35. UGH I see way too many LUNATIC/Politicians still in office hopefully most of then will be replaced permanently. !! MAGA !!

  36. The old Republican party was infiltrated by Rhinos.
    President Trump empowered the real R publican Represenitives.
    The Republican party has been set free.
    This is why the Democrats feared President Trump.He knew America could be fixed and knew how to do it.
    In doing so Democrats are being exposed as corrupt anti Americans.

  37. Look, do you know why the American People are so upset with the Left. The simple Truth is this. Everything President Trump has done in the last 3 years (from Doctor/Medical Choice for Veterans, to Choice for Schooling, to Medical Research advancement deregulation's and EPA deregulation's) Making America Great Again are things the Left always told us was impossible as they made us more and more dependent on Foreign Countries for our Commodities. They nearly destroyed our farmers over the last 20 years. The People of the United States of America are fed up with the Left and their Com-mi Socialist Ideology. The Old saying goes like this. "Give a person a Fish you feed them for a day; but if you teach them to fish they'll feed themselves." That's the golden Rule. Americans want a Hand UP not a Hand out. We enjoy being prideful of our accomplishments. We enjoy Paying it forward even more.

  38. Why would I want free Education if I'm able to work Proudly and Pay for it with ease Thanks to the Changes President Trump has done for this Economy. Now I am getting a Hand up instead of a Hand out.
    WE the People only want a Hand UP, We don't want a HAND OUT.

  39. Obama was a well spoken liar who let corruption run rampant. Trump lets you know what he thinks he is cleaning up America and bringing back jobs. Hmmm choices?

  40. The reason why some people think that Trump is all the things that guy in the clip said he is, is due to the lying media activists saying he is those things.

  41. The economy is TERRIBLE for displaced educated and experienced white-collar American workers! President Trump needs to keep his 2016 MAGA promise to end H1B and similar foreign labor programs that are used to replace American workers. That was the #1 policy that won my vote. My choice was between Trump and Bernie. Both campaigned against H1B misuse. If President Trump wants to keep the vote of American workers he needs to keep his 2016 MAGA campaign promise to them!

    President Trump must also veto the S.386 bill if it reaches his desk. "Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act" sounds like a good thing but it is a MISNOMER!! By removing the per-country work-based greencard cap, this bill would give 90% of ALL work-based greencards to ONE country (India) for 10+ YEARS! The bill also increases the per-country family-based greencard cap. Imagine the impact on immigration…!

    S.386 rewards the flood (overflow) of low-to-ordinary-skilled foreign labor that displaced American workers, crowds out truly high-skilled immigrants from ANY country (including India), and kills immigration diversity (by country, gender, age, race, and occupation). When H1Bs get a greencard, they can leave their current employer and take away a job from another American worker at a different company, and their previous employer can just replace them with ADDITIONAL H1Bs. The bill does not reduce the number of H1Bs entering the country that caused the overflow in the first place. There should be a per-country cap on work visas too! The H1B program is fraught with fraud and misuse! It does not bring in the "best and brightest" among foreigners. It is primarily a cheap labor program, with few exceptions.

    S.386 is NOT merit-based, weakens America, impacts the American culture (imports India's caste system), and creates unnecessary national security risks. It is not safe to give foreigners from ONE country significant access to and control over U.S. technology and U.S. data that the U.S. infrastructure depends on. Americans must keep the technological advantage for America to keep the technological advantage. Imported foreign labor is NOT the same as patriotic American workers. It is VERY different and could lead to the demise of the America that Americans know, love, and have fought to preserve for future generations.

    Watch Tucker Carlson tomorrow night at 8 PM (Wednesday1/15/20) to learn more about foreign labor displacing American workers (and NOT based on merit). The problem is STILL rampant across the USA and is destroying the welfare of American families!

  42. They lie when they open their mouth, most American they say. hate Trump and there is the lie. Most American supports the President is the truth.

  43. I can see why a high school student sued lying corrupt CNN MSNBC NBC CBS ABC PBS Washington Post and the others corrupt fake news media and their fake reporters for lying and bullying a teenager

  44. Trump has divide the people on color lines on faith cause a sickness and tax cut for the rich and money they make is not up

  45. I am losing faith on the FBI and other agencies! Donald Trump is helping real citizens while the dems and the rinos just do anything to stop him. They won the house in 2018 by pushing fake russian collusion and now they are taking aim at the 2020 election by extending this impeachment garbage. We need to stop them! I am a quiet conservative and I am getting more angry by the day.

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