Stephanie Grisham slams media for promoting impeachment

Stephanie Grisham slams media for promoting impeachment

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  1. "People in the government working actively against the President…"
    It's kind of nice to know that someone in the Whitehouse is working.
    Trump wouldn't work if they put him in an oxygen tent and an iron lung.

  2. The press secretary interacts with the media and deals with the white house press corps on a daily basis, generally in a daily press briefing. How can this pathetic Trumpsayer be referred to as a press secretary. All she does is spout Trump lies on FOX.

  3. IF the whistleblower said that in 2017 he/she was in line with the majority and he/she has been proven correct. Let's talk about that. Trump never was or ever will be fit to hold office – don't criticize the whistleblower or anyone else for knowing that in 2017 or ever.

  4. Tell it like it is. He’s a cia operative that worked under Obama. He worked for Brennan and there are pictures of him sucking up to Pilosi and Schumer. He went to a state dinner with Biden. Nope, there’s no bias to see here

  5. Most people realize [both here and abroad]…that this administration will come to be known as the one that caused the most damage to our nation.

  6. What's with the Epoch Times conspiracy news network ads? Who's gonna buy that silly attempt at reality? Oh wait…I know. 30% of America.

  7. Majority of Liberals are lost people and need help they’re living a reality the media and other lost people constantly promote and cannot get away from. That culture which doesn’t allow freedom is not your friend.

  8. If the demonic democrats succeed in nullifying my vote for President,
    I will start nullifying democrats. This is war.

  9. Let me explain this clearly on the whistle blower. He needs exposed because the transcript exposes that this person was lying and is a plant by the dishonest Democrats. In the court of law if a witness refuses to testify they are not a witness and their testimony is not even considered.

  10. Sennie White,, did you just wake-up?? The media is a globalist "BRAIN WASHING MACHINE" has damaged the minds of an entire generation, they have a reason check-out the Georgia Guidestones.

  11. There will never be a "truce". The left is ideologically opposed to what he is doing, and it's a struggle for power so they can implement their rebranded communism.

  12. We do not have a free press. Example that ultimately did it for me was when the transcript came out. I literally just heard on the radio the reading of the transcript, word for word. During a commercial break a news segment came on and said the president "Pushed and prodded" the president of Ukraine. Literally mins from hearing the entire transcript be read out. Those 2 words describe a demand for an investigation that was clearly not present in the transcript. Kurtz acts like the media is by and large professional with only isolated incidents of bias but its far worse than that. Stop diluting yourself.

  13. I'm beginning to wonder if part of the requisite for women who want to work for Trump is to leave their brains at the door. This Grisham fool was clearly seen as an idiot from the moment she first opened her mouth. She obviously developed her notes in conjunction with KellyAnne Conway. Who else from the administration is coming out to defend Trump? Anybody? Bueller? Anybody?

  14. This is all Trump's doing. Show me your taxes. A man who loves Putin and Rocket man. Show me your taxes Trump. I'm starting to wonder who is Trump. Remember all are his appointees.

  15. Hunter Biden has been doomed by his own father. Sick and twisted people. Of course the first thing you do for your addicted child is throw them into the crooked system and potential exposure. In another segment of society…Joe and Jill would be scorned as neglectful criminal parents who encouraged their offspring to carry on in family business of crime.

  16. Somebody copyright 'shair fake' and use it for Trump 2020 campaign all we get is a 'shair fake' from the media dc and the left

  17. hey Stephanie, when are you going to have your first press conference? you are the press secretary, right? how about you appear before the free press to answer questions?
    not trump TV fox.

  18. I really don't like Howard Kurtz. Every time he gets a chance he tries his best to undermine or berate Trump in a way that is not straight forward. He should just say at the beginning of every segment that he doesn't like Trump.

  19. The heck with Hunter testifying, I wanna see Quid Pro Joe get up there and get asked about a well known you tube video of him bragging about keeping a billion dollar aid payment until they fired the investigator for investigating his coke head kid and himself. But as usual the only place you'll see that video is on you tube….until they take it down too!

  20. If the "whistle blower" was real, they wouldn't need to keep him/her secret. These "useful idiots" are so transparent that if it wasn't so dangerous, it would be laughable. God Bless you Stephanie.

  21. Was the liberal news always this bias ? Was Anderson Cooper always so deceitful ? I used to trust he was honest even though I never paid too much attention to him till now and I find he's actually just a cheap journalist hack in a suit with a mic.

  22. I think obama and hillary and the rest of those low life’s and their slimy friends are behind all these problems. President Trump loves the United States of America. Thank God for President Trump.

  23. So to be clear?! The C. I. A. Clearly was and is involved in the coup against the president. So now you have a C. I. A. Agent working to undermine the president! Surprise!!! Interesting that the slimy lawyer stupidly says going to overthrow the president and CNN is going to help! And his client is this fake informer! They truely think we are dumb as rocks! C. J. And Ruthie B??

  24. Let us be clear here.
    The US President held back military aid to an ally facing Putin's Russian aggression.
    The American ally Ukraine is in dire need of military assistance to fend of this war of aggression by Russia.
    In lieu of this aid President Trump wants the Ukraine President, Zelensky to open up investigations into his political rival, Joe Biden and Burisma, the company Hunter Biden was involved.
    This quid pro quo is not for national interest by nature which is natural in bilateral relationships between and among nations.
    This quid pro quo is of a private nature; for the personal interest of the President; essentially he wants President Zelensky of Ukraine, an ally to do a "James Comey" on Joe Biden to help in the President's reelection in 2020.
    Effectively and dishonorably using his public office for private and personal interest.

    I do not know how the Republicans see this but this is a very clear case of extortion by the President in its simplest form on an American ally who is at its most vulnerable.
    The very essence of gangsterism being perpetuated.

  25. For the Ukrainian context: Putin's Russia had illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula, a Ukrainian territory, declared the Sea of Azov, Russian and waging a war and have encroached on eastern Ukraine. During this war they have shot down commercial flight MH17, killing all on board.
    Russia has also illegally annexed territories in the sovereign country of Georgia.

  26. Hes mad cause hes loosing. Biden is going to be president. Trump women followers. Stop it putas im a woman and i would never be that stupid like these putas.

  27. Trump wants to build a physical wall, but actively tears down the Moral Law embodied in The Constitution. ImPeach the Orange.

  28. If Trump is completely innocent then there is nothing to worry about regarding impeachment. He will be fully exonerated by the Senate whatever the evidence, is why is anyone worried? I don't get it. Does anyone else?

  29. Being a whistleblower does not Grant you the right to be anonymous it only protect you from retaliation no whistleblower remain anonymous what's so hard to understand about that

  30. First crooked Hillary and now crooked Biden…I guess it takes a crooked person to recognize other crooked people…alas, that makes trump the king of crooked people


  32. trump is the only guy who loves the military he has total respect for them and im hoping they have to tal respect for him he is thier president after all and hes no traitor like obama

  33. Donald Trump claims that Joe Biden is a crook you know if Joe Biden's a crook then, I I don't know what to say Donald Trump is the godfather of crooked. I would prefer the character of Joe Biden any day over that of what I've seen of Donald Trump and what he's done what he said about people. He is the true embodiment of corruption.
    Now since the Trump administration is so into name calling, let me ask about Stephanie Grisham… Here is someone who is speaking for our government. He has had two DUIs! Guess you can't keep it together long enough to do a press conference. Go Donny! We know you only hire the best ???

  34. Stephanie is doing the job that she has been entrusted despite being tested as to her loyalty. She won't be shaken and has no problem telling it like it is. I respect and admire her for this and wish there were more like her and I'm confident there be will as election time draws near. There are to many government employees working against the president and this is sad and as usual at the tax payers expense. There has to be restitution for all the damage for allegations and accusations by the Democrats. The animosity and pure hate by the Democrats not working with but working against anyone that doesn't live and breath impeachment. Their actions are immature , unprofessional, and Unconstitutional and an embarrassment to the Country.

  35. Stephanie represents the dignity Walter Cronkite spent an entire career establishing and is a credit and valuable asset to the Press.

  36. Biteme and Schiff for brain's ,both need to be arrested ,for lieing while in office, and the waistfull use of are hard earned taxes, witch they should refund all of us, and nothing will replace all the waisted time spent on there witch hunt, we will only have closer when there behind bars.

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