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  1. You don’t vet them they can fly , bomb planes , collect welfare and medical treatment food stamps and now in New York no bail , no jail ! Cuomo is dead wrong as usual .

  2. [ Finally, the current editor of Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, told us a few days ago that the American justice system had added a new document to the file of Julian Assange. This piece specifies that non-American citizens cannot benefit from the first amendment to the American Constitution, which protects freedom of expression and freedom of the press!

    Google translation of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Secretary General, Anthony Bellanger, given to the Council of Europe on January 27, 2020 in Strasbourg (France).

    The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, was at the heart of an event this Monday, January 27 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Andrej Hunko, German MEP, invited the IFJ Secretary General, Anthony Bellanger, John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, and Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, to attend.

    Here is the IFJ Secretary General’s full speech:

    “On behalf of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the world’s leading organization for the profession with 600,000 members in 146 countries, I would like to sincerely thank MEP Andrej Hunko for organising this extradition event (most unfortunately) for Julian Assange.

    Founder and former editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, Julian Assange is a member of MEAA, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the IFJ affiliate in Australia. And as a member of the MEAA, he is by extension a member of the IFJ and even the holder of our International Press Card (ICC).

    But Julian Assange is still the man under attack. The remarkable investigation published Sunday evening (January 26) by my colleagues from Mediapart is so enlightening: Julian Assange has become the number one public enemy of the United States, of President Donald Trump in particular. Thanks to the complicity of the CEO of the company UC Global, in charge of security at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, Mediapart explains that Trump and his services have spied on the slightest gestures of Julian Assange within the embassy , as well as those of those close to him, his family and his supporters. A surveillance device worthy of a spy film with in particular the very expensive placement of laser microphones, a device allowing to listen to a conversation through a window, thanks to the laser measuring the vibrations of the glass! We are almost in the last James Bond!

    But the CEO of UC Global did not stop there. He photographed then sent all the information concerning the visitors of Julian Assange: he extracted the personal data of the mobile phones left at the entrance, copied the emails, the SMS exchanges, but also the identification numbers of the phones, allowing remote monitoring and hacking.

    The whole was of course sent to the American services, which paid the director of the company handsomely.

    Among these spied visitors, we find the journalist Sarah Harrison, close collaborator of Julian Assange, Jennifer Robinson, his English lawyer, Baltasar Garzon, his Spanish lawyer, or Renata Avila, Guatemalan activist and member of his defence team.

    On the side of the IFJ and its affiliates, the mobilization has never weakened since our last intervention in November in Brussels, at the European Parliament, with John Shipton, Julian’s father, and Nils Melzer, the special rapporteur of the United Nations on torture.

    After having received the editor of Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, during our world congress in Tunis, we are in discussion with the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe (CoE), Dunja Mijatovic, in order to verify with her if the arrest of Julian Assange and his detention comply with the criteria of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    With the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), we have published an alert on the Platform to strengthen the protection of journalism and the safety of CoE journalists. Here again we denounce the arbitrary and scandalous conditions of detention of Julian Assange, obviously relying on the report of Nils Melzer, who visited him in May 2019 in his cell.

    Obviously, the United Kingdom did not respond to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who challenged the British government immediately after the publication of this alert.

    And on Wednesday, still in the company of John Shipton, I will participate on behalf of the IFJ in two major events in Brussels dedicated to Julian Assange and whistleblowers Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden among others.

    We dare to hope that all this mobilization will bear fruit, in particular due to the deterioration of the state of health of Julian Assange: last week, the English prison administration agreed to remove him from the isolation district where he was imprisoned since April 2019 and transfer him to a wing where he can socialize with other prisoners. A Wikileaks member told me this morning that his fellow prison inmates also mobilized for him, because they did not understand the emergency regime that was imposed on him!

    But it is more likely that this sudden decision by the prison administration is linked to the hearings which begin on February 24. Better to question a man in a decent state of health …

    So it is not all over because we are very worried about the outcome of these hearings in February and May, which should lead to a possible extradition, given the political connections between the American President and the English Prime Minister.

    Finally, the current editor of Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, told us a few days ago that the American justice system had added a new document to the file of Julian Assange. This piece specifies that non-American citizens cannot benefit from the first amendment to the American Constitution, which protects freedom of expression and freedom of the press!

    All is said.

    The IFJ reminds each time it has the opportunity, here again at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg: “Journalism is not a crime. Julian Assange must be released ”.

    His only crime was to expose the embezzlement and atrocities of others! Atrocities committed in particular in Iraq and Afghanistan by the American army.

    The IFJ pursues its international mission and is at the disposal of all of you, European parliamentarians, United Nations special rapporteurs, activists for human rights and freedom of expression, to continue this essential fight for democracy.

    Thank you for your attention

  3. All the world’s indeed a stage, and we are merely players.
    Performers and portrayers. Each another’s audience beyond the gilded cage. -Neil Peart.

  4. Our ladies on the political right are the best women on Earth.

    Smart, successful, sexy, athletic, driven, hard working. Most have some sort of college degree.

    Let me warn you, if you go after one of these, you better bring your "A" game. These are lionesses. They have no tollerance for losers or weak men.

    I have mine and happily married for over 20 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  5. What's the PANIC?

    It's about JUSTICE.

    3 AAA words.
    Aiding And Abetting.
    Arrogant Adolescent (redacted)holes.
    Alienation Ain't Allowed,
    Anymore, Around America;
    My home sweet home.
    Do it the right way; and avoid JUSTICE, doing it the RIGHT way to you.

    Clear and simple politics, defending the Constitution, and avoiding chaos at the kiosk.

    BUCKLE UP, and enjoy your flight or fight; from darkness, into the light.💡!

  6. All public officials take an oath of office to uphold their State Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution and the laws of both State and Federal..the only way around Federal is for a State to Not accept any federal funding then they dont have to enforce federal laws. All State public employees, officers and public officials take the oath so any State with a sanctuary city is a vilolation of oath of office and those officials should be prosecuted and/or removed.

  7. The President is always truthful,he has done just what he said. I f the Democrats would grow up and do their jobs we could live a good life here.Thank you President Trump for doing what you say you will unless Nancy refuses to do her jobNancy I hear them say they they are making you do these dumb thing.Well there is a saying that says (To thine self be true). I don’t believe that anyone is making you do anything. It is impossible to make someone do what is against their principles.Only you can make you break your heart felt principles.🤑


  9. do u know how sanc cities started? oh wiz ones
    its a sore subject : immigration ……a topic that needs some changes
    polls are a joke…..I am not happy r u?
    Great USA Rules
    F russia get'em out our country and polls trump

  10. What to expect from the Cuomo brothers…are you kidding me? The most incredibly stupid, wacko,
    leftist insanity you've ever heard! The Governor will no doubt chime in with his own dumb $hit also.

  11. Being ILLEGAL in the USA is above the law and get TAX MONEY – Hard working Americans are TAXED enough already – got to VOTE TRUMP 2020 and vote out the Demu-COMMUNIST-Crats

  12. Democrats, please, please, please impeach the President again. Don’t be cowards, stand tall for what you believe. The more people see exactly what you believe, the better the country and even the world gets.

  13. Barr doesn't need to resign; he needs to be fired. He's been as useless as Jeff Sessions. We need someone who will indict these swamp monster criminals.

  14. Cuomo is just interest in sanctuaries in NYC and bankrupt NY . Don't come to the White House and cry. Go back to New York and stay there.

  15. It isn't just Trump. Due to the impeachment farce, everyone has had their attention away from their local politics. Extreme probability Democraps can take over the Senate (only 4 states and the possibility is strong). Should they do so, they may loose the presidency but they will absolute control. Do you know who is running for office(s) in your state? Very few do at this time and the republicans need support to allow Trump to finish his job and not have his accomplishments (nor our country) destroyed.

  16. All states/cities than secede by declaring sanctuary governments should be restricted from Trusted Travelers programs if only to protect the our rights.

  17. If Chuck and Pelosi wants to impeach the President again they should use their millions to pay for it, no the taxpayers money.

  18. To show you what utter hypocrites Democrats are – in 2006, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, and the other Democrats, voted on a bill to fund 700 new miles of border barriers, and spoke of the need to stop illegal immigration! Hey Dumb-ocrats, how come a wall is immoral now, but not immoral in 2006 when you were all for it?


  20. Every Trump ally who dares to object to any of his policies of behaviour, that person's reputation is being destroyed.
    Typical cult rules..

  21. The Dems have been defaming Barr for months now , start suing these MSM imbeciles they only know how to insult, jerk them into gear , they need some push back

  22. Amazingly poorly informed press secretary. Astrologers are more accurate about Trump than Grisham. I now can see why there are no longer any press briefings

  23. I didnt expect anything. Democrats are hell bound to protect their illegal alien voter base. They will NEVER lift a finger for the American People AGAIN. EVER.

  24. there is no rule of law for Trump,unstable constitution and justice who ever taking the power office they can flex the rule of justice

  25. how can any one that has basic knowledge vote for a political party that sympathises with terrorist's and communist's. comrade Corbin tried that in here in the UK look how that worked out for the traitors.

  26. This woman is the most soulless, immoral, self-serving liar to ever occupy the position of Press Secretary, But she's the perfect person to serve a soulless, immoral. self-serving, lying president. Although I agree with some of Trump's agenda, I'm saddened that the policies aren't coming from a more competent and less ignorant president.

  27. Illegal immigrants can't read road signs they don't know our laws and our traffic laws.. they're not safe to drive!!! Wth where's logic and common sense

  28. Gallup surveys 1033 adults and their results are meaningful? I agree that most people feel better off (my opinion), but how is a pool so small considered credible?

  29. Trump constantly accuses the main stream press of disseminating “fake news”, when it’s obvious that Trump is fake, not the news disseminated by the main stream press.  But Trump’s followers – already hypnotized by their nonsensical religious beliefs (which Trump diligently exploits), climb aboard Trump’s fantasy train and seem quite willing to ride it all the way into a totalitarian, fascist state, exactly like the population of Europe did in the 1930s.  And for you Trump supporters who think this an extreme view, you just don’t know history – you may think you do, but you don’t.

  30. wow…she came out of her orange indoctrination finally. Did she complete the Sara Slanders course in regulation time or did she go on for extra credit like slanders… so she can go to Fox spews in November too?

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