Stefan Debski Business Student Profile

you’re like most Americans you’re
probably starting to accumulate a lot of the cards that retailers are handing out
these days some call them extra value cards there’s a few that are bonus cards
there’s even some that our rewards cards can’t be bad I like this one it looks
like a little key now don’t get me wrong these cards are good things because in
my mind anything that saves you money it’s a good thing but the question has
become as more and more stores are using them how do you keep track of all of
them well one shenandoah university business student is working on a device
that might make it much easier I made the device press which is short for a
personal receipt electronic storage system and electronic storage system
indicates that it stores all of your membership barcode card numbers so
therefore eliminates the need of you having the 10 or 15 cards on the
keychain and it also stores all your receipts and coupons electronically on
this device so you don’t need to carry around your receipts or coupons and when
you go into a store to shop for different items I found most common is
that you ask people for their member card and they have like 15 of them on
their keys and they don’t even want to shuffle through them to get the right
one so that you can scan it so I figured it would not only benefit companies but
also the consumer if you had a device that she didn’t have to worry about
trying to find the right one it just did it for you how does it work the
technology that it uses is a RFID which is a radio frequency identification and
if you’re familiar with tap to pay which is like there’s credit cards now to have
these little chips in them and you just tap it on the point of sale system and
it recognizes the credit card and charges your card that way the same
technology it’s RFID and it links with the device that I’ve created
it will then recognize the correct numbers for the store that you’re in
through RFID I teach a class called the mind entrepreneur and in this course we
encourage people to explore what does it take to be successful as an entrepreneur
I took a class with dr. Miles Davis called mine of the entrepreneur and in
that class we studied different people that displayed characteristics of
entrepreneurship and how they took ideas and just went and did them and have been
successful in creating these businesses and ventures identified Stefan early
as a student had unusual potential because he was always engaged as a
result of that we connected him with the institute for public service and
scholarship with dr. karen schulze who sponsored the weekend for them to go to
a social entrepreneurship conference all expenses paid by the university well
Stefan came back on fire and he says look I need to speak with you dr. Davis
I had this idea and I want to move it forward and from then we begin to talk
about what would it take to develop this idea that he had I did whatever I could
support him put him in contact with people he needed to patent attorney
people who were working in technology area discussed the minut
details to help someone be successful in launching a business and I just stopped
myself why can’t I do that and I just started thinking about it very
systematically like what’s step one what’s step two and then just keep
plugging along

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