States will keep losing citizens until they cut taxes: Grover Norquist

States will keep losing citizens until they cut taxes: Grover Norquist

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  1. Boy is this stupid. People don't leave northern Democratic states because of taxes. They leave because they're old and retiring with a bunch of money, and can afford to move to warmer climates in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California.

  2. هناك خلل في البنتاغون وخلل في الإقتصادية وخلل في السياسة الخارجية والداخلية
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  3. Democrats= Let’s raise taxes taxes on All Americans so they struggle while the Democrats feed their Bank Accounts up with corrupt money! Don’t worry Americans Democrats have your best interest allow as many illegals into our Country si the raise your taxes so that these illegals can get free health care, free food, free housing and free education then they will Vote Democrat…. Talk about CORRUPTION let’s start investigating this….

  4. Stop all the spraying of poison in the skies! Even the 5G. These are only 2 of the reasons we are sick. Wake up America

  5. Taxes are just part of it. It's the asinine policies, liberal rule and blatant violation of the law to further their agendas. Democrats are not in 'public service' to serve the public – they're in it for power, control and money.

  6. The problem with these folks moving to Texas and Florida is that too many are bringing THEIR FAILED STUPID IDEAS that WREAKED their old State
    with them!
    WAKE UP and don’t recreate THE FOOLS YOU LEFT , into your new State!
    Respectfully yours 😎🇺🇸🗽👍

  7. Nnoone wants to live in the Dictator TERRIOST states! They are nothing but cons , thieves, habitual liers, threaten the public all the time! We want all traitor dems out of this country!

  8. I worry about the President starting to look too much like a Democrat and think he can spend his way to prosperity. I hope he is not clutching at re-election straws. He should be re-elected simply based on his fine performance so far, and in the face of opposition and obstruction at every turn. He shouldn't need to sweeten the pie too much.

  9. The exodus is real!!! The blue states will be in chaos & that’s when the people of the far left will wake up after the fact of suffering.

  10. Lot of u are right, but real problem lies, with people coming here to live from other countries without knowing American ways,hence even if these people have or haven't money they don't respect American born people causing problems that will never be fixed, lot has to do with religion 😭

  11. worker media -> states will keep losing citizens until they increase social security
    corporate media -> States will keep losing citizens until they cut taxes
    religious media -> States will keep losing citizens until introduce a religious police etc.

  12. Remove the tax credit for having children. You should not be rewarded for being irresponsible, that is all the child tax credit does.

  13. Ok sure, but when are the inflated electoral college numbers in CA and NY going to reflect the exodus those states are having into red states? Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming should all get some of the 55 votes CA gets, with all the people fleeing into these states.

  14. Abolish federal income taxes by repealing the Sixteenth Amendment. It was originally unconstitutional, but the Democratic Party worked tirelessly for nearly two decades to amend the U.S. Constitution so that the federal government could enact un-apportioned direct taxes on people's incomes. 🙄

  15. thay leave Connecticut because it's cold crappy wet and they're all coming out to Cali so you guys can just get out of California we don't need any more to put a fence up around California we don't want you to go away go to Florida

  16. Wish they would stay out of our state. They come here and vote for the same BS they are trying to escape. Same as those poor South American "immigrants" fleeing into US from despotic governments.

  17. Lol I'm from newyork I like trump and I believe we should cut property tax up here. However, other then that its the federal tax out of my paycheck that kills me the most. We don't need anymore corporation tax cuts. We need income tax cuts that helps everyone, not just stuff for business owners to right off.

  18. California (the host) will continue to attract more and more non-producing, consuming people (the parasites), while people that work hard and pay taxes will continue to flee. CA is circling the drain. I have lived in CA my whole life. One day I will say goodbye when the time for me is right.

  19. The cities are Sanctuary cities they protect criminals illegals murderers gang members every type of criminal and now they're letting them out of jail too

  20. Wyoming, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska were 5 of the 9 states which lost population from July 1 2017 through June 30 2018, the list I saw. California gained population. Indeed from 2010 through 2019 California created 15% of the new jobs in the US, with only 10% of the population. So I am not sure Grover is telling us the full story.

  21. The problem is these leftist individuals from these high tax democratic states move out and come to republican states that have their act together and then want to change it into the very place they just left! I wish they would just stay where they are

  22. These states rely on foreign immigration as their “citizens”, and on federal money bailouts. And while federal bailouts are coming to pay the salaries of state bureaucracy, and the money of corrupt, sucking from government’s coffins lapdog billionaires and millionaires pay for their re-elections, the scum will go on. The only way out of the total state of corruption is a mass arrest and prosecution of all high government officials involved in this scum.

  23. Illinois is one of the worst taxed states around! Alot of people are relocating because of Democrats spending and taxing! Illegal aliens hurt us also,they get all the free stuff! BS!😥

  24. California will lose citizens, but those who leave because of their real estate taxes, will still need to find someone willing to pay for the house AND take on the high taxes. I really hope the great state of California falls off into the ocean. good riddance!

  25. Well… to be fair not really losing population… losing educated taxpayers but replacing them with sidewalk po0pers in Sombreros.

  26. Don't bring your liberal thoughts and policies to Texas. There is a reason these idiots are leaving…they voted those losers in and now they are leaving to do it again elsewhere. You made your bed, now LIE IN IT!!

  27. Loved NYC and NJ….except for being told by Leftists to feel guilty for the success resulting from my honesty and hard work,
    …whilst being drained like a milk cow.
    Buh bye 🙂 Took me, and my Capitalist Pig income tax revenue with me to a no income tax state.

  28. The only problem is that Texas is getting all of the progressive liberals and will soon change the voting there which will then change the state. By the way, it's not just the taxation it is also the progressive liberal Democratic ideas that ruin the states. Anti-gun, Pro illegal immigrant, government heavy, and anti-freedom states like NY are breeding Lefty's and then cannot support them and then those lefties are going to places like Texas bringing they're liberal indoctrination to spread like cancer. Also let's not forget that there is a huge welfare state in a lot of these places and an influx of illegal immigration.

  29. Sancho wants to thank American gringos for supporting him and being such strong returning customers in his business on the local street corner. Your continued patronage is much appreciated. His family thanks you and the cartels thank you.

  30. The more illegal the more population but not enough tax payers , radical Democratic governor will increase higher and higher to compensate and they wish to keep the Democrat forever.

  31. I just hope they aren’t democrats moving into those red states like Texas to turn them blue for the left…it was said that’s what they were gonna do for good golly I hope not…

  32. The over taxed states should not be able to give assistance to ilegals and can only put only 15% of what ever is used on the.state inferstucter to the state welfare system across the state

  33. The bad thing about it is that all those liberals moving to Texas are still voting for the same corrupt liberal politicians and turning many of those conservative states into purple states!! 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  34. All the"loser states " are run by dumbocrats. Imagine that. Dumbocratsdont care about people , theyjust want money and power to steal more money.

  35. CA, NY, WA, OR, et all will keep driving away their wage-earning, tax paying citizens, until all they have left are illegals and the homeless, and we know how much they "contribute" to society.

  36. Anyone else start thinking something bad if you only seen"states will keep losing citizens" on the noti like me?😂

  37. They leave those states and bring their political beliefs and, crime with them we are seeing it in Georgia. I love the tax breaks the republicans passed but the unintended consequence we get the trash and yes there many good people the bad ones are making it somewhat unbearable.

  38. Fox where is coverage for the state of Virginia TODAY? (Richmond). Local news this morning NBC WGAL already called the Gun activist group there white supremist.These labels mean two completely different things.This reporting without any events taking place.why dose this need to be falsely characterized b4 they had a reason to. Like we don't know BUT, can you please put True reporting to this Fox b4 some riot or(??) something premature or ileagitamate comes from there Bogus Reporting. Help out please bye, being forthcoming with all on what is or is not. Virginia deserves better than this.

  39. I would not want a democrat to come to red states and voted the same as the place they left that would be a nightmare for who voted red.

  40. Americans are tired of demakkkrats shitopa full of drug addicts that don't pay taxes getting away with taking polizis in the streets and making smell like newsome

  41. Yea tell me about it, all sorts of morons from California keep coming to Colorado and it’s almost impossible to buy a house right now.

  42. Interesting how Hollywood Leftist Elitist California or NJ is not in your high tax states graph where the biggest exodus of citizens is happening. NJ and CA are the highest tax states in the country.. More selective news from Fox, that is going more Left every day.

  43. Democrats are a virus. They will leave high tax states and flee to states like Texas and Florida. But then they will still vote for Democrats and they will infect those States as well with high taxes

  44. Get the popcorn ready, the chickens are coming home to roost!! Be interesting to see what happens to states when the indigenous population moves on to another.

    The proof will be in the pudding!!

  45. Is the DemParty trying to drive Dems out of pure Dem states with high taxes to try and move Blue populations to Red states?

  46. Sounds like Louisiana, they keep locking innocent people up so they can get a cut then they don't throw it back into the system none of our tax dollars go back into the state it all goes to crooked d.a members like Walter reed

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