State law permits home baking business | Cronkite News

State law permits home baking business | Cronkite News

Arizonans may want to think twice before sinking their teeth into a home baked pastry. It’s legal in our state to sell certain goods prepared in home kitchens, but Cronkite News reporter Janie Hoyt tells us what you should watch out for. Back in 2011 the Arizona Legislature passed some legislation that allowed for a homemade and confectionery goods program here in the state. Taryn MacQuilkin, owner of the Muffin Girl in Mesa took full advantage of this program when she started out. And I found the program in Arizona for home baked good, and I and did some more research and I was able to be a good participant for it. To participate in the program, home bakers have to apply for a certificate on the Health Department’s website. Once obtained, the certificate never expires. The program instills many guidelines that McQuilkin had to follow to ensure food safety. It has to be properly labeled, it has to list the ingredients, specify that it’s been made a private home and there’s only certain categories of foods that are allowed to be manufactured under the program as well. It is also required to have your food handler’s card to be in the program in Maricopa County. However, five counties in Arizona do not require it. But it doesn’t require that home kitchens be inspected by the Health Department, so it’s important to ask questions and be cautious when purchasing home-based goods. And because home baked and confectionery goods participants are not regulated in the same way that say a restaurant or something is regulated, it’s really important that they’re only making foods that are not potentially hazardous. The Muffin Girl recommends to do research on any home baked goods you plan to buy. She says to make sure the person is certified, and read the labels carefully to ensure for a good product. And talk to the vendors, ask them when the product was made, how often they do it, how long they’ve been doing it. So it’s buyer beware. In Phoenix, Janie Hoyt, Cronkite News. For a list of approved foods, food production guidelines and labeling requirements, head to the Arizona Department of Health Services website.

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