State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton’s email scandal

State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton’s email scandal

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  1. I like how he said Hillary's emails is a small scandal. I guess scandals are ok to a point is what he is saying. As long as your last name isn't Trump.

  2. Ready, set, FIGHT!
    In the mind of the Obamination and Biden there was no scandals.
    = Definition of a psycopath.

  3. they found no wrong doing with the biden and get over the Clintons trump is way worse than all of them talk about kids look at Trump's daughter

  4. Chris Haln is still believe the Democrats did nothing wrong. He should put his Head into the public toilets? Chris is a sad person.

  5. why do you keep asking this chump onto fox he cant admit the truth even though it is so plain we all see it chris is the only one that thinks the president of the united states should not talk to foreign governments is sickening to listen to him

  6. Ask a question to a demon-rat Chris about Hillary……first words out of his mouth….the presidents WhatsApp..blah blah blah, f*ckin divert and distract.

  7. Trump is a criminal and he has surrounded himself with criminals most of which have been indicted or are in jail that is a fact compared to these supposed 600 violations Trump wins as the biggest criminal period.

  8. The current "…president right now has conflicts of interest all over the world including a hundred investments in Turkey…" Alarming! Alarming! Did the president pull us out of Syria to safeguard his investments??

  9. Chris Hahn is such a funny guy! He keeps blubbering and spinning his own lies typical of the corrupt Democratic Party he represents. Disgusting!

  10. Lol she hated it when she had it explained to her that they do not work for the president they work for theUS govt. her bias is so big it’s disgusting

  11. it is disgusting that some politicians like this Biden with cia can unleash a war to make private interests on their own

  12. So we're still talking about Hillary huh? wow that's crazy?wasnt it the dems that could not let it go? babyboomerbullshit

  13. Chris Hahn is a shameless partisan who has no intent on being fair or to say anything other than to cover the activities of anyone who says they are progressive. On the scandal front there was an unbroken string of scandals from the beginning of the Obama administration to the end.

  14. Crooked hillary no more. She’s been completely cleared of any mishandling of classified information. LOCK HIM UP

  15. Its trumps fault..If trump wasn't elected in 2016 hillary would not have had to use a private server in 2012…leftist thinking

  16. Crooked lawyer politicians know how to work back channels… thats why Hillary, Obumer and Biden arent locked up right now. They are protected. Trump would be publicly executed he did anything they did

  17. Hillary caught red handed pushing wheel barrow of gold out of Fort Knox . She said Trump told her to do it . Trump arrested .

  18. And it has no consequences for the domestic enemies. Amazing weakness and failure of leadership in this modern and "liberal" age. America is so ruined. So sad to see.

  19. Blah blah…here is more sh!t that shillary did wrong….and will get away with.

    Its all psych ops to rub the taxpayers nose into how elites do not answer to our laws…and there is faqall you can do about it….

  20. Hillaty Clinton. The prime case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Lock her up so we don't have to listen to her anymore.

  21. You have Mr "How Dare You" on then I thumb down and stop watching.
    You don't dump a conservative who did nothing wrong to keep a leftist happy.

  22. Hillary for prison 2020
    Joe for retirement home next cell
    Hunter for rehab and then cell at the other side of his dad
    Obama for war crimes and financial corruption !

  23. Drain the swamp,,DJT is doing the right thing… watch out the America people are coming to throw them all out!, be ready!!

  24. 305 not one scandal in the Obama administration, who are you kidding, all the scandal just resurface during the Trump administration, I just quote one the Hillary Email a big cover-up and an FBI investigation that the verdict was extremely careless, what a joke and she want to try out in the 2020 elections.

  25. Boring Boring Boring!
    Get on and charge someone President Trump….this is what you promised us in your campaign that you would drain the swamp and it is getting very BORING!
    We are starting to loose a bit of faith and that the swamp creatures are on both sides and both have an interest in getting nothing done

  26. Pelosi's son is the same ….bent as a hairpin….if this was about Trumps son…?!…..never ending story….dems are HYPOCRITS of the highest order.

  27. Why bring in the spin Dr Chris? He lies, he fakes it, he turns blind eye to all the crimes. Why? He is also bought, he gains prestige from the wide spread gains of the Cabal.

  28. Boy if you all believe Obama and Biden your an idiot because I remember you can keep your doctor many times he lied right to the American people that we could keep our doctor and he knew dang well that wasn't the truth of the matter they have lied and cheated and stole the whole time they were in office and they must not ever be allowed to do what they have done to President Trump to any other President again

  29. Why are we still talking about her emails? Yada Yada Yada…..if it broke the law, if it’s indictable, do something…if not, let’s move on to more important issues. GlennFHoward

  30. Not 1 scandal as they were busy robbing the united states blind. It was scandal free because the swamp was covering it up. Imagine all the stuff we didnt hear of?

  31. The regular channels have had years to do there job and bring this to light. Giuliani does what they would not or could not and😭.

  32. the question is only good if rudy should have been working for the president if this were a normal administration but the truth is this administration has been under siege since before election night.obama was using assets that were not authorized (spying) even before trump announced he was running and he has been in the orbit of presidential candidates for years before that.

  33. some of whom might have disciplinary action happen where they might be "reprimanded"
    ohhhhhh ooooooh so bad!!!

    So bad that this is what fox news makes its main focus??????
    Seriously are you reporting ANY of the FACTS with the impeachment? So much new info the last few days it's insane

    I bet bare none rhis is state tv in AMERICA!!! SCARY STUFF

  34. I'm surprised that she keeps putting up with the obvious interference, & doesn't shut it down immediately! Just saying!

  35. Why can't the left comprehend, that, its about a guy who, apparently, turned out to have been incredibly corrupt when he was VP, but, now, is running for Pres…
    Do they think we should wait until after the election, or, maybe, try to keep the corruption from attaining the office…?

  36. It's easy not to have a "whisper of a scandal" when you have the media on your payroll. Sorry! The American peoples payroll because we paid them :/

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