Startup Business Week in Kentucky: 2018

Startup Business Week in Kentucky: 2018

Hi, this is Kentucky governor, Matt Bevin.
We are here at the Kentucky Speedway where the Quaker State 400 happens every
single July, don’t miss it this year, but we thought: where better to kick off
startup week (which is May 7th to 11th in Kentucky) where we celebrate
entrepreneurs, where better to signify what it is to start your engines and
move with a sense of purpose than the Kentucky Speedway? NASCAR itself is the
embodiment of that, but we in Kentucky are about creating opportunities for
people to take ideas and turn them into companies that transform our economy. We
can do this in Kentucky, this is the kind of thing that we do. Come along with us
as we check out the track and meet some of our best and brightest entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs of Kentucky and those who
want to be the entrepreneurs of Kentucky, start your engines. You want to learn more how you as an
entrepreneur can take the skills, the ideas that you have and turn them into
everything you’ve always dreamed of? Go to you see it right
here on the bottom of the screen,, learn about the tools
that we have where we can come alongside you, just like we have with those folks
behind me, where you can make your dreams come true. We can do this in Kentucky. You
can do this in Kentucky because we are Kentucky.

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