Starting & Running a Karaoke Business : Where to Get Music to Start a Karaoke Business

Starting & Running a Karaoke Business : Where to Get Music to Start a Karaoke Business

Hi, my name is Richard Buccola of Starlite
Karaoke here in New York City and on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going to show
you how to start and run a successful karaoke business. Okay I want to talk about how you’re
actually going to get your music onto your computer. I was fortune enough from starting
this business 7 years ago I did everything on CD’s and I bought CD’s, it’s expensive
and you can find that if you go online, type in, great site. For just learning
about karaoke which I recommend definitely going online doing your homework and learn
it and read a lot about it. But getting your music I was able to take the CD’s that I bought
and rip them to a file so I can play on my computer and then what I did was put in all
my music of all the years of buying CD’s I put them on an external hard drive. I recommend
an external hard drive because it elevates pressure on your processor. If you do too
many things while you’re trying to do a karaoke show you’re going to see the program will
shut down and it will freeze and you don’t want that. So don’t have internet running,
in fact don’t have anything running when you’re running your show. Just keep the one program
that you’re going to use. The program I use to run my show is copy host, copy host is
a great site. Also to rip your CD’s or your CBG’s, they’re called CBG’s because they have
graphics. To rip them you’re going to need CBG rip, it’s a program. You can go to
to learn more about that. You’re also going to need winzip,, both of these
programs will help you rip your CBG into a file so that you could find it on your computer
and just type in. I just type in a song or an artist and it comes right up for me.

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