Starting & Running a Karaoke Business : How to Introduce a Karaoke Show

Starting & Running a Karaoke Business : How to Introduce a Karaoke Show

Hi my name is Richard Buccola of Starlite
Karaoke here in New York City and on behalf of Expert Village today we’re going to show
you how to start and run a successful karaoke business. Anyway I just want to show you how
to maybe introduce it your going to have your bar filled and your going to have some music
playing in the background for to come in, so play some music introduce your bartenders
if your working there, introduce your host, or the main people at the party that are throwing
it. Rather the party be a weekly thing or a one time thing always highlight the most
important people, of course if its a birthday highlight the birthday person I’m going to
show some life footage. But right now Lindsey’s our camera girl today she’s actually a singer
at one of my venues so I’m going to show you how to introduce I’d say “welcome ladies and
gentlemen at Starlite Karaoke Thursday night or Tuesday night in Bar in historia, ladies
and gentlemen give it up for our good friend Lindsey, they call her Lindser so, so give
it up for Lindser” then Lindsey will come up and on my computer I have it all ready
program just to push away and it will switch from this song that’s playing in the filler
music to her song that’s she’s going to sing. Your going to see the words come up as well.
I just have to push go (Lindsey singing) that’s it thats how your going to get your singers
up, and thank you Lindsey for helping us out. That’s it thats the cross from going to regular
music to your singers, your going to do that all night long, back and forth and people
are going to keep bringing slips up and that’s how your going to run your show. And hopefully
your smart enough to run your show like a roller coaster and what I mean by that is
don’t keep it all like one type of music, go energetic music where there dancing slower
music where you take it down, and try to have it up and going thing and at the end of course
slow it down to some nice easy listening music. Go out there and see what’s best for your

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  1. i'm a dj in chicago who is interested in starting karaoke as well i was wondering if you would be interested in sharing or saling karaoke music i dont have karaoke music but i do have a substantial music collection or you may know where i can buy a start up collection from thanks in advance DJ VEE

  2. it don't fricken matter what u say………why don't you all karaoke people turn up your music instead of sounding like a 99 dollar walmart machine u would do at home…turn it up and make people sound good……

  3. @camolot I wondering if you been sued yet for stealing and then selling music that doesn't belong to you!! It's guy like you that have ruined this business for honest people who BUY their music and don't copy and then sell hard drives for profits. Thanks man. Not!!!

  4. Could you list the equipment you use??? I have some of the equipment like mikes, the speakers, a laptop and a small tv to view words on. What else do i need?

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