Starting an Online Business Can Be a Career Change and New Beginning

Starting an Online Business Can Be a Career Change and New Beginning

Hi are you over 45 fearing what the
future could bring? Perhaps you’re worried that you could lose your job and
you would still have bills to pay and no money to pay them. Well in this video
we’re here to share how you can build an online business alongside what you’re
currently doing and no longer have to fear the future. We’ve owned our own
Executive Search firm for 20 years and we’ve seen people who have dedicated
their life to their career only to be replaced by technology or someone
younger with a longer runway. The story is the same over and over again out of
work trying to reinvent themselves and rejuvenate their passion.
We know age discrimination is alive and well. We have been talking with
candidates for decades now and we know that people are often faced with the
challenge of changing their career and reinventing themselves over the age of
45. This can have devastating effects on health on family and relationships. These
people are still looking for meaningful work, work that can allow them to really
make a difference. We met with many people with so much to give. They were living an expensive lifestyle and were either unemployed or
hated the job they were in and they were paralyzed by the fear of the future. They had no place to turn and we had no
solution for them because companies were looking for somebody younger. We were
driven to find a solution for people our age. We believed there had to be
something else out there something that would give these people purpose and a
sense of belonging. We were on YouTube one day listening to Tony Robbins about
change and a picture of a guy popped up and it was a guy eating a salad from the
UK, a guy named Dan. Dan talked about his ability to start an online business
with only his laptop and access to the internet. This guy didn’t have any
previous experience and now runs a successful online business. We believed
we were on to something. We thought this was too good to be true. This guy Dan
offered us a series of free videos and these videos caught our attention.
At first we were looking for a solution for our candidates who were over 45
years old. Then we realized this might be a solution for us. We’re like any
consulting business the busier we get the more we were tied to our business and what we were really looking for was freedom to do the things we love like
travel and spending more time with our friends and family. So we started on a
whole new journey and what a journey it was! Both of us are not good with
technology but we became connected to a global community, a community called Six Figure Mentors. Six Figure Mentors is an educational community filled with people
who have already been successful in the online world. So we have been mentored
and coached by people who know what it takes to be successful. These people
helped us avoid some of the pitfalls along the way. As Tony Robbins says the
only people keeping us from getting what we want is us who get in the way of
getting what we want. So we decided to keep moving forward.
You may be thinking you’re too old or too busy or technology is too scary.
Adrienne and I have spent our whole life learning new skills so we challenged
ourselves to take on this new journey. We met a number of people in our
community that also thought they were too busy. We’ve been running our
Executive Search business and our online business at the same time and we’re busy
but we’re getting it done. Make no mistake this is not for everyone.
It takes time patience and persistence and willingness to challenge yourself on
a steep learning curve.We are now at the stage of our journey the same stage
where we can offer you the same videos that Dan offered us. We are energized
because we now get to help people just like us find purpose and meaning in
their lives. We hope you’ll take the time to check out the videos that you will
find in the description below. Maybe this might just stop you from losing sleep at
night because you will have renewed hope for the future. We look forward to
meeting you soon. Bye for now. Bye for now.

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