Starting a turf production business

Starting a turf production business

I’m Steve Struss, I’m involved in the production
of turf. I have two turf farms – one of them called Tinamba Turf, the other called
Clifton Park Turf. Both down on the southern side of Brisbane, in the Beaudesert region.
Well when we first started, I suppose it was a bit of a mum and dad show. My wife Jane
sort of operated the office, which she still does today, and there was myself and 1 other
employee. We did that for probably 3 or 4 years just with a very small crew, minimal
crew just sort of getting through, relying on Yellow Pages to bring our work in.
It then became evident that the turf production part was probably quite easy, you can grow
grass, a good quality grass quite easily, but the bigger part of the industry is your
marketing. And as we sort of had to move on to the marketing, up went our staff. We now
employ 27 staff and 7 subcontractors. The subcontractors are mainly involved in the
laying of the turf in the Brisbane metro area and the Gold Coast. And of course with that
comes the management of staff when you’ve got, you know, that many staff on, and that’s
been a major thing.

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