Starting A For Profit Social Enterprise at HBS

Starting A For Profit Social Enterprise at HBS

I know if I could do
just my small part in being able to help people
become more comfortable, to articulate who they
are, what their dreams are, feel more confident and more
prepared for the upcoming interviews, it could
change their life forever. Magnetic Interviewing is a
for-profit social enterprise that helps young people
ace their interviews for graduate school,
jobs, and internships. Being an entrepreneur can be one
of the loneliest career paths you can have. And being able to
surround yourself with other people
that are either working on startups
alongside you, or working on social enterprise
endeavors going forward, whether in the Boston
area or around the world, it’s definitely
encouraging that I know I’m doing the right thing as
a way to help young people reach their dreams. The biggest challenge of
heading up your own startup is essentially you have
to be more than one person at the same time. You have to be your
chief marketing officer at the same time you are COO. And you have to be
able to understand how do you help conduct
strategic partnerships with those you work
with, your vendors. It’s definitely been
a true benefit for me to work on my venture
while in business school, to bounce off ideas with
classmates, with professors, to see how you can
better develop and grow as an entrepreneur. It’s not so much just about
achieving the bottom line and being a profitable
business, but how are you actually having a
significant social impact in your community.

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