Starting A Business, Skin Treatment & Date Day | Weekly Vlog 16

Starting A Business, Skin Treatment & Date Day | Weekly Vlog 16

But these are my favorite gym shoes and they’re broken imperfectly and I refuse to buy new ones until they completely fall apart And then something what I was doing Skin is so red. I’m trying to get some brighter light now. You can just see my redness She just opened a new Beauty clinic called Jessica Beauty yes and Check it out and do a facial as you can see my skin is not the best it got a little bad But I stopped doing the medication that I was on before because I’m taking hormones now. I’m doing ingestion So it was just way too much So I’m not really treating it internally, but they’re gonna try and help me up out of it today externally Yeah stuff in LA. Okay telling her myself So I’m doing the Haight hydro there and I do much of pew hydro magic heal today Jessica said is like a five-step process of heating extraction putting serum into your skin and then bling This was to begin with oh, it’s a clear liquid and this is what came out of my skin So it’s all the dirt and oil and dead skin cells It is super sensitive as soon as you touch it it turns red so just ignore that it’s completely normal It will go away but my skin feels so hydrated and already looks brighter My skin feels so good after the facial it definitely looks a little bit brighter it’s way more Hydrated, it feels so soft. I just want to keep touching it, but I shouldn’t touch it But I want to touch it. They got everything out especially around the nose It’s so hard to clean properly in here and she just sucked all the stuff out now I always have a lot of dead skin cells and dry skin around here like builds up and you can see it when I put on foundation and powder but it feels my nose feels so clean the plan for today is I’m going to get up and go to the gym now and Then I got a shoot a bunch of content I got to do some Instagram like a sponsored Instagram photo for a post and I’ve got a edit and shoot the talking clips for my hat video So let’s get to that you ready to get up Be ready to get up So I got some new lighting the other day just to make my videos look a little bit more cohesive Lighting wise because I usually shoot in the sunlight and it changes throughout the video and also because typhoon season is coming in August So it’s usually very dark and rainy so it’s kind of hard to film So anyways, I bought these ones. I’m trying to mount a cuz Why not but it’s so much work to set it up I’m actually tired from just doing that and I haven’t even started taking photos in the past I would just buy these light boxes, but this time I’m trying this diffuser I noticed a lot of beauty gurus use it I specifically looked up James Charles lighting. These aren’t the same lights these are much cheaper versions of his but I think it does the job and The effect looks really nice. I hope Oh, that’s not in it, it’s later I want I want to be like someone who knows bob ways because I like the way they look You have to put food on it before that will start to dock I was thinking that too. So I also tried some with Thank you It is officially, it looks really bright because of my camera but it’s actually really dark outside and it’s pouring rain and windy and as you can See, it’s quite dark in here because it is officially Typhoon season now in Hong Kong. We’re starting it off with a bang. It’s a size 8 typhoon 8 today It’s basically really really strong wind and rain and it can be quite dangerous So you’re supposed to stay home schools are canceled work is cancelled our people work from home It’s kind of like a snow day in Canada where I’m from. That’s how I Understand. Yeah, the husband is home. Let’s go see what he’s doing What are you doing And as much as I’d love to curl up next to him, I’m really behind on videos I spent this morning getting some work done like emails and other stuff as you know, I think I mentioned in this video I’m not sure though because I’m filming a separate video on this that I am working on starting a business and it’s something that I don’t have much knowledge about I Have never done anything like it before so It takes a lot more time for me to set it up because I have to ask people a lot of questions have a lot Of meetings and just do research like Google things and how do you do this and and then figure it out? So it takes me a lot of time I guess once it’s up and running it will be a little bit more smooth sailing and I don’t have to focus a lot of time on that Friday and I’m starting it off with a new challenge to my body I’m going to try this bounce Tabata class bounce limit Hong Kong is a competition sponsored by them, by the way But there are a company here doing these sort of Trampoline exercise classes and they reached out to me and asked me to come check it out and try out a class So I’m gonna do that because I love trying new things I’m a firm believer in trying everything at least once before forming your opinion whether that to do whether that’s to do with physical things or mental things or even people I Always I always don’t listen to what people say about people or what you read about people online before actually meeting them and talking them Talking to them and forming my own opinion food-wise to everything everything just just say yes. Try it once see if you like it It’s a good way to go about life. You’ll discover new things you like and and Open up your minds We’re just just stop You know when you try to like put a breakthrough and I feel Around Yeah How do you think I did Mine yes, the movements are a bit taunting. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, right? It could be getting searched. Yes Generally, like a very intense it is there wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting just a lot of fun bouncy It was it’s it’s it’s a full body its head to toe everywhere because nothing about me about me Is that the rebounder source ought to be 5% of the shop so it’s like very low In fact, we have the down motion with that acceleration and gravity. It actually makes you muscle work twice as hard a Foundation. Yeah, I noticed actually that squat and jump was really hard for me You are getting different muscles than usual just for the normals Yes when you jump down you got your body weight and the Acceleration and then that to be run to catch as you vary about six to back up. So it’s actually twice Like twice the g-force And two others one of the ways that you can be Yeah Yeah, it doesn’t really feel like a workout. I know it is simply sweaty cheeky, but it was mostly fun Yeah, thank you so much. Thank you! Thank you! Are you taking all the mats? I have another two classes today, so… Oh, nice! Yay! Yay! All the Canadians come on in ! Instructor: Thank you so much ! Natalie: Careful ! Please Just got changed a little bit of dry shampoo, a little bit of deodorant, a little bit of lipstick and now I’m good to go We’re gonna head to our next location where we initiate a bit of contact We’re going to grab some lunch and then there’s a lot more to do today. So let’s go ! Are we going this way? This is my outfit today. I recently discovered this handbag branch called “mlouye” I don’t know if I’m saying it right, but they have the cutest little lantern bags. All kinds of different colors different shapes and I chose this green one. Greens my favorite color to wear It’s not… It doesn’t fit the most inside I’m sort of like this little bag inside to give it . But it fits the essentials and I got my phone in here my gum my phone charger My whole part to get back into my house. That’s all I need, not really because I have all other bags of stuff but let’s pretend This is… I literally live like the model apartment I lived in was right there that like crosswalk where that light is And now it’s all changed and this is here. Oh my goodness These are Parmesan fries with ketchup and black garlic mayo. It is smooth so good I love it so much. So And wearing it on my shirt all day All right, we just finished up with a little meeting now we’re heading through our next one. Natalie: Still clean white t-shirt Taylor: I don’t know how Now on to the last thing of the day last meeting it’s about my website and then we’re done and there’s still weekend ! Good morning, guys. I got support done this morning. I’ve had a good workout. I’ve got clean hair which I actually styled for once. and I’m wearing a jumpsuit and I’m feeling pretty unstoppable right now I’m currently in a mall because I’m getting some groceries for dinner tonight Actually, that’s a lie. I’m here because I’m on the precipice of bubble tea I’m actually probably the last person in Hong Kong to try bubble tea. It’s been really popular here for a long time We just try and get out of this market first, it’s really crowded Like I was saying bubble tea is super popular here are super popular many places But I tried it for the first time about a month ago at a photo shoot and I instantly became obsessed Now I crave it all the time. So, I’m here for the tea and then we’re gonna get some groceries This is my favorite place in Hong Kong for bubble tea because they make their drinks so customizable and so delicious So I’m gonna teach you how to make the bubble tea of your dreams First you want to choose your base and most bubble tea places have: black tea or green tea or oolong tea And then some of them have fruity bases now too, here they have lemon and then of course the Hong Kong’s staples of tea and then after you want to add your fruits Some of them have like mango or lychee or different fruits, but just be aware that those are syrupy So you’re going to be adding a bit of sugar to your drink if you do that. You’re gonna choose your sugar level From low to high and then also if you want it hot or cold and then you can choose Your extra toppings which aren’t really obvious because they stay to the bottom But they give the drink a bit more texture and make things really interesting to drink And I’m trying to drink a lot less coffee lately So… This is a good little afternoon snack. Its like a snack and a drink at once Mission accomplished ! So I ended up going for the Jade lemon tea Which is a Taiwanese green tea with lemon. Half the amount of sugar, half the amount of ice I said I want them icy and they’re aloe because I find that really refreshing and I use jelly Which he said has green tea and lemon inside that too so it matches really nicely So good ! All right, I’m back in the wet market now and tonight I’m gonna teach you how to make something that is easy, quick, healthy and perfect If you have some leftover rice and some vegetables you want to get it rid of in your fridge I’m just gonna buy a few extra rice vegetables here and some fresh tofu which is… Right here they have an assortment they have some dried one Getting fine here They have some… Extra firm, which is what I want Soybeans, dried tofu skin, all different versions of it. This place looks perfect. I think it’s got everything I want to buy Elbow san: Babe!
Taylor R: (shocked) You scared me Elbow san: What are you doing?
Taylor r: I’m making dinner… like the good wife (Conversations in Cantonese) My favorite Char siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) Oh I Like it. I like it ! Let’s get it! You want to preheat the oven to 180 and you want to wash and chop all your vegetables So this is going to be a mixture of stuff that I have in the fridge with some stuff that I bought today So you can use whatever vegetables you like really. I’m going to use: I’m using some baby carrots today because that’s what I have. But you can use any color shape or size of carrot that you like Now I have a little bit of tomatoes and half an onion left in the fridge So I’m just going to throw that in and a lime. Lime would probably taste better But I have this lemon that was just used for zest So I’m not going to let it go to waste and it’s gonna use this instead of lime and some optional things are lemongrass I just think it’d make the dish more fragrant. So I’m using this and a little bit of hot chilies because I love spicy food So I just looked up this one the Buddha’s hand and apparently it’s a citrus fruit that you use kind of similar to Lemon it you can use it for zest I’m going to use up the old lemon for this one But I can use this a little later and I’ll let you know how it taste. It smells like a lemon or yuzu actually For breakfast lately, I usually alternate between two main dishes that’s one this Gluten paleo muesli. It’s a honey-baked blend of nuts seeds and coconuts It’s by the brand farmer Joe and I just have that with some oat milk and fruit on top Which is usually raspberries blueberries and bananas or I have this egg concoction which I put on this organic Buckwheat crisp bread. I really like buckwheat because it’s really high in fiber. So it really helps with digestion Usually I just take four other crispbreads and then I add a bit of an avocado tomato a medium boiled egg And I’m just gonna add a bit of paprika on top Good morning we are in central About to get run over We’re just shooting some content in central and now we’re heading to lunch to one of my favorite vegan restaurants here in Hong Kong called Grassroots Pantry. I haven’t had in a while. So I’m really looking forward to it So Grassroots Pantry is closed in Hong Kong now, I didn’t know that and it sucks and we just came to mana But the Poho location which I’ve never been to yet The menu is kind of the same a little bit different. Bought this kale and hummus salad Of course, the fries their fries are my favorite I really think they cut these are Yams and purple sweet potatoes and then they’re homemade ketchup and homemade garlic Nate And I got a green juice Natalie went for the burger. Just finished lunch now We’re heading to a cafe for coffee it It’s a really cute cafe because it’s in the middle of this antique street that I’ve shown you guys a couple times before But it’s really cute. It has good coffee and they serve it in these vintage Chinese tea cups that are really pretty Are you good? It’s the hottest day ever today Currently at my no cafe Which is a local Ton Ton Tang here at Hong Kong and it was opened in 1950 and it hasn’t really changed since then so because of that is really famous It’s in a lot of different movies and we’re here today to shoot the Pandora ad from my Instagram This isn’t a sponsored post for youtube but Look how cute ! They have this exclusive charm for Hong Kong It has the egg tart pineapple bun and milk tea on it. So, we just came here to shoot it and we just ordered our food Wow, it’s really orange here Classic black and white milk cups. This is the pineapple bun. Even though it’s called pineapple bun It doesn’t taste like pineapple at all. I don’t really know why. It’s a sort of sweet crispy outside and then a Soft moist bun on the inside. looks like a pineapple Looks like a pineapple, like the pattern Oh, yeah, maybe The rice noodles and this is Hong Kong french toast Which isn’t really like any other place’s french toast, they use a lot of honey and a ton of butter Honestly… it’s not the best… the food The food was just okay. I think people definitely go there for the atmosphere and we didn’t try everything on the menu so maybe other things are better than what we had but the noodles were very very plain and the milk tea was just… So we’re, we’re going to another cafe to get coffee maybe, I’m not sure. But we’re next door this area of it This is actually one of my favorite areas to come to I think I like this side Like I like how low there’s always so much going on it and it feels like feels really local very Hong Kong So much good food, so many markets. I just got changed I’m in all white Which is probably not such a good idea because I’m about to drink coffee. So, let’s see how long this lasts We’re at Kubrick cafe Which is in a cinema nearby in Yau Ma Tei And it’s an interesting place because it’s actually a bookstore and shop as well as a cinema upstairs We have the smell of the sweet popcorn, the coffee. You can grab a book and sit down and read It’s just a really nice atmosphere both smell-wise and eye-wise and taste-wise Oh So we are just waiting for our coffee Gonna take some content for something else I’m working on. I keep saying we’re taking content right think What is that? Like are you taking Instagram photos? And yes sort of but also other things that I can’t really tell you yet as annoying as that sounds Thank You ! Natalie showing me this really cute shop here in the area called Chang Chang Goods Store Baby boy in the car Really ? You are so excited ? Is it better than parking ? Just drop the kid off at the salon for a haircut and we are having date day (Excited !!!) Elbow san: yay ! First up we’re going to our very favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong is called on them It’s in Causeway Bay and then we are going to an art exhibition where the company is doing an exhibition here in Hong Kong, so we’re gonna go check it out and Who knows what else? parents gone wild day We’re going wild It’s just an exhibition It’s the why maybe we’ll get dessert Maybe we will Take some Instagram photos The opportunities are endless And I’m going to pick up Rosie and then head back home Kanye West… so funny because you just said that. It’s so cool to see that up close Every corner, every floor, every ceiling of every room is detailed The ceiling actually, not the ceilings but everything else I like how they incorporated I’m talking to myself. I thought my husband was behind me. I’ll talk to you guys like they incorporated This is a limited-edition tycoon edition tote bag. I like this one That was really nice. It was actually different than the one we saw in Japan they incorporated a lot of different forms of art like Paintings as well as sculptures, his drawing and his fashion. So that was really cool I’ve never seen his fashion in real life before and they did the carpets they did the walls it was very very detailed really interesting and he broke little Blurbs about different things on the walls on different art and that was really interesting to learn more about him not only his history because I’ve heard a lot of his history before but just his thoughts about certain things, it was really cool ! I’ve got a sexy outfit on too I ate too much, stomach really hurts. Pants are way too tight Hey guys. I was just sitting here editing the vlog you’re watching now. This is actually Sunday So this is me right now before I upload this video and although this video has been very very long Because it is two weeks in one. I haven’t really weekly vlog in a while and I have a lot of footage When editing this vlog, I feel like I did a lot of things and I went out a lot I showed you guys a lot but it doesn’t feel very personal, I don’t feel like I really talked to you or connected with you in this vlog and I kind of know why and I Kind of want to talk about it. So I’m going to I haven’t been really feeling my best. I feel very lost I feel very directionless lately. I think a lot of people do worry. A lot of people do in Hong Kong lately with everything going on That and sort of things in my personal life and I still don’t feel Even close to over the death of my cha Joo Hong Kong wise it’s so hard because some some days I wake up and I want to talk about it, but then The minute I start thinking about what I want to say. I feel really anxious and stressed and I Never talk about politics on my channel don’t want to push my views and I know no matter what I say I’m gonna hurt someone and then when talking to local people around me They feel it’s probably best if I stay out of it because I’ve only lived in Hong Kong recently for almost two years I’m not really educated on the history and I don’t understand all the political things and political issues Although I’ve tried to educate myself recently and do a lot of research. So I definitely have a lot more knowledge now, but Yeah, I kind of feel like not qualified to talk about it, I’m not a citizen So I’ve been really silent about that But I I can’t say that it doesn’t affect me and I do want to encourage you guys to do your own research And just educate yourself on this subject look it up I’m sure you know what’s going on in Hong Kong. But if for some reason you don’t then can definitely look it up because It’s a pretty big deal. It’s a big moment and I’m living in it right now So that has definitely affected me. I try my best to go out and be positive and upbeat and do fun things But that isn’t my reality When I talk to people around here they’ll they say that they like the idea of me doing things like that because they like to Watch something light just switch off because there’s the constant news here about the same stuff And I know when I’m feeling down which I have been lately I my number one well I do a few things but one of the things I do is turn on YouTube and just switch off my brain and dive into someone else’s life learn something new so Yeah, I guess I just want to be that place for you guys. I’m trying my best to be that place for you guys also personal life wise As much as I don’t want to talk about these things people always tell me don’t talk about these things I I feel like I want to open up more Because whenever I do you guys always share your past experiences with me Or what you’re going through or give me some tips and it always feels like I’m less alone and I feel a little better got some bad news again today that I’m not pregnant again this month and I think it really hit me hard this month because I Really thought I was because of the medical help We’ve been getting all signs were like really good and I felt like something was going on and I found out this morning It’s not again, and I hadn’t really Planned a lot around it I planned how I was gonna tell Tom and I was so excited and ready and that’s my own fault I shouldn’t have done that to myself. But and now I just can’t help it and it’s been such an emotional roller coaster I think the best way to explain is it’s like a roller coaster you Feel at the beginning of each month or of each cycle you feel hopeful it’s like a three week hopeful rise to the top and then When is it negative you just go to this really fast crash downwards That’s the one I’m that’s where I’m at right now that lasts for like a few days like three days where I feel a bit Just sad and down and then I start my ascent again into the hopefulness when I start like my medication and stuff So if I’m being honest, I feel a little bit lost lately within myself and my surroundings But I am going to do my best to carry on and Just know people in Hong Kong. I love you. I’m sending you my love. I hope you get better soon. Things are really really sad right now and I don’t want to end this on the negative note, but I just wanted to touch base and I’m gonna I’m gonna be I’m gonna feel great soon. I know I am I think next week I’m gonna really treat myself. I’m gonna Do a lot of self-love. I’m gonna be seeing my friends in this past vlog. You may have noticed I was working out a lot and I was doing a lot of my Content for whatever I’m working on on the side and that’s that’s how I get through tough times for me. It’s definitely working out It’s not even for anything physical it just helps me mentally so much when I wake up in a bad mood or I see the news of what’s going on or I’m just feeling down if I go to the gym About an hour later. I’m feeling so much better I feel like a new person and then I feel like I can take on the day and that’s sort of what you’ve seen in this past vlog And also working just putting my head down and focusing on my work keeping busy with that is what helps me a lot So yeah You saw me getting out of the house keeping busy Focusing on work and then also having people around I have to say my husband’s been so amazing He’s come with me to every single appointment just to sit there and hold my underwear, basically I’m so lucky. I know not everyone’s partner is able to go with them because of work or other reasons, but I’ve been really grateful That he’s been by my side both physically mentally emotionally every way when I told him the news today I thought he was gonna be quite upset but he’s he’s always super positive. He’s like, oh, it’s just not the time Let’s let’s try again So that’s really that’s really helped a lot So has Sango I just had some gore noodles Tom’s. I’m gore those noodles give me life. But Yeah, it’s a new week. I will be making another weekly vlog next week. I’m gonna be hanging out with my friends I’m going to give myself some self love and Things are gonna get better. So I will see you then I’m gonna end this vlog now because it is so so so long I don’t even know if anyone’s watching at this point. But okay. Bye guys You

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  1. girl I have had similar skin, acne for about 15 years, just fixed it, I think you might have fungal acne, that doesnt respond to normal acne treatments, you need to use an anti fungal shampoo I know it sounds crazy! but it works

  2. My parents said it took a long time for my mom to get pregnant with me. It really crushed my mom because she wanted a baby more than anything. She was just about to give up, but when they least expected it, she finally got pregnant with me! I feel like some of the best things in life take patience and come when we least expect it. I wish you and Tom the best of luck!

  3. Honestly I respect ur voice on the current Hong Kong issue and just know I wish I two the best of luck starting a family. I know it’s hard but no matter what path u take when brining a kid to ur family you’ll be amazing

  4. The bad news: there is no key to happiness. The good news: it isn't locked 🇨🇦💋❤️🥰🤞sending hugs & positive energy from Canada

  5. Fertility treatments are rough. I’m 2 years in and have had many ups and downs. It can often feel hopeless and like life isn’t progressing or moving forward because a baby represents that and without a baby one can feel at a stand still. I feel for you and hoping everything will be okay.

  6. Over washing your face and picking are the two number one causes of bad acne outbreaks. I hope whatever medication you're on helps! Your face looks great after the facial!

  7. You will be pregnant.. But the time before is soo stressful. 😊 (your husband should be happy hihi.. More beedtimmee)

  8. Tay! I've always been a silent watcher in your videos, I'm super shy and it's hard for me to write. I enjoy each and every one of them very much; and I hope things get well for you soon… If you aren't feeling like yourself, or feeling sad and down; just remember that mental health is important! Treating yourself and doing things that make you happy is a big step towards recomposing yourself; but (and I might sound very obvious, sorry) it is also important to reach out; councelling, psychologists, or psychiatrists, or whoever you can reach out to might be a big help… They were a big help for me when I was feeling low; and it's something that sometimes gets overlooked in many places, so just thought I'd remind… <3 Much love!

  9. Oh girl. I know how much it hurts when you want something so badly…you WILL have a baby, one way or another. Keep the faith ♥️♥️ hugs from Idaho, USA 🤗

  10. I am obsessed with bubble tea!!! I got my friends obsessed too. I love mixing taro and vanilla or coconut 💕
    Also- my mom had wanted a child for years. She had a miscarriage and almost gave up but then had me at 40 years old and my brother 2 years later. Keep hoping and being with people who support you.

  11. Hi Taylor! i can completely relate to you! I used to live in Vancouver and now i'm based in Shanghai, China. Before i left Canada, there were lots of business ideas in my mind.. but they're not a long after i started my full time in China.. don't be upset, sometimes it's not ur problem, it is the fact that nowadays the whole econ environment is just a bit unpleasant.. but ur already doing great!! keep up the good work with the video! you'll be fine!! <3

  12. It’s pretty shitty you feel like you can’t open up occasionally and tell us how you feel.

    A true fan is like a friend and will always be here to support you whether you’re in a good place or a bad one.

    Imo being “always happy” just seems weird and more of a disconnect to really knowing you. But I completely understand not wanting to let it overshadow the tone of a video.

    Taking care of yourself and staying mentally in a good place is always important 💗💗💗

  13. I'm surprised people think she has a perfect life, I've been fan since 2017 and always love her for her honestly and not everyone are perfect. That's what I love her for.

  14. I’m sorry you’re dealing with a lot that’s not all positive, but it’s really nice to hear more about your life and personal experience ❤️
    I wish you well. x

  15. hey i'm a Canadian HKer from Vancouver. Just came across your vlog today and think it's very interesting to see HK from a Canadian perspective. Regarding the HK situation – feel free to share anything, even in foreigner perspective – hey you live there, it affects you too!

  16. Awww don't let it beat u…what Tom is right, its all about timing.. When its meant to happen it will. And just like what ppl say.. When u least expect it, it will happen 💜 just live ur life, have fun and keep making great memories 🌟🌈🙂

  17. I’m glad you stayed away from talking about politics on your channel. It’s way too emotionally charged and it’s a depressing a topic. Pls stay safe and focus on positive energy 🙏🏻

  18. My aunt couldn't get pregnant for a long time. She prayed to God and finally got pregnant at age 40 and had a healthy boy who is now 20 years old. Not saying it will take you that long but to not give up 🙂 I will pray for you! The time will come, you see. Sometimes we try to control the situation and make it work quicker, but sometimes we just have to relax and let things fall into place. <3

  19. We cancelled our trip to HK which was sad. I wanted to experience it so bad because my husband’s family all there but we thought it wasn’t the best time with our baby. Hoping it gets better soon! Keep staying positive! It took 7 years of many ups and downs to get our little one! I’m in my mid 30s so just best advice (I know cliche) but just keep on living your life and don’t stress. We conceived so unexpectedly and all natural. So will be sending prayers and good vibes your way!

  20. Its gonna be okay❤It may not be time for you to get pregnant yet. Just a few tips as a pregnant woman myself, make sure you are getting enough calories for your age and height. Also, make sure your exercise isn't taking out too many calories if you think you aren't eating enough. Stress and dehydration can also affect fertility. Also if you used to take birth control, it can take a year of not taking it for your body to start getting back to "normal." Vitamins are great, but your body absorbs the most nutrients from food, so be sure to eat healthily and enough calories!💞 it's not good to not eat enough and obsess over looks, especially if you plan on getting pregnant. Things happen during pregnancy that us ladies can't control, so just be healthy. (Im not saying you dont eat enough, but just to be sure. Each woman should at least get 2,000 calories per day, and exercise can cut that out too). If you exercise, make sure you replenish those calories afterwards. Good luck💞❤ ** studies show women that drink more than 1-2 cups of coffee a day have harder chances of getting pregnant, so keep that in mind too!! Caffeine in general is pretty bad to overdo, that includes teas as well.

  21. Just discovered/happened upon your channel for the first time today, & watched a few episodes. Love that you're a fellow Canadian and, more importantly, that you seem to have a very solid & sensible approach to life. I'm sorry you're not getting the good news that you deserve at this time, but believe me, soon as you stop stressing and trying as hard as you are now, you will be delightfully blessed without a moment's notice. In keeping quiet about the political issue in HK right now, I don't think it is inappropriate to state your general view and outlook on the matter, whether or not you're a citizen, you have your right as a person to your own opinion. You are fantastic and I wish you and your husband luck in bringing a new member to your family soon.
    By the way, I'd really love for you to show us your husband in your video sometime. We would love to meet this wonderful person in your life!

  22. Appreciated the way that you respect Hongkonger by not giving your political view. You are encouraged to talk to different local people as long as you wish to.
    Please stay safe and be happy as much as you can in Hong Kong.

  23. I appreciate your honesty. I hope you and your husband find happiness no matter what happens (but hopefully you two will be blessed with beautiful healthy children). I'm in my 30s and not married and I have no kids. I HATE when family feel so sorry for me. It's excruciating. I am grateful for all that I have been blessed with but a wonderful husband and children are things that don't just happen because you want them. I have to admit that when you got married I was so happy for you but, I couldn't relate and my own jealousy prevented me from watching your channel for a long time. Often times when my favourite YouTubers start having babies I just completely stop watching, because I can't relate to their lives (but also because it's painful for me).

  24. Going through fertility is so hard. I am so glad you are talking about it so that other people don't feel so alone. I have had to deal with it as well. Its much more common than people think. Thinking positive thoughts for you.🥰

  25. I haven’t watched your videos for a while! I still can’t get over how pretty you are 🙂
    And your house is beautiful too! ☺️

  26. Sometimes we want something very much, but we don't get it, cuz it's not a good moment. Maybe for you it is like this with pregnancy. I am pregnant now (33rd week), at 20th week my grandpa died unexpectedly. It was most horrific exeperience in my life. I couldn't cry propely, i couldn't let myself to be sad cuz all of that made my pregnancy worse to the point that day before furneal i had so have bleeding that i end up in hospital. So maybe it is good that you are not pregnant now. Maybe after some time when you will feel better about your loss, maybe then you will get pregnant and it will be easier for you cuz you won't have all of this sadness in you.

  27. I look up to your Youtube channel, and I actually discover it a bit late. Sometimes we all struggle about different things personal life, including family issues, diseases, religion and politics. My country has been for the past 10 years recognized more and more, for its music, sports and art (even fashion) but we have our own issues like corruptions and lack of equality and more deep subjects. Don’t be afraid to express what you believe that is right, but all media should be use always responsibly.  And so far, you’re really professional.

  28. I don't comment much on your channel, and I commented on one of the earlier videos about not getting pregnant….

    I am 27 right now, and I. FEEL. LOST. I feel down. And I feel like I can't even do a basic job of having a child. My hubby and I are now actively not trying to have a baby, as I am still only doing contract work.

    I thought for sure this month I was pregnant (the other two times I knew very early on), but it turned out not to be a sticky one and got my period late. That am-I, am-I-not time, is super difficult. And I stuggled with that for YEARS to the point where I expect to not be pregnant or to lose it (which honestly I feel like having no expectations is better).

    It is nice to have an influencer who knows these feelings or at least talks about it. It does make people (me) feel less alone, especially how it seems like everyone is getting pregnant, or have a second child recently (Bubz, Chriselle, Ashley Graham, etc. not including people I know in person). It makes you feel left behind, left out or worthless.

    It is really hard to get into a healthy mindset, and those feelings do pop up. But just remember, focus on yourself first.

    If I recall, you mentioned something about PCOS….. If you still eat dairy, I highly recommend cutting it out and eat whole foods (especially plant based) as much as possible. I am working on naturally balancing my hormone currently, as I have been diagnosed with PCOS for a few years now. It is definately trial and error. But focusing on self care, which is what I am realizing now, is VERY important. I am working towards getting into a meditation routine, and trying to eat better amongst trying to get back into hobbies I enjoy.

    Oh, those with PCOS can have gluten and other food sensitivities that can also inflame your body (PCOS is an inflammatory health issue) so being aware of how your body feels after certain food can help alert you to foods to avoid. I found out I am allergic to strawberries, pineapple and partridgeberry due the response I get after eating them. I am waiting to get to the doctor for a test for gluten sensitivity.

    All the best Taylor.

  29. Your honesty is wonderful…. check out my Deeboolove video…. BELIEVE ‼️✨✨✨⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🙂🌈

  30. Have you considered using an ovulation kit from Clearblue? It tracks your cycle and predicts the days for your best chance of getting pregnant. Not sure how it works but several YTers I watch have used them and it helped. Keep up the positive thoughts and try not to stress your body out about getting pregnant. Tom is right, when it's your time/ God's time for you, you guys will get pregnant.

  31. One of the reasons I love to watch your videos is because you keep it real Taylor! Life has ups and downs, and sometimes we think that we can not show the downs because it's 'normal' to only show the things that go well in your life. You make a change by sharing your emotions and it's admirable 🤍

  32. Thanks for opening up. Everyone has a lot going on, and some times are more overwhelming than others, and it's good to recognise and communicate that. It's also nice to see this side of you. Hats off to you xx take care

  33. Stress is a key factor. Take a vacay, make love for the sake of love, no expectations, genuinely relax. Remember, Life will find a way.

  34. That end part made me really emotional. My sister lost her baby almost 3 years ago and has been through similar struggles ever since. I'm wishing you the best, from the bottom of my heart.

  35. Came here from Safiyas video! Her vlog is fascinating! Also the little doggie is so cute!! How did she meet her husband and move from Canada to HK?

  36. I thought Hong Kong is going through the whole Ukraine revolution thing. This video is like Queen Marie Antoinette enjoying her high tea in the midst of French revolution.

  37. Babies will come. My daughter happened immediately and then my son took 7 years. Relax and things will happen I’m sure. I understand how you feel, I do. Sending you love, support and good wishes to you and Elbowsan.

  38. Baby don't waste your money on useless treatments👍 acne is simply genetic and it will not go away no matter how much you take care of your skin 👍 my dad is a doctor that's why I'm sure 😊
    Love your channel from Germany 💕💕

  39. I'm not qualified or anything, but maybe you should stop thinking about getting pregnant – it makes you anxious, and that's not good. don't take contraception, just let if flow, live and it will happen, nourish yourself—

  40. I'm currently thinking of starting a business, however, I'm not sure what to do as I'm not normally a huge risk taker 🙊 wish you all the best Taylor 🥰

  41. What a hidden treasure your vlogs are. Honestly your personality is so refreshing. It feels like you're the friend every woman at least wants to have. Love the parts where you're honest and sincere and talk about the back side of things and your not perfect life because all of us go through one of the things if not more of what you go through. I discovered your channel a few of weeks ago and I doubt on subscribing because erroneously I thought you were superficial and this couple of weeks I've found myself playing your videos when, like you said, I don't want to think about anything else. Like just turning 29 a couple of days ago, getting closer to the 30's wondering what I'm doing with my life. Anyway thank you for speaking so kindly and humbly.🇲🇽

  42. Honestly you are the most honest and realistic youtuber I have ever seen and you should deserve more than this. Honestly I have been feeling down too and isolated and lost .

  43. I think you have to be careful taking tetracycline if your trying to conceive

    The food culture in Hong Kong looks fabulous!

  44. Honestly. I feel u taylor. I’ve been trying to get pregnant since my wedding last december. And still trying now… every month is just hoping to get positive result but no.. everyone around me keep asking about it and I’ve to pretend that I’m cool about it but I’m not. But watching u saying it out loud really make me feel like I’m not alone for some reason. Thank you for being you. Really help me a lot. I’ve been holding it in for so long now and feeling so lost…

  45. I'm so sorry your going through the fertility issues. Self love and treating yourself is great. I'm an acupuncturist and have a channel called fertility hope and healing. Lots of great tips to optimize fertility. Love and Blessings!🙏💜

  46. That girl was going to kill you. So, to start my own YouTube business, do I need to do a bedroom video or countless kitchen experiments? Asking for a friend.

  47. i love you and i hope things will be better for all of us :)) i lost my mother(my everything) to cancer and suddenly i found myself alone ( my dad got married veeeery soon after the death of my mother and he spends nights with his new wife) so i found myself alone with my little brother.. my whole world crushed down in one year .. what keeps me strong is knowing that god(allah) is watching over me .. i pray a lot and i do meditation.. i decided to give myself the love i needed and to practice self love.. be patient honey and shower yourself and people around you with love! coz love can heal everything! that's what i'm focusing on these days.. i am taking care of myself and my little brother and i am sure things will be better soon ^^

  48. Thank you Taylor for addressing the situation in Hong Kong. I unsubscribed a few months ago because at one point I thought you were one of those rich foreigners just casually living in a "parallel universe" and turning a blind eye to the people suffering here. I was wrong. I totally understand why you feel hesitant to elaborate on this matter. The effort that you took to talk to people around here already means a lot. Stay safe and all the best! (I subscribed again because you seem like a really good person and I feel like you share the same anxious personality underneath the facade, just like me.)

  49. How much has Hong Kong changed since it was handed back over to China? My first time in HK was 1978-80 I was an army nurse at the BMH in Kowloon, it was across from the Queen Elizabeth Chinese hospital. I married a soldier and we went back to HK as his last posting, in 1992-95 it was amazing to go back and see the change, the first time we went there there was barely anything in the New Territories, but the second time we were in Sek Kong it was an amazing experience, the Mtr was new we traveled by taxi everywhere the first time, second time was the little green bus to Yuen long then the Mtr . I think my favourite place to go was up to Stanley and repulse bay. I loved shopping in Mong Kok and my favourite was the night market, where I used to get my favourite treat fresh coconut with pickled ginger. Anyway that’s some of my memories, you are just making your memories. I took a long time to get pregnant, but it wasn’t till I stopped thinking about it so much that I finally did and I had my son. You will get there, maybe with your new business it will fill your mind with other things which will stop your mind thinking of a baby, it will happen when you are ready. I’ve yapped enough as old woman do so this 61 year old is off for much needed beauty sleep. Huggles xxxAnnxxx

  50. If you cannot conceive right now, it's just not the right time. Your body will know, the universe will know. It's not really…your decision, you know? Making life, receiving a 'soul' is not like going out to buy something or changing clothes. It's the most important thing that can happens and if a pregnancy will never arrive…it means the universe is telling you that you have another path, you may have to go adopt and save a children that's already destined to your family. Remember to take the life as it is, because life it's always been wiser than us :-*

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