Starting a Business and Money Saving Hacks! ?

Starting a Business and Money Saving Hacks! ?

What do you guys want me to do here?
>>This is a super-simple game. We’re fishing for advice. Oh, we’re going fishing! These fishes are kind of hard to catch. I got it. I am an able fisherwoman. What advice would you give someone thinking about starting their own business or making a career switch? I would say don’t jump into it too hard. There is a reason that a lot of the
businesses started in this country fail each and every year, and that is
people don’t give themselves enough financial room to figure out
how to make that business work. You can start laying the foundation for making that move to your
next job or to your own business while you still have the security of your
current job, and your health insurance, and your regular paychecks. What you do is you kind of do the side hustle. So you start making money on the side while
you’re still working your full-time job and start saving so that you have a cushion for
when you’re ready to make the change. I am going to resort to cheating
pretty soon, but right now I still want to do it legit. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business or making a
career switch? Oh, wow! Talk to people who’ve been there and
who’ve done it in the past, and you’d be surprised at how generous people can be with their time and their information. OK, this is big. What you’re doing right now is for now.
It doesn’t mean forever. So I want you to get connected with your passion, and if
you’re married, get your spouse on board. You got to share this dream so it
becomes a team thing that you’re doing and not an individual thing. You need to take some time to build up some reserves, 12 months’, 18 months’ worth of goals, figure
out some projections as to what type of money you’ll have to put into it just to
get the company off the ground and to move it into the direction of
profitability. And then throw your whole heart and soul into it, because it’s so dang much fun. It looks like a child’s game but it’s not. This is serious. This is not as easy as it…
>>You got this, babe. Aha! What’s your best money-saving hack? Well, fundamentally, all personal finance
comes down to one money-saving hack, and that’s spend less than you earn. A budget is my best money-saving hack. So my
budget would tell me if I have the money in order to buy certain things.
>>I would say automate. Take the time to take a certain percentage of your income, say 5 percent, and have it automatically deducted from
your check every two weeks. I would say a money-saving hack, really, is not to try to keep up with other people
financially, to stay focused on yourself in your financial goals and what you’re
looking for in life, and that is really actually gonna save you money in the
long run. This I got… I’m trying for the pink one. Ah! Ah! Success. What’s your best money-saving hack? Track your spending. You’re gonna see that your money is
going places that you had absolutely no idea it was going. Do it for a couple of months so you really get a feel for where your money leaks are happening. For me, it was restaurants and grocery stores. Now you can start to put some controls in place. So instead of eating out five nights a week,
let’s redirect it and only go three. You’ve just saved two nights’ worth of money. All right, fishy. Thanks for watching. Hope you had a good time.
I certainly did. Listen, if you want more of these, people like me,
head to AARP’s YouTube channel. Come on, fishy. Oh my goodness. I’m gonna get ya. Why didn’t I know I could use this earlier? Oh, come on. Oh, you’re mine.

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  1. We hope you enjoyed episode 1 of "Fishing for Advice" – please subscribe to our channel and be sure to tune in next week for more personal finance tips!

  2. Thank you for including me in this fun series. There's a ton of great info from amazing people in this episode. So fun!

  3. So much fun! It was so great how everyone’s tips in the first one were able to perfectly meld together- we all have very similar and solid advice on how to get started. ??

  4. Great advice on starting your own business, to start small and keep your day job until it gets going.
    Under "saving money hacks", cutting back from dining out 5 nights a week to 3 shocked me. I maybe dine out 2-3 times a month. Cooking at home is a HUGE money saver. You can host a dinner party for half a dozen friends for less than a mediocre restaurant meal for two.

  5. My best money saving hacks.
    1.chop your own producr
    2. Shop your home before going to a store. good quality dish,laundry,hygiene items.
    4.if you don't have a washer dryer in your home,hit the laundromat.oftentimes,it is way cheaper than the laundry facilities in apartment complexes.
    5. Take care of your items
    6.learn basic vehicle repair,home repair,check rental agreement first,learn to sew.
    7.check bills,bank statements,receipts. all copies of paid bills,receipts,cancelled checks.
    9.set up auto pay for utilities,get on a budget plan.
    10.turn lights off,unplug items when not in use.
    11. Close unused rooms to save heating and cooling costs
    12. Drafty doors? Pool noodle. Drafty windows? Heavy painter's tarp
    13. Declutter,be organized.
    14.write down each purchase,amount,item,store.
    15. Get the best value possible for the cost

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