Start Your Own T Shirt Printing Business Using a DTG Printer

Start Your Own T Shirt Printing Business Using a DTG Printer

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  1. Love the machines OmniPrint builds, worked with the owner's brother running their machines, contracting all of our dtg jobs to them. Customers always loved the soft finish as well as crisp prints. Best quality by far. This is a perfect entry level investment for any entrepreneur trying to grow their brand with high profit, no stock, and on demand printing. Their price point is also at that sweet spot where you can add more machines as you go.

  2. How's going john? I need to your help hopefully you can help me. Do you by any chance have a tamplate of the different labels measurements? I been having problems ordering labels because I'm not very familiar with the measurements.  I'll appreciate any help thanks

  3. do you have a video discussing the screen printing process? also how about comparisons in the durability aspect. last thing I want is to print something that looks great but doesn't hold up for years.

  4. Just received my 330TX and am eagerly awaiting training. His payment with Bitcoin comment was great as I believe that’s due to me, I brought up crypto as payment when dealing with them just weeks ago

  5. I really want to buy this, couse I am planning to start a t-shirt printing bussiness.. but I am right here in Philippines, so how is it possible for me to have it? reply please omniprint!

  6. Hey john I want to start my own clothing line but I’m unsure on few things like what’s the difference between garment and textile?

    I want to design my own shirts, jumpers, tracksuits, jackets and caps. But I’m sure I need both textiles and garments so the question is

    Does Garment do textiles and printing?

  7. Please give me this printer 🙏🏻, I dream about it, or x for 1000 dollars! I have a birthday on January 17, please give it to me, I ask you 🙏🏻

  8. DTG is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced, kind of like LCD tV's in the start, a good DTG should not cost more then $3k tops, its just a printer, nothing earth shattering yet a base DTG is close to 20k

  9. I would rather buy a brand that make the machines from the ground up. Building a DTG printer around an old photo printer is a disaster waiting to happen.

  10. Cool video John, good job I have been following DTG printing for quite some time. I have looked at several companies but Omniprint is one of the first I really want to buy. As a graphic designer I've created several images and really want to print on poly dark garments at high resolution to show detail and quality. I Love the slogan simplicity and probability.

  11. My co worker build 4 dtg machines from some old printers and quality looks the exact same and his cost to make all 4 of them was less then $400 Canadian these machines at $25,000 are way over priced

  12. John thank you so much to share this video ,,, I am desperate to buy this machine, going to start printing business,,, do they have other machines can print business cards , flyers banner etc.? I live in Florida ,,, how can I buy this machine for how much ?

  13. Any one know where you can online custom color different sections of a hoodie like if you want the body one color the sleeves another color and the hood another color all I ever see is custom one color

  14. Start your own t-shirt printing business using a DTG printer? I was researching this and Omni and a used OmniPrint Freejet 330TX DTG Printer is going for $14,500.00 on eBay! John Santos, this was good for you to go out to and meet these guys at Omni but I don't know to many people who have $20K to invest in one piece of equipment to start a t-shirt printing business. Even if you did, there is advertising, inks, buying stock (t-shirts) and everyone gets the idea. No bank is going to just give you that kind of money in a business start-up when most business fail in the first 1 to 5 yrs.

    You also failed to mention that DTG are limited to certain types of fabrics and pre-treatment is critical for a good print. So now you also need a heat press! Depending if you get a little China one for just over $100 or you get a Stahl like me, that is a over $1000! Nothing like stacking the odds against you to go deep into debt to start a home based t-shirt business Jonh! There are simply better options than this!

    This would be a good option after a few years when your name is out there and you start having a good customer base. But not starting out!

  15. But you won’t say how much the printer costs are you also keep confidential how much per shirt the printing cost is!

  16. These printers are not designed and made in the US as claimed in this video. They are diy Epson printers designed and made in Korea. You can buy the same printer for 5 grand direct from the supplier, Omniprint charge 20+.

  17. This is all great BUT, you fail to mention that you have to be in a demographic area willing to pay $30-$50 a shirt . To make a profit you have to sell minimum 10 shirts a day at that price … not easily done .

  18. Is there anyone in the comments section who has one of these, and would STILL SAY it’s worth every penny?

  19. John, I have DTG printers and need to be connected on the backend to print for those on Shopify. How do I go about it

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  21. All these Black Tee shirts… Boring… Would somebody wear a nice golf shirt? Printed Tee shirts are so boring ..

  22. So essentially when your buying into this essential machine it prints essentially. And essentially when it’s printing, essentially it should be done in essentially 5 minutes. Essentially it provides essential profitability.

  23. When someone says that they will find a way to get something done over just accepting we can’t… I am interested!

  24. oye podrias hacer un video en espanol,,yo estoy muy interesado en comprar una maquina de estas me podias dar informacion porfavor

  25. Awesome video bro I enjoy all the knowledge you have given out on all your videos. I was wondering if they do printing for customers

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