Start A Business Online In 30 Minutes With Less Than $100! (Step By Step)

Start A Business Online In 30 Minutes With Less Than $100! (Step By Step)

can you start a business online with
just $100 I’m about to take this christy $100 u.s. bill and we’re gonna jump it
to my computer and see how much it will cost to start an online business and see
if we can actually do it for $100 or less so if you want to know if this can
be done stay tuned because we’re about to do it right now jump into my office
and let’s see what we can do with this $100 bill alright guys so the goal of
this video is to see if we can actually start a business online with $100 or
less is it possible can it be done this is
the question can it be done with less than $100 so let’s see what we’re going
to actually be doing guys is going through the steps and the cost laid out
for you on this page we’re gonna take you through step by steps you can see if
it’s possible and if you want to do something like this to start making
money online but just important move on guys I want to let you know that this is
not drop shipping this is not I’m not going to just add a YouTube channel I’m
not going to teach you how to do webinars or we’re not going to talk
about how to sell your own course okay you don’t know what webinars are don’t
worry it’s irrelevant so I’m not gonna talk about these four things guys for
this usually what people you know link to making money online at a lower budget
they usually talk about these types of methods but we are not going to be doing
that today my goal is of course to show you how you can make money on less than
$100 $100 more like how to start a business on less than $100 and can we
actually do it and I’m going to be showing you two methods to guys with two
ways of how you can actually achieve this one of one of them is a more
traditional way and one of them is my favorite way of doing it
now guys Before we jump into the training make sure you subscribe hit
that bow notification icon like this video and comment below because I give
away entry to my training every single week to one person in the comments if
you have any questions let me know below because I might feature your question in
one of my future videos now guys what are we talking about in this video what
are we going to be covering now I’m actually going to be covering a trend
that is happening right now and how you can jump into this and take advantage of
this and start to make some money now how much can you make I will talk about
that in a second I’ll actually show you some
but this trend is absolutely massive and it’s the online education trend and the
best thing is is you don’t need your own course however you can make money from
other people’s courses and it’s called affiliate marketing but we’re going to
show you how to do it properly well you don’t have to spend any money on
advertising and you don’t have to go out and beg people to purchase someone’s
course from you and spam all over the place to make yourself look like a bit
of a clown I’m gonna show you how to do it properly on a super low budget and
yes it will be below $100 we’re going to try and do that anyway so this is a
billion dollar market guys that’s growing at a absolutely insane rate is
only getting bigger and bigger these courses everywhere and people are making
millions billions of dollars from in this market right we do very well
selling courses ourselves now how much money can you make guys all of these
people on the screen and doing the exact myth that I’m about to teach you these
are people who are affiliate marketers for my courses right this is a 30 day
payment schedule so we have paid out to one affiliate over $40,000 in the last
30 days $40,000 guys and these are we’ve got
hundreds of them these are just 21 of them so what happens guys is you go and
find courses and they will pay a 50% Commission usually so you get 50% of
whatever they’re selling it for could be $200 a thousand dollars and I’m actually
gonna show you a way that you can make money from people’s courses that don’t
have an affiliate program they don’t actually pay out commissions but I’ll
show you how you can actually make money from their courses which is really
really cool this is the second myth that I talked about so guys there is lots of
money to be made and doing this stuff and it is very simple to set up I’m
going to show you step by step and I’m going to show the cost so I’m going to
take you through the more traditional way first then I’m going to take you
through the bitter way that is going to make you more money with less work and
then I’m going to give you an extra tip at the end on how you can build our
assets and build a long-term business doing this with little than a hundred
dollars guys you can build it out to an online business so the first thing we
want to do guys is step one we will need a website for this and it’s not very
hard to start a website stuff going to show you so step number one is
get our website and name okay that’s step number one you need to do
that and you need to pay for a website guys don’t be cheap and trying to offer
for free and trust me if this doesn’t work very well so let’s jump into my
Google guys and I would recommend Bluehost they do door deal with me
however there’s other ones you can use as well now some people might be saying
I don’t want to buy a website I don’t want to spend money in a web site
guys web site is so cheap nowadays you should have one I’ve got hundreds of web
sites in my affiliate businesses and other things I’m doing drop shipping
stuff they’re so cheap now literally so cheap so what you want to do guys is go
to your favorite web site hosting platform ok and go to get started or
whatever you’ve got to do and you’re going to get a domain name and you’re
going to get a plan now I’m gonna click on these select here and we’re going to
go to the plan how it and I’m going to just choose a a name here now the name
doesn’t really particularly matter too much I mean honestly it doesn’t for the
Smith it you can just put anything I’m going to put Frank’s reviews okay I’ve
made for the thing it there doesn’t really matter in this particular method
so just put like most of my affiliates have just weird named websites or random
names or even just their name so for example Franklin Hatchett calm or
something right so I’m gonna go to next guys and this is going to be your domain
name your website name okay and I’m going to show you how to get traffic
guys without putting a much work don’t worry go down and fill in all the
details guys and you want to select the 12 month plan it’s a little bit more
expensive it’s going to cost you fifty nine dollars and forty cents per year
extremely cheap you can uncheck site lock and tech code guard but I would
recommend leaving on domain privacy okay you don’t have to if you don’t have that
on it’s going to cost you fifty nine dollars if you do have that on it’s
going to cost you $71 per year I’m going to uncheck that okay and we’re going to
get this fifty nine dollars and forty cents so that is our first cost okay
fifty nine dollars and forty cents let me just redo that sorry guys forty
cents okay as our first cost number one now once
you actually go through this guy I’m not gonna actually show you how to set this
up cause it’s very easy you just go down put in your credit card details click
Submit and they’re going to take you through the process of starting a
website with what we call the WordPress platform it’s very very easy to use and
once you actually set up the WordPress platform it’ll take you to a dashboard
that looks like this okay this is one of my websites and what it’s going to do
guys is you’re going to have a lot of a lot of kind of features okay and I’m
going to go through that in a second but first I want to actually show you what
we’re going to be doing okay it’s very very simple let me kind of take you
through what we’re actually going to be doing so guys step number one is get the
website a name alright we’re going to actually go to step number two and a
second because you have to actually find some stuff to sell however I’m going to
show you the kind of process here let me just I’m trying to do this as fast as
possible about step by steps you understand if I go to econ elites econ
elites review there’s all these websites that shop guys and these are people that
have reviewed my product okay so this is where all of these commissions are
coming from and to write the content is completely free it doesn’t cost any
money they do the articles themselves and let’s kind of just go over some here
I don’t really want to expose their sites but you know there’s sorry guys
but you go through in it and it’s just a simple article because what people do is
they go online and they will search they will search Franklin Hatchett review or
econ elites review and these guys had their affiliate links in there and they
get a commission now when you when it costs you 50 bucks nine dollars to start
a website you can make that back in like two Commission’s or one commission
depending on the product you’re promoting and the good thing is is is a
really really low competition in Google so you can get your website ranked quite
high in these search results and start to get traffic guys you don’t need a lot
of traffic these guys are making money forty thousand dollars in 30 days 1,000
dollars in 30 days 800 dollars in 30 days the proof is there the money is
being made so once you actually start to get your website going you want to it’s
really simple so this is kind of how it looks like but you want to actually
find courses to read you now the easiest way is just to go to youtube and find a
Shopify guru or a affiliate marketing guru or just someone selling a course
okay contact them and say hey I want to promote your course and they’re going to
give you an affiliate link and you can promote that okay that’s the traditional
way however the way that I recommend you highly recommend you do is go to youtube
find someone that is new to the industry and the trying to sell a course go to
their particular course now they’re not going to have an affiliate system that
you can sign up to but that’s okay what you’re going to do is because they’re
new you’re going to take their name so this one is zero to six com
I think that’s what her courses called yep go to zero to six and I’m gonna
actually put that into YouTube and into Google guys and go review and you want
to look for two things okay first of all sorry first of all is there anyone else
ranking for this keyword no there’s not the reason and that’s a good thing
because that means that it’s going to be easy for us to go and rank for that
particular keyword and the second thing or local guys is just what kind of
websites are on the front page just go and kind of have a look and just see if
they’re big Authority websites you’re gonna have a bit of a hard time ranking
but if they’re not you can go out and rank in these in these particular things
now you might be thinking how do I go make money from this person when she
doesn’t even have an affiliate program guys it’s simple you go and write a
review in WordPress which I’m going to show you how to do in a second you write
a review about her particular product you can ask you can go on contact her
and say hey I would like to write a review can I can I get a copy can I have
a look on something and she might say hey yeah you can you can do that here’s
my affiliate link or if she doesn’t have an affiliate link you can write about
her product and recommend someone else’s course now the reason you want to do
that is because number one she is new to the industry people are going to be
searching for her and sorry number one people gonna be searching for her number
two there’s no competition no one else has done reviews on her course this is
my secret method and this is how a lot of people are making money with
affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s courses in the
and this online you know in the industry online so it’s very very simple guys now
so yeah traditional method go and find your
favorite guru and say how when I write a review about your course and they’ll
give you a fill-in link okay and you can go and rank it and but the problem with
that is is a little bit of competition the second method which is the best you
gonna find a course that doesn’t have an affiliate your affiliate system see if
they do and someone that’s new to the game because there’s less competition
and you can rank higher okay there’s not as much search volume however it doesn’t
really matter too much we need to do is make back 50 all you need to do at this
point is make back to fifty nine dollars and 12 months which you can easily do by
doing this particular method so what do you do guys it’s really simple we want
to go and create articles like these ones and simply get them ranked in
Google when people search for particular store review and stuff sorry
course review and stuff like that it’s quite simple to do
alright let me show you I’ll show you literally inside I’ll show you right now
it’s really easy so first you want to once you sign up and get your website
going that you literally just paid 56.50 nine dollars for extremely cheap do you
want to get a cheaper monthly deal you just go for the longer term so two or
three years but we’ve done the the last one so step two guys is to find a course
to write about or find a course you can compare to another course and promote
the other one okay now this might seem like hey why are you promoting another
course when you’re talking another one guys this internet everyone’s doing this
this is just standard affiliate marketing however a lot of people you
know the online education niche is booming so there’s still a lot of room
for people to get in so that’s tip number two guys find the course to write
about it what’s step number three okay and guys this is free to do so this is
free step number three is write an article write it guess what guys you can
pay someone if you want but we want to keep we want to keep under this hundred
dollars so what do you do right and article once again this is free this one
costs to win your money you can just do it yourself so step 2 find a course and
write about it okay see if have an affiliate link and if they don’t then
you just compare it to another course like I’m not going to show you my
affiliate websites because they probably don’t want me to but if you go search it
you commonly through you’ll see but Davis right about it and then they
have a little affiliate link down here get it here that’s an affiliate link or
their write about someone else’s dropshipping course and then mention
mine because it’s cheaper and stuff okay now once you actually have your website
started guys it’s simple you want to do first of all you want to go to our
plugins okay and you want to put in the plugins section sorry you want to go to
let me just go to here add new plugin okay this is a first step and you need a
plug-in called the CEO Yost put an SEO in the search bar there and go to a
ghost SEO and install this okay I want to show you how to use this to rank your
website on the top of Google so when people search EECOM elites review best
e-commerce review or Franklin Hatchett review people that you know see like if
we search guys like I said if we search econ elites review with where is it here
all of these websites show up and if we click on them guys there’s an article
and people are going to click on there and people are going to make money the
person that owns this website is going to make money from affiliate commissions
okay and you know I’m just using my courses as an example you can go on
promote anybody’s cost I’m not telling you to buy my course so yeah install
Yoast SEO guys okay now the second thing you want to do guys is you want to go to
post you actually want to put an install a theme so that’s pretty easy as well
you can just go to down to appearance guys and go to themes and you can pick a
theme to install on your website now the front of your website doesn’t matter too
much because we’re not trying to rank that particular page in Google we’re
trying to rank what we call the inner pages so you just install a theme
a free one that’s fine for now um now when you sign up to Bluehost awaiting a
platform you want to use they will show you how to log in and the store
WordPress and get to this point okay it’s very simple now you want to go to
PI you want to actually create a post okay
only go to add new now they’re a three really important things you want to do
right now number one is the title is very very important because that’s going
to have to get ranked at the top the article is very very important as well
and then the Yoast SEO plugin is very important as well now let’s pretend that
we are trying to rank for the keyword EECOM elites review now to you just not
think about my course for a second you’ll just change the course name so I
don’t know anyone off the top of my head Tai Lopez bla bla review is some guru
and so let’s just say econ elites review first of all guys to get ranked on the
front page of Google when people search to see to get your website to show up
you want to copy this guys and you want to make sure it’s at the front of the
post title okay okay this is really important and then put something there
and go is is it right for you the reason I want to put ekam elites review
personal title is because that’s what google recommends next guys you want to
actually write your article okay so I love this course because of this blah
blah blah now I’m not going to obviously write out a whole article here it’s very
simple you just put in your your content okay now inside here guys you want to
put your read your keyword inside the article a few times I recommend one one
per 200 words okay you don’t want to overdo it so for every 200 words you
want to you want to repeat the word EECOM elites review so I might say in
this and this econ elites review I would love to show you this and then maybe
show them inside the course or something like that or I would love to talk about
this just make sure you have econ elites review in there a few times and make it
natural okay now obviously if you were going to compare my course to somebody
else’s so let’s say hey Franklin doesn’t have a affiliate program you
would put an e-commerce review as well but you’ll also put keywords from the
other person’s course as well as that will help you as well now just I did
forget guys you want to go to permalink here and click Edit and you want to edit
this and also put your keyword in here and go to okay okay so we’ve ikana let’s
review here we have accomodates review here or or could be another course name
you know it doesn’t have to be mine obviously
and in fact we’re not even open to affiliates at the moment so please don’t
ask to get in because we’re not we’re not open till it’s right now and then
make sure you have some content in here I would recommend at least 1,000 words
okay there should take you around about half an hour to an hour to write that
out not long at all so you’ve spent fifty dollars guys to get started super
super easy and you can get an article up within an hour next guys is the
important NIT is the next important part so what Yoast is going to do guys is you
can change the title and this is going to be what shows up when people actually
search let me just see if I can get okay let’s put it on here this is going to be
what shows up when people actually search for that term okay so this guy
have a look here so I’m going to put once again put econ elites review and
then put I just reviewed reviewed sorry about my spelling guys this course and
this is what I found you want to kind of leave with a question at the end or like
a cliffhanger because this is what people first see you want people to
click on your article and the more people that click on your article the
more Google sees that people like your content so they put it up in the and the
search engine for you right so I had just reviewed this course and this is
what I found people I hey what are you fine I’m gonna click on this alright
then you also want to put in the mirror description some content as well now I
don’t recommend you put EECOM elites first in the middle description because
it becomes over optimized then and google also like that put something like
um I just went and looked at Franklin’s course and this is
my econ beliefs review that I think you will love obviously write something
better than that okay and what I’m going to do now guys
is actually click I’m gonna click publish we’ll publish this particular
article and what I’ve done is I’ve simply gone econ elites review is it
right for you if we go preview changes real quick you’ll kind of see what’s
going on here so II kama leaps review is a right for you and here’s my content
and then it’s a bit messy guys if you want to know how to actually make your
site look good you could learn that for free as well I
have some tutorials on there or you can simply go on YouTube and find some
tutorials and how to make your website look nice this is an a tutorial on that
but what I’ve done guys is we’ve just created a website where this will go and
rank in Google and then when someone goes and looks for that course review or
that course information or something like that hopefully you will show up at
the top and you will put your affiliate link in and get some money now and so
what we’ve done guys is we’ve done the title we’ve done the URL that’s all
that’s called we’ve done the article here there’ll be a lot more there when
you do it and then we’ve done the the SEO description down here now how do you
put in an affiliate link guys it’s very easy so you might put some words here by
the course here you highlight this guys and click on the little chain link up
here and then just put in your website so HTTP colon slash slash online dimes
comm which is another one of my websites and then I’m just going to go apply now
when I click update guys and I go to preview this again I have now a link
here that links back to one of my other websites when people click on that they
will go back to my website online dimes calm there loads of it slow and and then
then we’ll link back to the course that you’re trying to promote and you will
get a fifty percent commission if they purchase but the whole aim of the game
guys is to think outside the box that’s really critical you can go and do
articles on course review and stuff and that’s fine on some of the biggest
courses and the in the industry but it’s going to be hard to rank so
you want to go for new courses that have just come out if they have an affiliate
program because they will start to get popular and you want to also go for
courses that don’t have an affiliate program so you can compare them to
another course that has an affiliate program and you’re basically what it’s
called it’s called jacking their traffic traffic jacking you’re taking the
traffic from the other course and recommending another course that has an
affiliate link guys so I’ve literally just showed you how you can go out there
and start a website for $59 guys and forty cents come on guys that’s cheap
man like that’s under $100 you saw a little bit more to go step to find a
course to write about guys you can do it for free there is hundreds of YouTube
channels with people selling courses right now I get people contacting me
every day asking to be an affiliate for me people are doing this guys people are
doing this guys and they’re getting results they’re getting literally
results from exactly what I’m showing you on the screen there’s no excuses I’m
literally laying it right out on the table for you obviously I can’t show you
everything step-by-step because we’ll be here forever I can’t show you how to do
the website and stuff and make it pretty you can go and do some research and how
to do that yourself but I’m laying everything out here guys and how you can
do this now you’ve found the course you go write the article it’s simple step
three is to go and write the article okay and then step four is to post the
article okay so step four guys is to post the article and once again guys
that’s free to do I just showed you how to publish an article now what’s step
number five what’s the extra trick I was talking about insight at the start of
this training guys with your website you want to actually have what we call email
forms and you want to collect emails and build an email list this is critical to
starting your online business I have an email list of hundreds of thousands of
people I can go and send an email right now in fact I just did a launch on my
course last week and I sent out emails a couple of emails did six figures right
heaps we did really really good and that’s from sinning a few emails so you
build up these assets guys and what does go to plugins real quick and we will go
to I’ll show you right email form and you want to put these email forms on
your website and collect emails so when a new course comes out you can say hey
guys this new cost has dropped here’s an affiliate link alright well you can go
to a website called and they have a list of products they’re
launching every single day and you can promote those products to your list and
it builds up and builds up and you get this big audience where you can go and
send out money I send out emails guys and make money so guys there is all of
these easy you know ninja forms easy to build powerful forms all of this stuff
in fact if we go to my website here guys when we go to my blog here you’ll see
down below ok this is a bad example but let’s just kind of go I’ll show you
something real quick just give this up real quick for you guys ok guys so on
this website there is a drop down box where it collects an email and down here
people click on this that pops up and I’m collecting an email so you want to
find plugins like this one where you can actually clicked emails but what you
want to do guys and is very important is use these applications but integrate
them with a third party email marketing system the reason you want to do that is
because you have more control you can export your list and you can do whatever
you like with it now I recommend get response because it’s very very cheap
and what this allows you to do guys is build out an email list and have a list
of customers you can promote to so there is a cost with this so let’s add this to
the list the cost of this is pretty cheap I think it’s a lot cheaper then
you would you would think so we have $10 per month and we have thirty two dollars
per month Isis and euros so I’d say a little bit more for us so let’s just say
15 dollars per month okay so let’s add this to our thing guys step five number
five collect emails they say that costs you
$20 per month okay alright let’s say that okay so you know you can go you can
go choose this package I’ll leave links for all the stuff below guys you can go
and choose these packages and you can go and collect emails build an email us any
marketer online that’s making millions of dollars right now will tell you the
best tool is the email marketing list that is the
best asset that’s how they make pretty much all of their money it’s that so
guys you create this email list and now our cost is at 70 what are we at we’re
sorry sixty seventy eighty we’re at eighty dollars and forty cents and would
it and like crazy guys and literally just told you how you can start making
money online for less than $100 guys so let’s recap get a website under name $59
find a course promote that course or find their course and compare that to
another course and promote it super easy guys free to do write an article free I
just showed you how to do that post the article free just push the button
collect emails 20 bucks per month to do that if you want you don’t have to do
that you don’t have to do that but I highly recommend it and it falls under
our $100 limit okay guys that’s it it’s so simple and you’re creating articles
like this guys and they will rank in Google okay and you can get results like
this they will rank in Google and you will get traffic and you only think
about how do I get the traffic Franklin well people are searching for things we
just did a launch recently like I said a few weeks ago our flips made thousands
of dollars because what happens guys is people go hey I want to know more about
this course I don’t want to buy it right now I’m gonna go and search and Google
and you can bring it up a notch guys into YouTube videos if you like but
that’s free but people are gonna search and Google guys because they are
intrigued they’re interested but they don’t want to pull the trigger just yet
okay guys so these are the results I literally just showed you how you can
start a business or under 100 dollars any money it’s right here so there’s no
excuse you can go and take a crispy $100 bill and start your own business on line
don’t forget to subscribe hit that notification Val leave a comment because
I might use your comment in a future video if you have any questions and that
appeals to a wider audience I’ll see you guys in the next video

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