Stanford GSB Research Fellows Program

Stanford GSB Research Fellows Program

The GSB research fellows program is a two
year pre-doctoral program that allows students between their undergraduate and
their PhD to obtain an in-depth research experience and form close
mentoring relationships with faculty.>>The research fellows program, I think,
is fantastic in that regard, that you can over a two year period of time really
get to know if a PhD is right for you. You get to work with faculty on a day to
day basis doing research in a way that you can’t any other way.>>Delving into this completely
unknown area of research and trying to navigate within that has been
really eye opening and really exciting, not to mention a big challenge. But that challenge has been a lot
of fun to be able to overcome.>>When you see the process that
the faculty go through to get to that end goal, seeing the mistakes,
seeing the ideas that don’t pan out, seeing the things that people try,
you realize that it’s not so inaccessible. But it does take a lot of art,
and practice, and craft.>>I think about research when
I am listening to a podcast and when I’m reading a book. I have all these questions and
this program gives me a framework and an environment to know how to answer
those questions in a vigorous and meaningful way.>>In the process,
I think people will discover that there’s some holes in their
own background potentially. We encourage our fellows to
take classes here at Stanford, either classes offered that to GSB,
or in the broader Stanford community.>>If you’re a research fellow, you get
to take classes in any department at Stanford, including economics,
political science, math, and statistics. So it really allows you to fill in any
gaps that you may have in your transcript.>>One thing that is really special about
the GSB here at Stanford is that it’s really built over the past few decades
a tradition of research excellence. I think fellows get to be immersed in that
culture and that’s tremendously valuable. They’re being encouraged to voice their
opinions, to think critically, and to be active participants
really in the research process.>>You’re also co-located
with the GSB PhD program, which means that you can
have peer relationships and social relationships with PhD students
who are just a little bit further along the career that the students
are embarking upon.>>What strikes me the most about
the research environment here at Stanford is how collaborative it is. The research fellows sit alongside
the PhD students, and we see how they, on a daily basis, are working with
one another to answer questions. Similarly, with faculty, we see them
working together on different projects. And it really creates an environment
where we want to work together in order to answer our
own research questions.>>Another unique part of our program
is that we emphasize the mentorship. These are really impactful relationships
and I think by making that integral part of the organization of the
program and the purpose of the program, we really prioritize the students more
than most programs than I’ve seen.>>When I was talking with one of my
faculty members and she said, I’m very invested in your success, it meant a lot
to me that she would be so invested.>>Each quarter, the faculty gather
to discuss the fellow’s progress. We talk about the fellow’s skills
development, how they are acquiring the tools that they need to
progress in the PhD program and we also discuss their life’s ambitions and
goals.>>One of the most valuable things
about this program is you get to work with such a wide variety of professors in
different fields on different projects. I think what an amazing community
this program has to offer you. What amazing tools it’s going to teach
you and the opportunity to work with people that you would otherwise
never be able to work with. So if research is what you’re interested
in, if research is what you like to do, this program is definitely
something you should consider. [MUSIC]

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