Standards Boost Business

Standards Boost Business

Everything you’ve touched today is
driven by standards. The lightbulb you turn on… the phone in your pocket… the
computer you use. Sometimes standards can even save lives. There are standards for
everything under the sun, but they all have some things in common. They level
the playing field and make sure that everyone is playing by the same rules.
And implementing standards in your business can help you decrease costs,
increase efficiency, and even give you access to new markets. According to the
latest estimates from the Department of Commerce, a whopping 93 percent of global exports are affected by standards. Businesses that not only adopt standards but also help develop new ones will have a leading edge in their industry. Those
that do not participate lose their chance to have a voice at the table, and wind up reacting rather than innovating. Standards can help turbo charge your
business… but don’t just take our word for it. On the Standards Boost Business
site you can watch video testimonials and read case studies of organizations that have discovered the power of standards and conformity assessment for themselves. Get involved today and learn how standards can boost your business.

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  1. Nice video. Check out more about the toy safety standard here:

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