ST Kinetic Build Medium Tank Using CMI C3105 105mm Cannon

ST Kinetic Build Medium Tank Using CMI C3105 105mm Cannon

ST Kinetics and Science Applications International
Corp. are partnering to rapidly develop combat vehicle prototypes to meet the U.S. Army’s
need as part of the Mobile Protected Firepower program. The goal is to develop and integrate a vehicle
that offers the Army an innovative solution that provides infantry forces access to combat
environments in 21st century operations. Based on ST Kinetics’ Next Generation Armored
Fighting Vehicle chassis and CMI Defence’s Cockerill Series 3105 turret currently in
production, SAIC will compete for an Engineering and Manufacturing Development contract to
build prototypes that incorporate a lightweight combat vehicle design while still providing
mobility and lethality for Army units. Such a vehicle will enable freedom of movement
and action, specifically for restrictive, urban operations but tailorable for full-spectrum
combat environments. SAIC’s entry into the MPF competition builds
on continued momentum in combat vehicle modernization, to include the company’s recent collaboration
with the Detroit Automotive Technologies Consortium and the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research,
Development and Engineering Center to assist in the development of the next-generation
combat vehicle – experimental prototype. “SAIC has developed a superior solution
that integrates mature, currently produced offerings from our industry partners, ST Kinetics
and CMI Defence. By marrying ST Kinetics’ chassis with CMI
Defence’s turret, SAIC can deliver a reliable vehicle that gives soldiers a new capability
in combat environments,” says Jim Scanlon, SAIC senior vice president and general manager
of the Defense Systems Customer Group. “Our NGAFV is an advanced system that is
fully digitalized, highly mobile and developed to support networked knowledge-based warfighting. A fleet of seven prototypes had been developed
and robustly tested over several years. As the NGAFV will be in production soon, this
platform brings minimal technical risk and a robust supply chain to the MPF program,”
says Dr. Lee Shiang Long, president of ST Kinetics.

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  1. Nice for some countries but the BAE expeditionary tank/ updated M8 Buford AGS will be selected for the U.. Army.

  2. OK—— When are they going to realize that if they widen the light tank out to 12 feet they can have a lower height, lighter tank that can handle the 120mm gun in a unmanned turret above the hull that is stable enough to fire around a 360 degree arc. something like the Russian Armata.

  3. We are far from Western technology.we only can built the shell???the rest outsourced from Western technology

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