– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s yo girl Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ I think it’s safe to say that
I am the sponsorship queen. I have no regrets about that,
I mean, just saying I don’t. I get a lot of great opportunities, but I think that one thing
that people don’t realize is that I actually say
no a lot more, by far, way more than I say yes to some
of the opportunities I get. There are just some sponsorships I never, ever, ever, ever take. Shout out to my girl, HeyParis. I love her, she’s one of my
favorite story time YouTubers. You guys should definitely check her out, she’s freakin’ hilarious. She did this video a long time ago, and I have a whole list and
this was one of the videos that I’ve been wantin’ to do. So in typical Jackie Aina fashion, we just gon get ready and
talk crap with one another. Sounds good, all right, pull up a chair. So I’m priming my skin. You guys, I used a moisturizer today that was like a little
greasier than normal, so I’ma try to go a little matte today. That was my NARS Pore
& Shine Control Primer. I’m gonna follow that up with a little FARSALI Skintune Blur. Ugh, that is not a booger, whatever was danglin’ next to my nose. That was from my primer. Before we get into my lil list, ’cause there’s definitely
some ahh’s and some ohh’s. The first thing that I
think we should definitely talk about is things
change, industries change, people’s opinions change, and sometimes I feel
like people forget that. Someone will try to clock
me for somethin’ that I said in a 2009 video, and I’m like sweetie, that was a decade ago. I’m allowed to change my mind. Just like you’re allowed to
fix the way you do your brows. Kay, we all got choices. (ambulance wailing) Thank you. Also, I feel like sponsorships are, like there’s somethin’ out
there for everyone, okay? So, just because I’m not a fan, this is my Laura Mercier
Translucent Powder, you guys know she loves to set her primer. Just because somethin’
does not work for me, it doesn’t mean that this is like a way to bash anybody else who does this. No, that’s not where I’m goin’ with this. For foundation I’m gonna
mix Sheer Glow from NARS and Natural Radiant Longwear. This is a really good combo. Contrary to what most might believe, I do have standards you guys. There actually are some things that I have to walk away from. The first sponsorship I would probably, and have yet to ever
do, is teeth whitening. I think it’s pretty obvious why. My teeth are already white. Nothing annoys me more
when a brand reaches out and they wanna pay me for something that I already have for free. Nothing irritates me more,
nothin’ grinds my gears more, than when brands don’t do the research. I feel like these brands
are just getting lazy. Like they’re just getting
lazy and they think just because we’re an influencer, and just because they have the money, or just because they meet your budget rate or your requirements, that
you’re just supposed to automatically do the
sponsorship and it’s like no. – No. – [Man] But you hesitated,
you thought about it. – I didn’t hesitate, ’cause that shouldn’t have been the question. – It’s not like a car, where
you have the money for it, and then you get it. That’s not how sponsorships work. I think that’s what they’re trying to do with the industry because I see it. I see it a lot. There are definitely some brands that are like, “Oh yeah, well, you know. “We have the money.” And it’s like, “Okay, but Jackie “doesn’t wanna do the product.” Like, I think that people
forget I actually have to like, and the product has to be sellable. So if I already have white
teeth, how’s that sellable? It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think at home teeth
whitening kits are dangerous, but maybe I’m in the minority and that I feel like you
should just go to a dentist. You should just go to a dentist, what happened to the dentist? Especially if you’re gonna do something like teeth whitening, ’cause
teeth whitening is a pretty, you know, that’s a pretty vain thing, so if you have the money to spend, go and do it by a professional. That’s your teeth, you
only get one set of teeth. I mean you could buy a new one, but then you gon’ have another problem. Veneers ain’t cheap, sweetie. I know y’all see them
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde before and after pictures on Instagram, and them rates for veneers, okay. I’m gonna take the Milani
Make it Last setting spray. I’ve been doing setting spray before. I kinda like mixing it in my foundation. I’ve been really enjoying
that method lately. This is the Stay Woke
concealer from UOMA Beauty in the shade Brown Sugar T4. We’re gonna do some correcting. The thing that scares me a little bit about teeth whitening kits, is the fact that they’re
so readily available now. Every brand has teeth whitening kits. You don’t even really know if that’s safe. You don’t even know like,
who in the hell made this? I knew we had gone too far as a society when they started doing teeth whitening at the same places they
do lash extensions. Am I missin’ somethin’? I feel like it shouldn’t be that way. One time when I was in high school, now mind you this was over 15 years ago, don’t roast me, okay? When I was in high school, they had Colgate White Strips and I would even trust that. I understand teeth whitening is expensive, but I feel like the next best thing would be goin’ to you local
drugstore, to your local Target, and getting a Colgate,
because you know that if it’s a Colgate or a Crest or, Crest White Strips, that’s what, Crest! Was it Crest White Strips? Yeah, it was Crest White Strips. I used the Crest White Strips
when I was like 15, 16, and I’m pretty sure they
probably still sell them. You can go get them at Target, I see them all the time at Target and do that before you
trust these Instagram codes. I get asked, “How are you teeth white?” What do you mean how? What do you mean how? When people want white teeth,
they get them whitened. If you have a dentist, ask
them about teeth whitening. Like that’s what they get paid for. And if you can’t do that,
that ain’t no problem! Go get Crest White Strip,
gonna do some contouring. I remember them being like 50, $60. I don’t know if that’s on par with what those little
teeth whitening kits at home will cost you but, the cheaper the kit is, the more likely you’re
ripping off your enamel. So just please be careful,
please tread lightly. There’s really no way to verify if those teeth whitening kits are safe. I will just stick to my
Arm & Hammer toothpaste, my little baking soda, that helps, too. I talked about that in
a video a long time ago. When we were kids, my mom
used to put baking soda on our toothpaste like once
a week and girl, that worked. So I’ll stick to that and using a straw and staying away from dark drinks because that seems to work just fine. It’s funny how I can really concentrate on my makeup when I don’t talk. Ha. I took that same concealer and I did some correcting under my eyes. Let me know if you guys want
me to do a more in depth, like you know I did, I did why your foundation routine sucks, I can also a whole spotlight
on concealers alone. Holla at me in the comments
if you wanna see what’s good. This is Brown Sugar T34
also from UOMA Beauty. So the next big no-no in sponsoredville. Ugh, is diet tea. Tea’s cool, tea’s a
great American past time. And if you on the other side of the pond, you really love a good
tea, mate, don’t ya. Rubbish. Like seriously, has anybody ever lost 10, 15, 20 pounds off tea alone? No exercise, just tea. I’m just constantly hearing people say, “This is the same stuff
my Jamaican mama give me.” Or, “This is the same stuff that you can “get at Walgreens for five bucks.” Like there’s too many
alternatives out there that basically act like laxatives,
aka, they flush you out. Okay, and if you not flush,
let’s talk about that. Let’s discuss that first. And then also I just feel
like they’re kinda corny, like okay I’m gonna go stand by my stove that I touch once every six months and pretend like I just made
a kettle, which I like tea. I actually do drink tea at home. Lovelyti here on YouTube, she’s
another YouTuber, obviously, she’s another YouTuber who does lifestyle, she does social commentary,
and popular culture and gossip, she’s basically in the gossip genre, except she actually shows
her face and isn’t a copycat. And isn’t paid by other people. She’s great! I love her, she actually has personality, she brings perspective, she says things that sometimes people don’t wanna hear. Love that about her. Ti is her nickname and
she ended up comin’ out with her own line of teas. That I would promote. I would promote that, but I
wouldn’t do it for payment. I would just drink it and
shout her out, ’cause actually, funny enough, I need to put
that on my list of things to do. I really wanna try her teas. Once again, it wouldn’t make sense. I’m already relatively pretty fit, I don’t know how I would
actually influence someone to do something like buying a diet tea. I just feel like no one would buy it. I feel like no one would buy into it. I feel like there’s a new diet tea company poppin’ up every week. They’re definitely trying to cash in. They’re not slick, I
see what they’re doing. If you’re into it, that’s fine, but I kind of feel like we’re post, I feel like we’re past that phase. Remember when Instagram,
that was the really the only thing you
could make money off of. There are so many other flourishing, budding opportunities out there. I just don’t feel like tea
makes the most sense for me. For me it has to make
sense, you know what I mean? Because I want a little
bit extra highlight, I’m gonna take my NARS
concealer in the shade Caramel. This is obviously not my
shade, but that’s the point. Just for a lil brightening, brightening, brightening, brightening. Tea only makes sense
one, if it’s your brand and you actually know for a fact it works. Two, if you make it easy
and accessible for people, like don’t jack up the
price four times, sis, just because you got 50,000 followers, bring it down a notch. You’re at a 10, bring
it down to like a three. And if you’re in fitness. If you’re in the business of fitness, if you are a fitness influencer, if you are documenting
a weight loss journey and you’re actually using it,
then I think by all means, if it makes sense for you
as a brand, then do it. That’s slightly different from
already being toned and fit, and then all of a sudden you’re, girl we know you not usin’ it! I really hope that this
doesn’t become a video where people jump in the comments and feel like they have to defend things that they like, this isn’t what
it’s about, please spare me. Because believe it or not,
I think people are curious. Like what would you take
on as a partnership, or what makes you say no or decline a sponsorship or an opportunity? And also for someone who’s
never done sponsored content, this video may be helpful for someone. I want all my videos to
be helpful, in general. We interrupt you’re regularly
scheduled programming to bring you, baking. (upbeat music) And I’m not even gonna
attempt to try to do my brows while talking so we’re just gonna skip right ahead through there as well. Okay, back to business. It’s eye base time. Gotta take a little bit of my Too Faced Multi Sculpting
Born This Way Concealer and prep my lids. All right, hear ye, hear
ye, listen up people. I’m not doing any more
Smashin’ Fova sponsorships. Now if you can put two and two together, I’m not gonna say the name, but it rhymes with Smashin’ Fova, so we’re gonna call it Smashin’ Hova. Smashin’ Fova, Splashin’ Hova,
whatever you wanna call it. I did a whole in depth video on this one. I like their clothes, they’re
cheap, they’re accessible. They knock off everything, a
little bit too much sometimes. But I just really, really
had a problem with the image. They have an image problem there. I try to give brands the
benefit of the doubt. If someone doesn’t know any better, then that’s one thing, right? How can people expect
so much of you, right? But when I found out this brand had been privately reached
out to by another influencer, or multiple different influencers, about their image problem,
and I’m not gonna get too in depth because like I said, I’ve already done the video on this one, so you need to go ahead and watch it. And so, a lot of people were like, “Well, you work with them.” Blah blah blah, see the thing
that I have a problem with is, people pick and choose when they wanna complain about things. Okay, so for example. If I had worked with a company and I had said nothing I
would have been a hypocrite. I would have been every name in the book. I would have been a sell out, I would have been every name in the book. If I was still working with them, and then I took a moment and said, “Actually, I’m noticing this,
let’s do something about it.” I’m still a hypocrite. I’m confused. Do you want people to be
unbiased, even with money or not? You really have to pick one because there is definitely
going to be a time, maybe you’ve accepted payment, or maybe you’ve worked with a
company that isn’t so stellar. I’m sure at your job your
boss probably has said some racially insensitive things or has probably said something that could have been discriminatory, or maybe you have a coworker that does something
that’s not quite legal. Do you say stuff? Hmm? Do you quit you job? No. Do you always agree with some of the things your colleagues do? Probably not. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be the change that
you wanna see in the industry. I’m gonna take Miss Rustic
Glam from Christen Dominique. I’m gonna start with Suede,
that looks like a really good, that looks like a really
good crease color, and you know we love a crease color. We love a crease color over here. Sometimes I think people think
I function like Trendmood. I love Trendmood by the
way, but Trendmood is a around the clock service
that I’m pretty sure is not even just one person. They find beauty news and beauty launches and they post about them
all throughout the day. I don’t function like Trendmood, though. I don’t always know when
brands are doing something that maybe isn’t the
biggest or best PR move. I don’t follow every brand
that I work with on Instagram. So sometimes someone else may
catch something before me, or something could completely slip through the cracks and I won’t know. So Suede, blending out our crease. Honestly sometimes I
feel like I don’t know if people just expect that I’m
supposed to know everything about every single brand, I don’t. Do I sometimes catch on a little bit late? Sure, I’m human. I work with multiple different companies. There are multiple different launches, there’s different scandals, it’s a lot. It’s a lot to keep up with. Even for the average consumer. So when I did that video, a couple people were like,
“Well you should know better.” Blah blah blah. Yeah, sure you could say I
should know better, but I didn’t. But I didn’t, so when
I found out I was like, “Wait, why y’all Instagram. “Why y’all Instagram look like this.” And then also you have
to realize you guys, when I work with brands,
I’m lookin’ for a pattern. Sometimes I think they
reach out to people like me and other influencers like me because they’re trying to be the change that people are asking for. So another great example
of this is, PR trips. Oh, everybody’s favorite
conversation is about PR trips. I remember a time where brands used to get roasted, roasted, roasted! They used to get
obliterated for not inviting black influencers and
then when they invite black influencers, we get
mad at the black influencers because they’re taking sponsorships and trips from brands
that don’t represent, I mean which, like which one is it? People are so exhausting. People are so exhausting! Do you want black representation or not? What do you want, what do you want, what do you want, what do
you want, what do you want? Do you want those opportunities to be open to everyone or no? ‘Cause it sounds like you don’t. Or it sounds like you
want it for yourself. A great example of this
was another fashion brand, never heard of them before,
they had a swimsuit line. So they were like, “Hey, we’d love to “send you some clothes.” Blah blah blah. And they actually had cute swimwear. And I, you know, took a little creep over on their Instagram and I personally wasn’t a fan of what I saw. And I sent them a really
professional response, and I said, “You know what, “I really appreciate you offering, “but I don’t see, you know, “where’s the melanin on your page? “I don’t really feel like
this is on brand for me, “doesn’t really feel like
it would be a good fit. “A lot of my followers look like me “and I don’t see that
reflected on your page.” They were like, “Actually,
that’s the reason “why we reached out to you,
because we wanna change that.” I told them, “You know
what, I really respect that. “Thanks for taking the feedback
and not taking it personal. “Holla at me in six months. Holla at me, let’s see if you
actually are changing things. “Holla at me in six
months and we’ll talk.” But if I see that a brand
is getting that feedback and they’re not doing anything with it, – You know, we could settle it
however you wanna settle it. We could talk about it,
or we could fight it out. I’m with whatever. – While we take Wanderlust, this is a really nice
chartreuse silvery green. I’m gonna pop that onto my
lid, oh that’s so pretty. A lot of us on social
media are giving brands free consulting, free marketing plans, and either they care or they don’t. Next I’m gonna take the
Chroma Crystal Top Coat, I’ve never used this
before from Natasha Denona. These are really pretty. It is a duo chrome top coat,
I guess it’s like a pigment. I just wanna add some, oh, that’s pretty, some dimension to this green. Oh, that is so pretty. Sometimes I feel like people aren’t honest about representation in beauty because once we finally get
it, people still complain, or they just critique the
influencer and find fault in them, and it’s like honestly you really should feel more some type of way
that someone’s being paid and not saying anything
versus them being like, “Hey, wait a minute, wait
a minute, wait a minute, “pause the checks real fast. “Thank you, the checks are cute. “Now that I’m on the inside, “here’s what I think you should be doing.” Sometimes to be the change you wanna see in the industry you really
do gotta be on the inside. I’m gonna take this “Game of
Thrones” The Night King liner that I got from that
Urban Decay collection they came out with. I’m gonna line my bottom lash line. I wanted something blue. Definitely blue da ba de da ba die, if I was green I would die. I’ma take Evil Eye, this blue here. I don’t like that name,
Christen, I’m scared. I feel like I’m gonna have to pray now. But it’s just a cobalt
blue, a matte cobalt blue. And I’m gonna blend that
along my bottom lash line. (upbeat music) Well, well, well, look what we have here. That is really, wow. That is a blue, oh my God. I’m gonna buff this out with
a slightly fluffier brush. This is from ZOEVA, I like these brushes. This is the 225 Luxe Eye Blender. I just like it ’cause it’s pink. I’ma just start buffin’ and
roughin’ and a-toughin’. For my lashes, I’m going to throw on the I-Envy KPEI girl, this name. It is the style 121 from this collection. Oh, I love a fresh pair of these lashes. ♪ It’s lash time, it’s lash time ♪ Now this is actually one of
those things that as a YouTuber, you might not really see
the problem with this, but it was, it was actually
some of the perspectives that I’ve seen that you guys,
’cause I’m not gonna say who does it, it is a thing. Sometimes we gotta come up with new, creative ways to talk
about sponsored products, okay, I’ma just keep it real. Sometimes you start
runnin’ out of ideas, girl. You start trying to integrate
as best as you can, sis. You call yourself doin’ a favorites video, I totally get it. But the problem is, if
you’re talking about products that you organically really love, it doesn’t really make sense
to plug in a sponsorship. Then that experience taints the whole video for the user, you know? And I honestly, I would’ve
never thought of it that way because there’s so many
products that are favorites that I’ve worked with and I have a working relationship with the brand, and that I would definitely
take a sponsorship for because I love them already. Some things are hands off, and some things are
just like okay, nah bro. It was honestly just based on how I saw other people gettin’ roasted for it, so I was like, “I’m not gonna be the one.” ♪ I am not the one ♪ ♪ If you’re paying me, please
do it for somethin’ else ♪ ♪ ‘Cause my heart ain’t
doin’ no favorites ♪ ♪ And if you’re payin’ me,
do it for somethin’ else ♪ ♪ Oh baby, I don’t wanna
sponsor favorites ♪ (beatboxing)
(snapping fingers) Yes, I am a retired beatboxette. I’m gonna throw on bronzer,
while my lash glue dries. This is my Prime Beauty bronzer. I’m letting my lash glue dry, so, I’m getting down to the last
two things I wanna talk about. I ain’t doin’ no fitness
sponsorships, man. Like I’m just not the one. I’m just not the one. Call Bundle of Brittany, sis. She’s actually good at that
and she’s actually athletic. I’m not! Could I be in 10 years? I don’t know, what if I have
like a quarter mid life crisis and I decide I wanna
be a triathlon athlete. We got places to go girl, dry! I’m gonna throw on some ABH brow gel. My brows look a little bent
today, what am I going through? I swear there’s this one brush that freakin’ disappears
every time I sit down and get ready to use it. ♪ Where’d you go, I miss you so ♪ ♪ Seems like it’s been forever
since you’ve been gone ♪ I found it! Also, I’m kinda iffy on this one, only because it would be
another results driven, fitness health stuff that I’d have to ingest driven type of industry. And I’ve actually promoted them before. I wouldn’t anymore though,
but I wouldn’t do vitamins because I just don’t know
how to show receipts on that. I like to be able to show you guys good before and after, I love to be able to show
you guys a good progress, and I just don’t necessarily know if you can do that with all vitamins. You kinda can’t. This Morphe M501, ugh, I know they make some
questionable decisions, but I’m not getting rid of this brush. Find me a dupe! While I throw on my falsies, let’s talk about do’s and
don’ts of sponsorships, okay? For sponsorships, call this laziness, call this whatever you want, but it has to be an easy sell, okay. So don’t call me to sell Easy-Bake Ovens, don’t call me to sell lawnmower, don’t call me to sell a video game, don’t call me to sell your sisters butter pecan popcorn recipe. I respect it, but it ain’t me. I can honestly talk about
makeup with my eyes closed. Like I’m gonna use those products and talk about them for free anyway. Which brings me to another point. Would I use it for free? Would I use this product if I wasn’t necessarily paid for it? That’s a big question,
that’s a big question. That is what will make
something a easy sell. If it’s,
(vehicle engine humming) If it’s a product that I would use anyway then, hell yeah you could pay me. Calm down, dial it down. Not everyday take money for every product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that will automatically
grant you a sponsorship, I’m just sayin’ that that’s generally how I like to look at it. Years ago I used to have
a very tight, strict, only, only, only, only,
only beauty sponsorships, but then I kind of thought about it and it’s like I don’t necessarily only wanna be known for beauty, and I don’t wanna be boxed in. I’ve worked with companies
that sell menstrual discs, I’ve worked with a very
popular company here on YouTube where you can listen to books. Now there are sometimes sponsorships where I like the product,
don’t necessarily love it. Let’s be very clear, and
let’s also be very honest. You can not love every
product that you like. You just cannot love every
product that you like. It’s not realistic and it’s not even like I would be a liar to sit here and be like, “I love this product!” I will always like the
products that I talk about or I’m paid to promote on my channel. Also, I would never use a
product that doesn’t work. I’m gonna take this Alamar
Cosmetics blush trio. I think this is the medium one. This is the medium tan. ♪ Yeah, oh. ♪ We’re gonna take Toasted, nice and pink. It’s so funny to me,
I don’t know if people do this on purpose, but I’ll post an ad, and someone in the comments will be like, “Do you really like this product?” (dramatic music) – Huh? – And I’m like, you really think I’ma lie in the caption but then
tell the truth in the, why would I do that? Products don’t just stop working because the person was
paid to promote them. I’ll tell you my two
non-negotiables with sponsorships and then I’m gonna wrap this video up. But first I’m gonna highlight. I’m gonna apply the Enlight powder from Ms. Denessa Myricks
in the shade Heaven Sent. ♪ Sent from heaven ♪ How bout sent from the
kitchen, girl, I’m hungry. Look at how pretty. Look at her. Oh, it’s so icy. Maybach music, oh my God that’s so pretty. Now the one thing that I
don’t do with sponsor videos, or just brands in general,
’cause y’all need to y’all need to stay in your lane and let us, the experts here, let’s stay in your lane and
let us do what we do best. I don’t like whenever
a brand tries to get me to promote a product that I don’t like. Stop forcing it, leave me alone! You don’t just get Jackie
Aina’s seal of approval just because you can meet
Jackie Aina’s required rates, that’s not how it works. I know I touched on that earlier, but I’m just reiterating it. It rarely happens, like
very rarely, but it happens. It definitely happens. I’ve definitely had some brands try it. And they don’t outright say it,
of course they don’t say it. Of course they don’t say we want you to lie about this product. That’s not what they say. It’s what they imply. Girl, do you see all three million of these people that follow me, you know they’ll roast me, right? And then they gon roast you. But you’re only gonna
get 10% of the roast, I’ma get 90% of it. It ain’t worth it. And you know what, another
thing that I’ma say, as much as people talk crap about the sponsored products that I promote, how many times have you
ever seen someone say that those recommendations were bad. How many times you heard that? How many times you, you
liked the product, right? Okay. We’re gonna spray it down with the Milani Make it Last matte spray again. To line my lips I’m gonna
use Kliner from Colorpop. Stop sendin’ me those damn emails. Then I’m gonna take the tinted
hue stick in the shade Purr. This is actually my first time using it. Definitely too light for my complexion, but as a lippie though,
it’s a pretty light pink. Oh, I actually really
like that on my lips. I’m gonna take a gloss from Boten Beauty, they make some of my
favorite glosses you guys. They are African owned and
they are also Muslim owned. The shade that I’m using is Lovers Lane. Oh, it smells so good. The last non-negotiable from
me and my sponsored content is don’t ask me to not disclose. Don’t even ask me, it’s not gonna happen. It’s a done deal, it’s a stupid
question, absolutely not. You can ask me in any different variation or way or scenario as you want, the answer will always be no! Always be no! My team, we actually
ethically work with brands and we try to be as honest as possible, and as it relates to purposely bashing or talking negatively about other brands, you can never pay me to do
that, I think that’s stupid. And I always, always, always
say no when brands say they don’t wanna disclose
because in their head they say, “If you don’t disclose,
we will get more sales.” And I just hit them with a big
fat, “That’s not my problem.” When you come to me as an influencer, I have a duty and a responsibility to be honest about that
working relationship that I have with you and
I will never do anything to jeopardize that ever, ever, ever. There is no amount of money
that could be enough to say, “Yeah, I’ll delete the description box.” No. All right you guys, so
here’s the final look. I really, really like the look that we pulled together with Rustic Glam. She was cute. The final takeaway that I want
you guys to learn from this, everyone, consumers, and
influencers aspiring, you have the power. That’s why brands come to you, whether you have 1,000 followers or whether you have
four million followers. Don’t let that get to your head, and also don’t take that for granted. Hopefully you guys enjoyed
hangin’ out with me today. Hopefully you’ll enjoy another video which I’ll just conveniently
place right here. And what you can do is if
you wanna take too long and play games and you don’t
wanna click the next video, you could just look at my highlight. Why you still here?

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  1. Sliding in here to give that palette the love it deserves. It delivered pigment. It delivered shimmer. It delivered a beautiful blendable formula. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

  2. I definitely appreciate this video, especially as someone try to grow on social media. Sponsorships are so obvious when the influencer really knows nothing about the product/service. You'd think they'd catch how fake they look when editing but….. nope.

  3. As someone who’s gotten professional teeth whitening – don’t doooo ittt. It’s UNBELIEVABLY expensive and the results d o n o t last as long as they say. Not to mention the severe pain I was in for the 12+ hours after the procedure.

    Crest whitening strips work & I’ve purchased teeth whitening kits at my local tanning salon which I have amazing results from.

    Don’t always trust the more expensive option.

  4. Okay Jackie.. You are so beautiful inside and out . im not even two minutes in and you have me rolling. Such a beautiful spirit I love you so much!! God will continue blessing you for bringing smiles to our faces ?

  5. It’s ok to make money, make a living, even when you know something negative be the person who says less and just separates yourself from it. And live better away from that.
    It’s called growing..
    No one is perfect and we cannot please everyone all the time.

  6. That stay woke concealer by whooo?’ Lol I listened 3 times and couldn’t make it out lmao…

  7. I wish i could shake your hand you are a crazy kind of funny yet real af type of woman and am judging from my 2nd time watching you…. i had to subscribe i need your type of vibe in my life cos am the same?

  8. Yea hova nova is ridiculous with their body images. I refuse to shop there because I don’t have the body they market for. ? Love your work.

  9. It’s about time someone talks about it. I use IG & there’s a lot of celebrities who promo the shakes , teas , pills & their ALREADY fit af !

    Let that sink in man !!!! ????

  10. Omg ti actually made me come to your channel she loves you and now I love you ???? I can listen to you talk and do makeup all day currently bringing your videos playlist by playlist

  11. havent seen jckie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie!! in a while! missed you girl i love this look my fav is that blue eyeliner!

  12. “I’m allowed to change my mind just like you’re allowed to fix the way you do your brows” – THE PURE UNADULTERATED SHADE THO ??

  13. Jackie Girl .. honestly is huge is this industry and you tell us like it is.. and for that.. I love you ???

  14. I feel really bad that you have to defend yourself when your channel is a medium for positive social change. I don't even think about trying makeup you haven't reviewed and as a 40yo woman, am only able to be so extra with shades that I believe your channel was influential in proving the need for! How dare people flex muscles in the comment section, that they damn sure don't have in real life! The nerve!

  15. The Nars foundations look very lovely on your skin! Color is so nice and though full coverage, looks comfortable (at least on video).

  16. The lash time song is hilarious ??? I do not wear lashes but i wouldn’t mind wearing them just to sing the song ????????

  17. gyrl u r life itself so love how ur realness no matter what video i pop in too watch of you never give me fake jackie everrrr….Keep being tru that's exactly why u r where u r now boo….thanxx for the knowledge

  18. Make up lately is so time consuming and so much product.
    I just don't have time and I really and not great at putting makeup on myself. 🙁
    Would love to learn or try a full face though.
    But does your skin feel greasy?

  19. jackie , what blending brush were you using for your cream contour and your forehead concealer? Thank u love ☀️

  20. Yyyoooo my Momma did the same thing!!! I use to hate it but ssshhhhiiittttt compared to others my ish is bling bling lmao ?

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