Spears Business Student Spotlight – Francesca Spillman

Spears Business Student Spotlight – Francesca Spillman

From her home on the tiny island of
Mauritius basically a dot on the map in the Indian Ocean Francesca Spillman
once in vision the United States through the lens of Hollywood when I
was young growing up there was a lot of influence there from Europe and
America and in my wildest dreams I never
thought I would end up in America her path from there to here is one of
life changing counters initiative and encompassing support today Spillman
is a thriving nontraditional student in the organization leader a wife and
mother of two and an inspiration for all Spillman grew up soaking in all
the natural elements of nourishes an island paradise located twelve hundred
miles off the southeast coast of Africa as a teenager Spillman worked for shipping
company there one floor above the U.S. embassy down on the fourth floor U.S. Marines stood guard one
day I met a young kind and handsome Marine and so over the course of
fifteen months we got to know each other we got married and I moved to this
great country the Stillman settled down right in the middle of
America in her husband’s hometown of Perry Oklahoma I did have an adjustment
period so I was a new bride and I had new family and a new town and
a new culture Spillman and her husband later welcome two children
Gabriel and Heidi into their lives Francesca served as a stay at home mom and
more homeschooling her children in eventually running her own house cleaning
service one day out on the job she was approached by a potential customer named
Patricia Tucker who would end up playing a major role in her future success
she came to me and she told me. That I should be house cleaning and
that I had the potential to do more so this was a see that she planted in
my mind she was very impressive. For one thing I have been back in Plano
waiting we’re going to this is a tiny moment to us but a mighty spirit
once Francesca decided to further her education her journey quickly
pivoted and not without hurdles she only had a few months to collect the necessary
documents study for and take the A.C.T.A. exam and enroll for classes at O.S.U.
Patricia and her husband Roger were there supporting Francesca throughout every
step of this difficult process I have amazing I am astonished and
I am very grateful and I don’t take it for granted they invested
themselves into my success and I’m thinking how amazing this is they
know me literally off the street. And and they treat me like as if I were
one of their children it’s been gratifying to see her respond so enthusiastically
you know you always like to think that if you have all the inside right it’s nice
to be proven right even if you don’t serve today Francesca is a thriving junior
accounting student After graduating she hopes to continue into the fifth year
accounting program at Spears business and become a C.P.A. she says Spears
business has provided her with a sound foundation for her career in accounting I
do believe I should set up for the success of the student there are so many resources
and I have used many of them and I just believe that students
need to just step into them.

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