Spawn Reboot Teams Up with Big Production Company! | Gentleman News Rant

Spawn Reboot Teams Up with Big Production Company! | Gentleman News Rant

what’s up everyone I am the gentleman
and today I’ll be talking about the spawn reboot from being stuck in
development hell since 2009 the long-awaited yet mostly forgotten spawn
reboot finally has subtraction by teaming up with Blum House productions
who have made some pretty decent movies but also a lot of bad ones todd
mcfarlane the creator of spawn venom and the visual reimagine ation of spider-man
in the late 80s has been rallying to direct the film saying it’ll be dark and
nasty and be more of a horror thriller instead of a superhero movie which is
good because spawn is a demonic antihero powered by necro plasm you know for some
reason that sounds pretty cool it would be McFarland’s directorial debut which
will hopefully be better than Frank Miller’s god-awful the spirit he has
also stated that the film would be a hard R rating thanks to the success of
Deadpool and Logan you know honestly I’ll take anything at this point just
like in fucking forget about the 90s 1 but if it sucks at least we’ll always
have the excellent animated series the spawn reboots release date is yet to be
determined so are you guys excited by another spawn reboot do you think it
would even happen let me know in the comments down below and don’t read it
leave a like and subscribe to this wonderful Channel I am the gentleman and
that was news rant you

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