Space Technology Research Fellowship

Space Technology Research Fellowship

“NASA is investing in the best and brightest minds today to secure not only a great future for NASA, but also for the nation.” “And I’m Jaemi Herzberger a grad student at the University of Maryland. I’m one of 128 students who have received a fellowship to study space technology. I’m looking at how NASA satellites and ground based electronics degrade over time.” “The Space Technology Research Fellowships endeavor is providing the nation a pipeline of highly skilled engineers and technologists.” “I applied for the Space Technology Research Fellowship Program because I wanted to work with and learn from our nation’s leading space scientists and engineers.” “We’re developing the intellectual and technical foundation needed for NASA’s future science and exploration missions …bolstering our country’s competitiveness and building the innovation economy. “This year, fellowship grant awards can amount to up to $68,000 per student per year. The fellowship includes a stipend, tuition and health insurance allowances. It also provides an allowance for the faculty advisor and funds for the student to relocate several weeks to perform research at a NASA center or non-profit R&D lab. ” “NASA is cultivating America’s next generation of innovators and explorers. And it starts with you. “For more information and to apply today, visit”

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