South East Consortium – A Fun Place To Be

South East Consortium – A Fun Place To Be

South EastConsortium serves individuals with
developmental disabilities. We offer recreation programs for youth, teens, and adults. Pretty
much what we provide as programs and opportunities is anything that anybody that anybody could
imagine that they would like to do in their free time. We offer a variety of programs;
we offer anything from competitive swim, to arts and dance, to yoga, to Zumba, and we’re
always to do more. For the younger kids we have a Tumble Time, which is like a gym that
offers different gymnastics skills and running around and playing with their peers. We have
a wide range of disabilities; developmental delays, learning disabilities. We have participants
with cerebral palsy, we have participants with Down syndrome, autism, it kind of runs
the gamut. Basically its a lot of fun because you get to be with a lot of people and they’re
really really nice. Well we’re a big family with big companies. Yea definitely it feels
like home, like a family. The most rewarding aspect of what I do is the gratification that
I get from seeing the smiles and the twinkle in the eyes of the kids that we work with.
Some of the kids when I first started here were just little tykes in the little kids
in motion program, and now they’re in the teen program, and the development from kids
that hardly spoke at all to now being verbal and speaking and being able to express their
wants and needs, its a wonderful experience. South East is like how to respect people,
you must listen. Its not about stop, its about focus what you doing. When you have that structure,
and every week you set expectations and they know they have to follow them, you’re gonna
see the progress.

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