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  1. I have been looking at these!! I want to upgrade my video capabilities 😀😀 thanks for the awesome video once again 😀😀

  2. After watching you 1Million subscription video, I promised myself to watch every single video you upload. I've fallen in love with your personality.

  3. You were showing 4k video on 1080p youtube resolution… Nonetheless the videos are stunning especially the night ones.. Slow mo is cool.. 👍

  4. Can u make a video in which you reveal some websites which helps us in growing our youtube channel . I have recently started my youtube channel .

  5. I really ❤️ the Sony A6600 but I can't afford it. Think media, please 🙏do you recommend the common eos m2 because that's my budget

  6. Could you make a video on how to shoot footage with less grain/noise? I shoot with wide aperture, low iso + video lights and it's still there.

  7. Great video! The A6600 is a great camera for YouTube. I got mine back in January and I've been really impressed with the quality. For anyone trying to decide between 6400 and 6600 I think it's definitely worth it to get the 6600 for the IBIS, much larger battery and better grip.

  8. Question of the Day ⚡ What do you think about the Sony a6600 footage? Let us know! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 ***** Compare this video footage to the 4K and slow motion of the new Canon 90D camera. Watch out video test here 👉

  9. This camera is constantly impressing me. Definitely a fantastic YouTube camera!! But, it has some features that could make this a great camera for more advanced videography. Maybe for someone wanting to do some paid gigs, this camera would be great for it!

  10. what an amazing camera, just want to thank you all for helping me with my channel, i've been learning about lighting etc from your videos and can't wait to buy my setup!

  11. I wish I held off a little longer when buying my a6400. I would of definitely bought this instead. That being said, picture quality is 100% the same.

  12. I own this thing, it's worth the investment. There's alot you can do with the A7 ||| but this guy Rock's it. The battery life you get is simply amazing.

  13. Ok…I was about to buy the Cannon M50 because you guys recommended. Now I see this and get confused…So many options 😭😭😭

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