Snow Business GmbH

Snow Business GmbH

Cut!!! The snow was great. Going again! My name is Lucien Stephenson, I’m 48 years old, originally from the UK, now a German citizen and I’m the Managing Director of Snow Business GmbH. I started the business in my Mum’s spare room. My desk and telephone were right next to my bed. The company is now 18 years old and we’ve arrived in Greven. It’s not too far away from our old location, it’s still in NRW (North Rhein Westphalia), has great access to the motorways, lots of industry and they do a lot for businesses, it’s really noticeable. We work for the film & TV industries, for the VM industry – shop window decorations, for the events industry. There are a lot of areas of application for our products and services. We generally have four effect categories, dressed snow – snow on the ground, falling snow – snow that falls from the sky, frost & hoar frost and finally the ice effects.
They are the four effects we create and simulate and above that we have the products and equipment to create the winter settings. I’ve worked with Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Martina Gedeck & Heino Ferch. A few weeks ago, we worked with Ed Sheeran in the Alps, he was lovely. It’s great to work together with such people, especially Steven Spielberg. That was a gift! We’re a team of nine seven full-timers, two-part timers and the dog. It’s really important for me that it’s as informal as possible. I’d be lying if I said I was responsible for the success of Snow Business. It’s always only an “us” therefore the team is so important because we all represent the company and I don’t want to be Snow Business, I want to be Lucien, a part of Snow Business.

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