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Hi Welcome to SMEBIZTV an exciting innovation in
small business news and networking. My name is Jeannie McGinnis …..And welcome to the
small business revolution you’ll want to be part off. As a businesswoman I
know that running a small business can be a daunting task at times you can
spend more time working in your business and not working on your business.So
that’s why I went to introduce you to a thin me busy TV we SME business TV is a
TV news channel marketing tool and business networking site tailored
specifically for enemies we take the vast amount of SME business
news available and tailor it to the needs of all our members all the
relevant SME business information at your fingertips and easy to view video
news report all this information is easily access from one site on your
desktop tablet or smartphone instant access to current business news in
development in an easy engaging and informative way in a way that you choose our presenters will read out the latest
business news of particular interest to Assamese is the new government’s
decision to make major changes to national insurance contributions which
you have to pay if you have employed as well as produced specialist programs I
am really excited about one aspect of SME business TV the forums show imagine
a typical forum that you can find on any web site you can post queries ask for
opinions and get involved at whatever time you log on to the channel you’re
always presented with a playlist davidian news reports the latest video
news reports are always listed first followed by older reports the playlist
in the video news reports allows you the choice to skip through so that you can
quickly and easily by the video news reports that interest you most need to
be in our it’s a sign tax that allow you to search for items that are specific to
your business type business sector or topic you can also use the search
facility to locate a VNR by locality whether it be local or national business
news sign up today for the introductory
associate member package and you start watching video news reports on the main
news channel you can set up your profile page described your business and
services and be added to the business directory for further information visit
our website at SME business TV dot UK

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